How to Prioritize My PC on a Router

Updated: Feb 14, 2024 9:13 AM
how to prioritize my pc on router guide
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If you are trying to maximize the benefits of a wireless network, you may wonder how to prioritize a PC on a router. The best routers, after all, typically allow users to adjust Quality of Service (QoS) settings so certain devices have priority over others. Why prioritize a computer and how to do it? Keep reading to find out.

Key Takeaways_

  • Prioritizing your computer for maximum speed and bandwidth is a good idea when accessing video calls and UHD video streams.
  • This process is typically referred to as Quality of Service, or QoS, and most routers offer some form of QoS adjustment options.
  • To adjust QoS, access the router’s admin panel or dedicated firmware by searching out Quality of Service router settings.

Why Prioritize a PC on a Router?

If you are preparing for a Zoom call, a Skype meeting, or for some HD streaming, you want to have the best Internet connection possible.

That’s where prioritization comes into play. While you are learning how to configure a WiFi router, you may have come across the term Quality of Service, otherwise known as QoS.

This QoS level is how routers prioritize certain devices over others when it comes to Internet connectivity.

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A dedicated gaming router tends to offer more QoS adjustment options than a standard router.

How to Prioritize My Computer on a Router

This process not only depends on the make and model of your router but also on the device you are prioritizing.

In other words, it varies, such as when you are learning how to use a WiFi router as a switch.

STAT: Quality of Service (QoS) is an advanced feature that prioritizes internet traffic for applications, online gaming, Ethernet LAN ports, or specified MAC addresses to minimize the impact of busy bandwidth. (source)

Still, we’ve tried to assemble a list of universal steps to get this done.

STEP 1 Ensure the Router is Connected

A Wi-Fi router and an ethernet connector cable.
  • Start by making sure your router is plugged into your modem via an Ethernet cable and that your modem is directing a clear Internet signal to the router.

STEP 2 Access Router QoS Settings

  • Access QoS settings via your router’s admin panel or firmware software app.
  • To do this, enter your router’s unique IP address into a web browser’s address bar or open up the firmware program.
    • Each router may necessitate a slightly different process here.

STEP 3 Adjust QoS Settings

  • Once you find the dedicated QoS settings page, make adjustments to fit your needs.
  • You may be able to do this by cycling through a list of connected devices and setting top speeds and bandwidth allocations.
  • Again, this process may be different, requiring you to set QoS via types of connected devices and not the devices themselves.

STEP 4 Save QoS Settings

  • Once you have set your computer to a maximum priority level, save the configuration settings and restart the router.
  • After that, verify your computer’s internet speed to confirm that it’s operating at optimal performance.


How to Prioritize My PC on a Router

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