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How to Find a Router’s MAC Address

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If you are experimenting with the various settings and features of your wireless network, you may wonder how to find a router’s MAC address. All of the best routers, after all, have a unique MAC address. But what is this address and how do you find it? Keep reading to find out.


  • A MAC address is otherwise known as a Media Access Control address.
  • This 12-digit hexagonal number is a physical address used to identify any network devices connected to your wireless network, including the router itself and network adapter.
  • Check the body of the router for this number, the instructions, the box, or the router’s settings page and admin panel.

What is a MAC address on a Router?

Every device connected to a wireless network, including the router, has a unique Media Access Control (MAC) address. This 12-digit hexadecimal number is used to identify the device. For instance, if you are learning how to block a device with a WiFi router, you will likely need that connected device’s Media Access Control address. Some gadgets, such as laptop computers, could have multiple MAC addresses, which is something to consider.

Insider Tip

With a device’s MAC address on hand, you can block it from the network entirely or allocate bandwidth restrictions.

How to Find Mac Address of Router

The process of how to find your Media Access Control address differs depending on the make and model of your router, though it is not as complicated as, say, learning how to disable NAT acceleration in your router. For more networking help, check out these articles on understanding a guest network and how to ping a router. Here are the steps to find a MAC address.


Your first step should be to look at the router itself, as the MAC address could be listed on a sticker along with the default network name, default password, and IP address. Remember, a MAC address is 12 digits, looking like 2C:54:91:88:C9:E3 or 2c-54-91-88-c9-e3.


This information could also be printed in the instruction manual or somewhere in the original box. If you have access to either of these, give them a quick look before continuing on.


No luck? Your next step is to ensure that your network is operating properly, with a modem connected to the router via Ethernet cable and the router transmitting a strong wireless signal with an Internet connection.


Now you’ll have to access the router’s settings page or admin panel. This is typically done by either opening up dedicated firmware or by inputting the router’s IP address into the address bar of a traditional web browser.


Look around the settings until you find something like “About This Device.” The MAC address should be listed there, though each router differs.


How to find a router’s IP address with the control panel?

Look for “Network Settings” and click it. This should list the physical address of your router and any used network adapter.

How to find the MAC address of your Xfinity Gateway or connected devices?

The process differs depending on your specific router. You may need to contact an online community or a community for developers for more information. Otherwise, perform a web search or consult the instructions.

How to find a router’s IP address with a command prompt?

Enter the command prompt area of your computer and type IPconfig. This will give you a whole bunch of useful information, including information related to the default gateway and the public IP address.

STAT: For each network interface in your device, there is a unique MAC address associated with it. So if your laptop has both an Ethernet port and Wi-Fi built-in, you will see two MAC addresses in the system configuration. (source)

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