Code of Ethics

We believe in doing the right thing. Plain and simple. Our approach to content integrity revolves around these five principles:

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Gadget Review has nothing to hide, and we’re able to operate thanks to the support of our readers. You deserve to have a clear window (with no distracting puppet shows) into knowing what we do, how we do it, and how we get paid from it.

We responsibly present all content and all of the information contained in that content. We source our claims so that we do not misrepresent anyone, and we pursue and prefer primary sources over all others. We present facts as facts and opinions as opinions. Every claim will have a cited source, and we will not cherry pick information just to advance a claim.


We own up to our mistakes. We acknowledge that nobody’s perfect and mistakes happen, but we believe it’s important to hold ourselves accountable for a mistake, fix it and learn from it so it doesn’t happen again.


There are mountains of untrustworthy information online, but we want to demonstrate how we are the opposite. We’re not all talk. We’re firm believers that someone who promises trustworthiness has to demonstrate it too. Without our readers’ trust in us, we have nothing.


We’re not quite Lady Justice (none of us have swords) but we’re close enough! We approach our content through an objective lens and don’t swing one way or another. You as our readers deserve unbiased and objective reviews so you know exactly what you’re putting your hard-earned money towards.


We keep a roof over our heads through affiliate marketing, but that doesn’t mean we have owners. Backroom deals, mysterious suitcases – that ain’t us. You don’t make money in a town that knows all you’ve got is snake oil.

We also have a list of acts we pledge not to practice:

No Favorites

We’re not here to play favorites, we’re here to give you useful information. If we review a product positively, it’s because the product measured up to the concepts behind our review methodology, not because we’re partial to it. To get a positive review, a product has to be good quality, do its job, last a long time, and have good value. We strive to avoid publishing any false content. Any false content we produce will be quickly corrected or removed.

No Influences

We’re not that useful to readers if we let manufacturers slip us something under the table in exchange for a favorable review. A product gets a good review if it’s a good quality product.

No Blindsiding

In the future, we may dabble with native or sponsored content. And that means it’ll be clearly labeled as such and won’t get any special treatment. The product will be reviewed objectively, and a brand cannot dictate what we write in the review. No tricks here.

No Deception

We refuse to use any deceptive headlines. There’s nothing to gain from lying, sensationalizing, or distorting the contents of any content we create. We believe that is counterproductive and does more harm than good to both the consumer and ourselves.

Because we’re supported by you, we live and die by you. You vote with your money not just with what you bought, but how you bought it. We’re here to make sure your money goes towards something truly valuable.