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Best TV Mounts

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To help you find the best TV mount for your home theater, we’ve run through dozens of models, setting them up with actual televisions. While researching these mounts on a wall, we paid special attention to products with high quality materials that offered a sturdy, safe home for your TV. We also wanted to make sure every mount on this list would offer support for televisions as large, or small, as you need, with featured products supporting TVs up to 90”. Additionally, we only picked mounts that used the standard VESA (Video Electronics Standards Association) mounting pattern, which suits all major television brands. In case you want to check out other gadgets that can improve your home entertainment experience, look at our best TV accessories guide.

Of these seven best TV mounts, the Mounting Dream TV Wall was easily the top pick, offering safe, reliable wall placement for televisions up to 75”, with fully adjustable dual arms that allows for optimum viewing anywhere in the room. Keep reading to find out more about the Mounting Dream TV Wall and the other six products on this list.

Top 7 Best TV Mounts Compared

 #1  Mounting Dream TV Wall Mount

Award: Top Pick

WHY WE LIKE IT: The Mountain Dream TV Wall is truly a dream to mount, offering a fully adjustable, dual swivel arm design, which we found to be ideal for rooms with multiple viewing angles. The product is also built like a tank and, depending on which variety you choose, can hold up to 132 pounds.

  • Fully adjustable swivel arms
  • Extremely sturdy design
  • Easy to set up
  • Larger mount, for bigger TVs, twice as expensive
  • Had slight problems with cable management
  • Mount could get in the way of ports with certain TVs

Compatible With: 32-55” & 42-75” TVs

The Mountain Dream TV Wall is a fantastic piece of hardware, with a fully adjustable design that allows you to move your television up and down, to reduce glare, and side to side, to achieve the best viewing angle for your particular living space. This full-motion articulating TV wall mount, which can be found on, fits up to 16″ wall studs spacing and supports up to 400 x 400mm VESA patterns.

The instructions were easy to follow and we had the whole thing set up in just a few minutes, thanks to the unit arriving mostly intact. The company even has a customer support team based in the United States, which could come in handy if you run into any installation issues, though you shouldn’t. This mount comes in three different sizes, supporting televisions up to 75” and 132 pounds. This is the ideal unit for walls with wood studs or ones that are entirely made out of concrete. Make sure that your mount has an option for the best TV antenna as well.

 #2  VideoSecu ML531BE2 TV Wall Mount

Award: Honorable Mention

WHY WE LIKE IT: The VideoSecu ML531BE2 TV Wall Mount is a highly functional TV mount with a minimalist design, supporting televisions up to a whopping 90”, with a 20 inch swiveling arm and a built-in cable management cubby. This is the perfect mount for those of you with extra-large televisions.

  • Supports TVs up to 90”
  • Low profile mount looks great on wall
  • 27-55” model works with single stud for easy placement
  • Had issues with quick release mechanism
  • Screws that come with it were not the highest quality
  • Flexibility limited some viewing angles

Compatible With: 27-55”, 37-65”, 37-70”, 40-88”, 90” (flat mount only) TVs

The VideoSecu ML531BE2 TV Wall Mount is a beast, with options to support heavy duty televisions up to 90” and a maximum weight of 135 pounds. It is fully VESA compliant, with a swivel arm that offers a nice range of motion, up to 24” from the wall. The convenience of full motion TV wall mounts really allows you to get a good view of your entertainment from wherever you are in the room. The product also comes with a little cubby hole in the back for cable management, which we found to be highly useful.

The mount was simple to set up, with easy-to-follow instructions, taking us under half an hour. As a matter of fact, installation with the smallest of the three models, supporting TVs from 27-55” required only one stud to mount. The product is said to have a quick release mechanism, just in case you want to move your television to another mount or on to a surface, but we found removal to be somewhat difficult, requiring a good bit of trial and error. As an aside, the product that supports 90” TVs is flat-mount only. Be sure to check out other VideoSecu articulating wall mounts online, for they make some of the best TV wall mounts on the market today.

 #3  AmazonBasics Heavy-Duty Tilting TV Wall Mount

Award: Best Value

WHY WE LIKE IT: The AmazonBasics Heavy-Duty Tilting TV Wall Mount is a simple, no-frills mount that allows for televisions up to 80”, while not breaking the bank. The universal design can handle flat-panel TVs up to 120 pounds, with a low profile that extends just 1.8 inches from the wall, giving it a clean, minimalist look.

