Will Any Router Work With Any Modem?

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Updated August 8, 2022

If you are thinking of purchasing new equipment for a wireless network, you may wonder if any router will work with any modem. The best routers, after all, may include certain restrictions when it comes to integration with some modems. Keep reading to learn all about routers and what cable modems they work with.


  • The large majority of routers and modems will work together, with integration becoming an issue only in rare scenarios.
  • Some companies still make dial-up modems for making an Internet connection in special circumstances and these cannot work with a router.
  • Also, commercial wi-fi routers may use unique and specialized network interfaces, making them an ill-fit for some typically compatible modems.

Do All Routers Work With All Modems?

Short answer? The large majority of wireless routers will work with most modems. So you can feel free to mix and match to surf the web or learn how to perform actions, such as how to check Internet history through a router.

There are some exceptions, however, which we will get into below.

Insider Tip

If you are getting a connection at all, you likely have no integration issues between your router and modem.

Occasions When a Router and Modem May Not Integrate

Here are some of the times you may run into trouble when looking to use a particular router with a particular modem.

Commercial Routers

Commercial routers are extremely powerful, which is why you rarely run into trouble accessing a wireless network in a professional environment. These routers, however, occasionally feature unique designs that make use of specialized network interfaces. These advanced network interfaces may not play nice with whatever signal is being provided by the modem. Of course, the reverse can also be true. A commercial modem may not integrate with a residential router. Read the fine print before purchasing any commercial router or modem.

Specialized Routers and Modems

Believe it or not, companies still manufacture dial-up modems for use in specialized circumstances. These modems will not connect to any router, due to the nature of their design. Of course, these old-school modems feature such a unique design that it would be tough to conflate them with standard-use modems. In other words, you probably won’t run into them.

You may, however, run into other specialized routers and modems that use newer forms of network interfaces. Some of these models may not interact with one another, so you won’t be able to learn how to get the IP address of a router or complete other basic Internet tasks.

Outdated Technologies

Some modems use outdated technologies that existed after dial-up but before modern network interface methods. These modems may not integrate with newer routers. As always, do your research before making any purchase. Additional guides you might like for further research include connecting a cable modem to a wireless router and understanding how a modem and router work.


Can I use a wi-fi router and modem without an ISP (Internet Service Provider)?

You will likely need service from Internet providers to access a wired connection or a connection via a Wi-Fi network.

Are Google wifi points wireless? Do I need an ethernet cable?

You will need an ethernet cable to connect the router to the modem, or your Internet speed will be non-existent. Beyond that, you won’t need a separate modem or other wi-fi routers beyond the one.

What is the best modem for satellite Internet?

The best modem and router combos for satellite Internet will depend on your service provider. Contact them for more information, though they may charge a rental fee to get your hands on a proprietary wireless router to access a satellite wi-fi network.

STAT: Some modems that were issued years ago have become outdated. (source)

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