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Assassin’s Creed: Unity Makes With The Assassinations


We’re finally getting a sense of Assassin’s Creed: Unity as it inches towards its October debut, and it promises to update the game in some ways that are far, far overdue. For one thing, you can actually commit assassinations in multiple ways! Your Mission, Your Choice The biggest change this...


‘Wolfenstein: The New Order’ Gameplay


Back in the day, Wolfenstein 3D was the PC game. It revolutionized PC gaming with its fresh ideas and perspective. And, of course, it paved the way for DOOM. Yes, you write it in all-caps. Because it’s DOOM. Anyway, B.J. is back, and he’s going to kill more Nazis. Dieselpunk...


Titanfall Beta Is Live Right Now

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Titanfall is widely considered one of the first tests of the Xbox One, and Microsoft expects it to be a hit; witness the fancy controller that costs more than the actual game. But if you want to try before you buy, an open beta is available right now on the...


Double Dragon Trilogy Comes To Android And iOS


One of the wonderful things about mobile gaming is that it’s powerful enough to render complex graphics, but the controls are flexible enough to essentially become any controller. So it is with Double Dragon Trilogy… but how does a classic arcade game translate to mobile? Feels Like The First Time...

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10 GTA 5 Easter Eggs for Your Viewing Pleasure


Welcome back players! It’s time for some more coverage on the game of all games this year, GTA 5. Today we’ll be covering some of the more hidden items and interactions that can be found while traveling within the city of Los Santos. That’s right, Easter eggs. Rockstar has been...


A New, Slimmer PlayStation Vita Is On The Way


The PlayStation Vita has been having a tough time of it on the market. But Sony’s been working to revive it, and this latest go-round might just do the trick. Light, Thinner, Faster, Roomier Essentially, this is what you expect from a console update; It’s twenty percent thinner and fifteen...


Cross Plane Wants To Play Any Game On The Smaller Screen


Gaming is a couch-based activity, but the problem is that it takes up all of your television. Increasingly, this is a problem, at least if advertising for the Wii U and Nvidia Shield is to be believed. But there is hope, and you can find it on Kickstarter! “Portable” Gaming...