  • Cheapest option for large TV mounting
  • Quick-release pull tabs work great
  • Fits sheet rock, bricks and studs
  • No swivel arms to adjust viewing angle
  • Sits too close to wall for some media players, like Fire TV Stick
  • Manual is somewhat confusing

Compatible With: 12-39”, 32-80” and 37-80” TVs

The AmazonBasics Heavy-Duty Tilting TV Wall Mount is an easy-to-install, VESA compliant mount that fits most flat-screen televisions from 37 to 80” and 120 pounds. This is the cheapest option if you are looking to mount a larger-than-average television, by a fair margin. The design is solid, with a set of quick-release pull tabs that were perfect for removing the television on the fly, a perk for households with multiple viewing rooms. It also offers 18 degrees of tilt, to help with the viewing angle, but doesn’t contain fully adjustable swivel arms, as seen in some of the other products on this list. We found, however, the flexibility it provided to be suitable.

While this product was easy-to-install, the instruction manual it came with was somewhat confusing. The product is made using a standard design, however, so you can probably get it done without delving too deep into those instructions. It is as easy to use as the best universal remote. Another tilting wall mount is the Mounting Dream TV Dream Tilt Wall Mount, which is easy to set up through installing a wall plate and TV brackets that come with a tool free spring-loaded handle for easy level adjustment.

 #4  Everstone TV Wall Mount

Award: Best for TVs 60” or Smaller

WHY WE LIKE IT: The Everstone TV Wall Mount is a sturdily built piece of hardware, supporting televisions up to 60”, with a fully adjustable arm that really gives a nice range of motion, tilting the TV up 3 degrees and down 15 degrees, swiveling it left or right 180 degrees and extending up to 14”. This is an absolutely fantastic product for consumers with smaller (less than 88 lbs) HDTVs and varying viewing angles.

  • Comes with HDMI cable
  • 5-year warranty
  • Nice range of motion for varying viewing angles
  • Only fits TVs up to 60”
  • Holds up to 88 pounds
  • Screws won’t work with some TVs

Compatible With: 26″-60″ TVs

The Everstone TV Wall Mount is well built, using high quality steel materials that will keep your television protected. The six arm design not only helps to increase safety, but also allows for a fluid range of motion, with a full 180 degrees of side-to-side movement, the highest on this list. It only supports televisions up to 60” and 88 pounds, so it’s a no-go for those of you with large TVs, but it is a nearly perfect product otherwise.

The installation was easy, coming nearly pre-built, requiring just a few screws before we were ready to slide the television in. It looked fantastic on the wall, allowing for the TV to rest so close to the wall you’d swear it was actually on it. The company also throws in a 5-year warranty, which we found to be on the higher end. But you will enjoy using the best 4K UHD Blu-Ray player with your TV even more now.

 #5  USX MOUNT Full Motion Swivel Articulating Tilt TV Wall Mount

Award: Best Single Stud

WHY WE LIKE IT: The USX MOUNT Full Motion Swivel Articulating Tilt TV Wall Mount offers a wide variety of VESA size compatibility, from 75*75mm to 400*400mm, suiting nearly all televisions up to 55”. This is a basic mount that simply works, includes an HDMI cable and bubble level, and is perfect for those of you who just want to get your TV on the wall for a reasonable price.

  • Easy installation, all screws in premarked bags
  • Compatible with wood stud and concrete
  • Wide variety of VESA size compatibility + included HDMI cable
  • Only holds up to 60 pounds
  • 90 degree swivel angle not best on list
  • Blocks HDMI ports with certain televisions

Compatible With: 26-55″ TVs

The USX MOUNT Full Motion Swivel Articulating Tilt TV Wall Mount is a sturdily built product, offering easy post-installation adjustment options, allowing for perfect leveling of your television. The dual articulating arms allow a fair degree of tilt and swivel, with a wall bracket that can pull out to 18.95” and retract back to 2.81”. The installation was beyond easy, with simple instructions and all necessary components arriving in clearly marked bags. We had it on the wall in fifteen minutes.

If your television has its HDMI ports near a corner, this might not be the best mount for you, as it features a cross design, which blocks a lot of that real estate. Otherwise, this is a nifty little mount and one of the best tv accessories you’ll find.

 #6  PERLESMITH TV Wall Mount

Award: Best Warranty

WHY WE LIKE IT: The PERLESMITH TV Wall Mount is a fantastic product, offering support for televisions up to 55”, a retractable design and a 10-year warranty, the longest on this list. This is the perfect mount for consumers looking for a long-lasting product that likely won’t break for the next decade.

  • Slim design, retracts to 2.3” from wall
  • Made with high grade steel
  • 10-year warranty
  • Not suitable for VESA 200x300mm
  • Only holds up to 88 pounds
  • Suitable for TVs up to 55”

Compatible With: 13-42″, 23-55″, 26-55″ TVs

The PERLESMITH TV Wall Mount is well designed, built with high grade steel, rated to hold up to 88 pounds and support TVs up to 55”. It fits most VESA sizes, with an exception made for VESA 200x300mm. It has flexibility options in line with other products on this list, with a nice range of tilt and swivel. The ten-year warranty that comes with this mount means you’ll likely not need to search for a replacement for the next decade, as the build quality didn’t seem to us like it would be breaking, well, ever.

