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To find the best TV accessories to enhance your viewing experience, we began looking at the critical factors of each product, including TV compatibility, and the setup experience. If you’ve got a brand new television, you might want to take binge-watching your favorite shows to the next level. From streaming media devices that allow you to watch Netflix, Hulu, and HBO, with ease to fancy tv remotes or upscale leather TV remote organizers, we’ve got something for everyone to turn their TV watching experience up to eleven. If you’re interested in more relatable products like TV accessories, then read our guide to the best TVs on the market.

After researching, we found the best TV accessory to be Amazon’s Fire TV Stick 4K. The Fire TV Stick 4K is capable of streaming internet content to your television in 4K Ultra HD. One of the most powerful streaming sticks on the market, you can enjoy your favorite media while also downloading a few games or even using Alexa to control your smart home theater system. Fire TV 4K is incredibly easy to set up and works with your existing Amazon account; best of all, it works with all televisions with an HDMI port. Keep reading to learn about the best TV accessories in 2024.

Top 7 Best TV Accessories

#1 Amazon Fire TV Stick 4K


WHY WE LIKE IT: Amazon’s media streaming stick comes in at a price that challenges the competition, while still offering high-grade features such as 4K Ultra HD video streaming with Dolby Vision (HDR). Best of all, nearly all modern TVs are compatible.

  • 4K Ultra HD & HDR streaming
  • Watch your favorite shows and movies
  • Remote with Amazon Alexa
  • No native YouTube app

If you’re looking for a way to make your TV a bit smarter, the Amazon Fire TV Stick 4K is one of your best options. It has dual-antenna Wi-Fi, which means you get faster streaming than standard Wi-Fi with fewer dropped connections. This affordable streaming stick is capable of handling 4K Ultra HD streaming from some of your favorite services, including Netflix, Hulu, Apple TV, and HBO. With services like Apple TV, you`re assured of getting your favorite TV series and movies on an assortment of channels. You are no longer tied to your cable box and physical Blu-ray Discs; with the Fire TV Stick 4K, you have a world of content and enjoyment at your fingertips. For Amazon Prime members, you get unlimited access to thousands of TV shows and movies.

Not only do you have content, but you also have Alexa with Bluetooth and infrared technology; the included voice remote allows you to speak with your Fire TV Stick, search for content, or even control your smart home theater system. And with Bluetooth 5.0, the Fire TV stick can pair with compatible Bluetooth headphones, surround sound speakers, video game consoles, and more. The only bit to note about the Fire TV stick is that Google and Amazon aren’t playing nicely, so the highly desired YouTube app is not available here, but you can still access the site through the included web browser. The Fire TV Stick 4K is also one of the best TV accessories (gifts) for that special someone. It even works with the best portable TV.

#2 WALI Floating Tempered Glass TV Shelf


WHY WE LIKE IT: Once you have purchased your television and streaming box, you’ll need somewhere to put them. This excellent option from WALI includes two shelves, perfect for game consoles, and can hold up to a total of 35-pounds.

  • Modern floating glass design
  • Each shelf supports 17.5-pounds
  • Built-in cable organizers
  • Requires assembly process

You’ve got a brand new television, and you nabbed our top choice for a media streaming device, the Amazon Fire TV Stick 4K — now, where do you put it all? WALI offers an attractive modern option, the Floating Tempered Glass TV Shelf. Purchasable with up to three shelves, supporting 17.5-pounds each, it’s a stylish shelving option for keeping your game consoles, DVD/Blu-Ray Players, Hi-Fi, sound system, and media boxes neatly organized. The company even offers a corner variation of the shelves if needed for your space. Speaking of new televisions, you may want to check out our best TV brand guide before making a final purchasing decision.

Wires and cables won’t be a worry with the WALI Floating Tempered Glass TV shelf, as the unit also includes a hidden cable management system down the rear to keep your setup nice and tidy. The downside is that you will need to assemble the shelf system yourself, but luckily the process is quite manageable. This living room furniture comes with an easy-to-use instruction manual for quick and easy mounting with fittings provided.

#3 Mount-It! TV Wall Mount Bracket

Award: Best TV Mount

WHY WE LIKE IT: This TV mounting option from Mount-It holds television screens up to 50-inches, while allowing them to easily swing out and rotate. The durable high-grade frame is formed from reinforced steel, so you’ll never need to worry about it failing on you.

  • Fits screens 32 to 50-inches
  • Each shelf supports 17.5-pounds
  • Full motion tilt swivel arm
  • Not suitable for larger televisions

Getting your television off an entertainment center and onto the wall is a great way to create a clean setup; it would also pair well with our pick for the best TV shelf from WALI, as mentioned in our guide. This full-motion tilt swivel arm can hold televisions up to 50-inches in size, and up to 66-pounds. The tilt swivel capability means that you can keep an eye on your TV from any point in the room.

Using a standard VESA mount, the Mount-It bracket is compatible with most televisions and computer monitors. We also know it will hold up thanks to its durable reinforced steel construction. The only downside is that it won’t fit any TVS over 50-inches, so larger screens will need to find another option.

#4 PDP Talon Media Remote

Award: Best for Xbox

WHY WE LIKE IT: PDP offers this fantastic remote for the Xbox Series X/S, which takes your media-watching experience up a level with more accessible controls. Best of all, it’s backlit, allowing you to easily see the buttons in the dark.

  • Also works with TVs
  • Control your media software
  • Features backlit buttons
  • Requires direct line of sight

If you’re tired of using your Xbox Series X/S controller to control Netflix, Hulu, the built-in Blu-Ray app, and other media software, PDP might have the answer. The Talon Media remote by PDP was explicitly designed for use with the Xbox game consoles, giving you a more comfortable and conventional way of controlling your media using the Blu-ray player. Although this is not a universal remote control, it is a multipurpose remote that controls your Xbox Series X/S system, High Definition TV, Blu ray, and Streaming media applications.

