How to Connect a Router to a Mobile Hotspot

Updated: Sep 30, 2023 6:41 PM
How to Connect a Router to a Mobile Hotspot

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If you are experimenting with the various features of a wireless network, you may wonder how to connect a router to a mobile hotspot. The best routers may be functional, after all, but still, need to be connected to an Internet source. Keep reading to find out how to make a connection between a router and a mobile hotspot. And, if you’re interested in connecting the best modem and router to your hotspot, it can be done.


  • You can connect your router to a mobile hotspot, using a similar method to when you tether an Internet connection from your phone.
  • Using a router instead of a wireless device helps conserve batteries on the device itself and helps create more robust Internet access.
  • The connection sharing process typically requires a router that allows for tethering and a useable USB port.

Can You Connect a Mobile Hotspot to a Router?

Yes, it is possible to connect your router to a mobile hot spot, though the process is relatively complicated. When would this be useful? Well, if you have an unlimited mobile data plan, you could, in theory, eliminate the need for a cable Internet connection. In otter words, you could just connect to your router via this mobile hotspot connection, saving you from needing to learn how to connect a WiFi router with a LAN cable.

As a note, the Internet speeds using this method may be on the slower side, leading you to wonder how often you should reboot the router.

How to Connect a Router to a Mobile Hotspot

STEP 1 Get the Right Router

You will need to purchase a router that allows for mobile tethering. You can perform a variation of this process using just your phone and its WiFi hotspot feature, but this will drastically use up your phone’s batteries. Using a travel router is the better option for long-term use, like the RAVPower FileHub Plus.

make sure you have a proper roiuter for connecting to a mobile hotpsot

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If you don’t have unlimited wireless data, tethering will almost certainly max out your data cap.

STEP 2 Connect Your Phone to the Router

You should physically connect your phone to the router with a USB cable. If the router features the ability to share a mobile tether, then it should also include a number of USB ports on the back. Having the phone plugged in will allow your phone to institute a mobile hotspot without draining the batteries.

STEP 3 Instigate a WiFi Hotspot

use your phone to create a mobile hotspot

Use your phone to activate tethering and create a mobile hotspot using whatever method is demanded by your individual phone and operating system. The router will be doing much of the heavy lifting here, so you’ll find a much more stable and speedier connection than if you had used just your phone.

It should be noted that while this will be faster than if just using the phone as the hotspot, it will, most likely, still not be as fast as if you were using a regular WiFi connection from your ISP.


Smartphone, hotspot, or router for mobile Internet?

When it comes to connection sharing and wireless connections, it will depend on personal preference. A portable router connected to cable Internet via Ethernet ports is a good option, as are a number of mobile devices.

How to use a VPN with your tethered connection?

This will depend on the nuts and bolts of your VPN service. Read the instructions for information on setting up a cellular data connection and other mobile Internet connections.

How to get Wi-Fi anywhere you go?

If you have unlimited data, you can have wireless access no matter where you go, even without an Ethernet connection or any type of wired connection. You’ll have more freedom without being held back by a router without WiFi.

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