Or course, this is a product intended only for medium-sized televisions, considering the weight and size limitations. If you have an LED, LCD, OLED flat screen in the recommended size range, however, this could be the mount you are looking for.

 #7  PERLESMITH Tilting TV Wall Mount Bracket

Award: Best Budget

WHY WE LIKE IT: The PERLESMITH Tilting TV Wall Mount Bracket is a simple, elegantly designed mount, with a list of features that belies its low price point. It can hold up to 115 pounds, supports up to 55” TVs and is compatible with drywall, making this the perfect mount for apartment dwellers or those on a strict budget.

  • Gets extremely close, less than an inch, away from wall
  • Great value, cheapest product on this list
  • Compatible with drywall
  • Not much range of motion
  • Design could conflict with HDMI ports
  • Very little room when mounting brackets

Compatible With: 17-42″, 23-55″, 37-70″ TVs

The PERLESMITH Tilting TV Wall Mount Bracket features a simple, yet well built, tilting bracket design. This ultra-slim mount gets your television extremely close to the wall, resting less than an inch away, which is great for small living spaces, such as apartments. Additionally, it is compatible with drywall, a rarity on this list. It can tilt up and down up to 7 degrees, which is great for removing irritating glare. It’s also really, really cheap, the lowest priced item on this list.

We did run into a slight issue while setting up this product. After bolting in two studs, we had trouble getting it into the wall bracket, as there wasn’t very much wiggle room. We got it up, but at the expense of some of the mount’s advertised range of motion. Looking for a modern or vintage looking entertainment center? Look at the options we have selected for our best TV stands guide.

How We Decided

There are hundreds of TV mounts out there, each of them purporting to offer a quality product. We wanted to make sure this list was filled with the best-of-the-best, researching for high tensile strength, usually by mounting a television on the higher end of the weight specification limit. We were looking for sturdy builds, often high grade steel, that offered a large range of motion, both to prevent against screen glare and to maximize viewing angles in the living space. If you wish to be able to easily move your TV around, you can check out our mobile television stands guide.

We also erred on the side of products that supported a wide range of TV sizes, bottoming out at around 27” and topping off with one mount offering support for 90” models. Of course, each mount had to be compliant with a full range of VESA sizes, further increasing the supported number of televisions. As far as assembly, we wanted simple and easy designs that could be put together in a half hour or less. Some of these products arrived pre-built, which was even better. Additional features, like cable management cubbys and lengthy warranties, were also taken into consideration. If you are wondering how to reduce glare on a TV, mounting the TV is a solid option you can choose.

TV Mount Buying Guide

The Most Important Features to Consider

  1. Size, Weight and Flexibility
    The three biggest questions to answer while shopping for a TV mount are what size televisions can it support, how much weight can it support and just how flexible is it. Answering the first two questions will let you know if the mount could even work with your particular television. Obviously, if you have a 70” TV and the mount only supports televisions up to 55”, it’d be a no-go. We made sure to include a mix of mounts to cover any size and weight needs you may have. On the flexibility front, try to picture your living space and imagine any likely obstacles that could get in the way of perfect television viewing. Does your room get a lot of sunlight, thereby increasing screen glare? Make sure the mount can tilt up and down, which does a nice job of removing glare. Do you have a lot of seating space, some of which are in out-of-the-way corners of the room? You are going to want a fully adjustable arm with a large range of motion, as much as 180 degrees.
  2. VESA Sizes
    The VESA standard refers to a set of dimensions of the four-hole attachment interface on the back of displays and the screws used to fit those holes. It also dictates the placement of the hole pattern on the display. The size of these holes and screws increases in mm increments, as small as 75mm and as large as 600mm. Look for mounts with a center-positioned pattern, which minimizes torque applied to the mount, allowing it to hold a heavier load. Every mount on the above list was manufactured with VESA standards in mind, with most supporting the entire range of hole and screw sizes.
  3. The Back of Your TV
    Before you make any purchase and learn how to mount your TV on the wall, look at the back of your TV and make a note of where the HDMI inputs and other ports are located. While shopping, keep that image in mind, as mounts come in all shapes and sizes, and some could place a giant hunk of steel right where you need to plug something in.
  4. Cable Management
    If you purchase a wall mount, your television will be hanging on the wall, likely far from your cable box, gaming systems and other accoutrements. You are going to have to think about cable management, lest you just have an unattractive mound of wires hanging everywhere. Some mounts, like the VideoSecu ML531BE2, were made with cable management in mind and manufactured with a cubby hole in the pack to tuck cords into. Others come with cable ties, sleeves or other low-cost solutions to the cable problem.

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