Our mission is simple: Make sure you never regret a purchase decision ever again.

Life can never be completely regret-free, but we work to bring the most trusted reviews from around the web so you can easily find and buy the products right for you.

Why Work for Gadget Review?

At Gadget Review we can provide you with not only competitive pay but the flexibility to work anywhere in the world. Plus you can make your own hours (within reason). We’re less concerned about how many hours you log and more concerned with the output and its respective quality. Our staff is extremely diverse which lends itself to creativity. Moreover, you’ll be challenged with the work that we provide and, in turn feel a sense of satisfaction that most jobs simply can’t offer.

Open Positions

Writer Roles

Product Reviewer

Opening Start Date: September 2022

In this role, you’ll be researching and aggregating content from across the web. While you won’t be testing products directly, you’ll be reading 1000s of words to accurately sum up the pros and cons of a product and its respective “categories of performance.” You must have vast experience with products, especially technology, for this role.

Pay: Variable based on experience

Buying Guide Writer

Opening Start Date: September 2022

Buying Guide Writers must have direct experience with the products that they’re writing about. You’ll be expected to succinctly convey the pros and cons of a product and its final verdict/bottom line.

Pay: Variable based on experience

Resource Article Writer

Opening Start Date: September 2022

In this role, you’ll be responsible for developing and researching content that helps consumers either before or after purchase. This includes how to fix their device or what to expect before they make their purchase, such as how long will this item last.

Pay: Variable based on experience



As a CSS dev, you’ll be responsible for the front-end styling of the website. You’ll need to ensure you understand best practices (no magic numbers!) and fundamental UI/UX principles.

Opening Start Date: September 2022


Opening Start Date: June 2022

As a JS dev with Gadget Review, you’ll be expected to support React and PHP developers. The ideal candidate has extensive knowledge of page speed, best practices to avoid page bloat, and more.


As we move toward FSE, React is a bigger part of the WordPress ecosystem. You’ll need to understand blocks and other elements that dovetail into the new new WP ecosystem.

How to Apply

Please email [email protected] Make sure to include the role you’re applying for in the subject line “[Role] at Gadget Review” and include the following in your email:

  • Your resume
  • Your name
  • A daytime phone number
  • Two publications/websites you’ve worked for that are relative to the role you’re applying
  • Links to example (and relative) content/designs/GitHub repos.
  • Your timezone & times you’re available to meet for an interview

Please note that we will reply to your application, but it may take 7+ business days.