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How Our Process Works

Our Mission of Radical Transparency

The rigged system relies on hidden information and backdoor deals between brands and publishers. When publishers skew toward profits vs. honest journalism, the consumer loses. We believe the best way to create change is through total commitment to transparency.

How we test the testers

A Publication Trust Rating assesses the trust of an expert site, and it serves as the bedrock for the weighting of the Expert Scores and Score Confidence. Expert sites can be complex and feature diverse ranges and types of content apart from each other, so to be as thorough and accurate in scoring as possible, we have to first calculate a publication’s Category Scores.

How We Make Money

Everyone’s gotta eat. The fact is, we have to make money somehow. Otherwise, the lights go out, and some of us get scared. But we can’t make everything we do be about the greenbacks. There’s more to life than just the bottom line, and that means we’re doing things a little differently.

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