The design is more akin to an old-school television or cable box remote control.

The Talon Media Remote is well designed with a rubber finish and offers backlit buttons for easily controlling your Xbox Series X/S Blu-ray player, even when the lights are down low. The remote does utilize IR technology to communicate with your system, so know that you will need to keep the Xbox Series X/S visible — meaning no hiding it behind closed doors. Some TV accessories (stands) are outdated, but options like these glass shelves are ultra-modern.

#5 DataComm Electronics TV Cable Organizer

Award: Best Cable Organizer

WHY WE LIKE IT: DataComm offers an effective solution for eliminating the eyesore of AV cables stretching down from your television. DataComm even includes an installation video to help ease the process of installation.

  • Also works with TVs
  • Control your media software
  • Video installation guide available
  • Requires additional tools

Cable organization goes a long way when it comes to a tidy setup; having AV cables running down your walls from the television to your media boxes isn’t attractive. Using this kit from DataComm, you can feed your cables into the wall behind your TV, then have them reappear near the bottom of your wall behind your entertainment or media center. The kit even includes built-in outlets, so you always have power available.

If you’re worried about the installation, we are happy to say that it is quite straightforward, and the company provides a full installation guide to ease the process. It should be noted, however, that you will need some power tools to get the job done, including a stud finder, a jab saw, and a tape measure.

#6 SONOROUS Remote Control Holder

Award: Best Remote Organizer

WHY WE LIKE IT: If you need somewhere to store all your remotes, then SONOROUS has an excellent option with beautiful vegan leather. The remote organizer can hold up to five different remotes, and you can select it in your favorite color.

  • Five remote compartments
  • Environmentally-friendly vegan leather
  • Available in three different colors
  • Compartments aren’t equal in size

With your new media center assembled, you might find yourself drowning in remotes; you’ve got the remote for your television, remote for your receiver, remote for your media streaming box, and media remote for your Xbox One — that’s a lot. Luckily, SONOROUS comes to the rescue with its Remote Control Holder, an organizer that can store up to five different remotes, keeping them ready for use. But, you may want to learn about the best time to buy a TV before you buy any more remotes.

The organizer is fashioned from environmentally-friendly vegan leather and comes in a selection of different color options, including black, white, and brown. The only thing we don’t like is that the remote compartments are different sizes, limiting what remotes you can fit in various spaces. You may also want to read about the best LED TV.

#7 Mission Cables USB Power Cable

Award: Best Amazon Fire TV Stick Accessory

WHY WE LIKE IT: This Fire TV Stick accessory from Mission Cables allows you to confidently use the USB port on your television to power Amazon’s streaming stick. Also, this accessory is fully certified by Amazon.

  • Consistently ensures power to your Fire TV Stick
  • Compatible with most USB ports
  • Officially certified by Amazon
  • Operation may change with TV

Amazon’s Fire TV stick is a great product, but it sometimes requires that you use an extended external power adapter, adding clutter and mess to your TV setup. Mission Cables comes to the rescue with its USB Power Cable accessory, allowing you to use a Type-A USB port on your television to power it — no more extra power cables, taking up wall outlets. Amazon even officially certifies the product, so we’re quite happy with its quality.

Unlike a standard USB cable, the Mission Cables model includes a built-in battery that can collect energy and release it in a manner efficient enough to power the Fire TV Stick. The only issue we have to note is that some TVs display odd behaviors, such as shutting down the Fire TV when the TV is not in use or merely not working — this is, however, a minority experience. We believe Mission Cables has a great product on its hands, and it’s among a collection of great gadgets for smart TV users.

How We Decided

When researching the best TV accessories for your living space, we only included the best products; we did this by identifying the critical factors for each gadget. We started by examining each TV accessories’ TV compatibility, and ease of setup. From there, we established minimum criteria that must be met to be included in our guide. As a result, we know that any product you purchase from our list is top-notch, and won’t let you down.

For TV compatibility, we made sure to only select products that would work with the vast majority of modern televisions and the latest streaming media hardware. We cleared our list of any devices that could be considered outdated, ensuring that you only obtain the latest the entertainment world has to offer you. Additionally, we listed the information needed to ensure compatibility with any products that have restrictions, so you can better check it against your existing setup. While one of the most common accessories has been a streaming stick like Roku or Fire TV, there are many models of TVs now that have that functionality built-in.

When it comes to the setup process, we researched customer experiences to understand better what products were easy as pie to set up or install. For any products that require a bit more work, we made sure to make it clear.

Best TV Accessories Buyer’s Guide


  1. TV Compatibility: When purchasing a new accessory for your entertainment setup, be sure that it works with your existing equipment for a smooth entertainment experience.
    • If you are purchasing an electronic device, ensure your TV has the proper connections, such as a USB port or HDMI connection. That way, you’ll be able to the TV to an external hard drive to look at personal photos or videos.
    • For TV mounts and other hardware, ensure that it can handle the size and weight of your television.
    • Additional hardware that your new TV should be compatible with includes TV antennas.
  2. Ease of Setup: Some products are plug-and-play, meaning they don’t require any additional effort to set up with your existing equipment besides plugging in and turning it on.
    • Some accessories might need a bit more handy work, such as assembling TV stand furniture or installing in-wall cable routing. Ensure you have the required tools on hand for more complex jobs before standing.
    • In short, all TVs require some initial setup, and this includes the top-tier TVs for Apple TV.

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