Best Gaming Keyboard in 2022 (January Reviews)

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    To help you find the best gaming keyboards we purchased and tested 15 different models over the course of 20 hours of gaming. As we played all of our favorite games using each keyboard, we looked first and foremost at performance and input lag times. We also considered overall durability, customization and design.

    After we tested each gaming keyboard, we started narrowing down our list and picked the Rii RK100+ as the winner of the top spot. With a solid rubber dome design that feels like a mechanical keyboard and high-end performance, the RK100+ consistently propelled us forward during our gaming sessions. Keep reading to learn more about the RK100+ and the other best gaming keyboards we included on our list.

    Top 4 Best Gaming Keyboards

     #1  Rii RK100+ Gaming Keyboards

    Award: Top Pick

    WHY WE LIKE IT: The Rii RK100+ is a high performance gaming keyboard with a unique membrane design that operates and feels like a mechanical keyboard. Pair that with its incredible affordability, and it’s easy to see why it occupies our top spot.

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    • Hybrid membrane-mechanical design
    • Excellent, backlit design
    • Affordable
    • Can’t customize lights
    • Can’t swap keycaps

    The Rii RK100+ is one of the most unique gaming keyboards we tested for this list. For starters, the RK100+ is a membrane keyboard that performs and feels just like a mechanical keyboard with mechanical switches. This allows for greater affordability without sacrificing overall performance. Unfortunately, you won’t get as much versatility with this keyboard as you will with a true mechanical keyboard. You aren’t able to swap out keycaps or switches, but the keyboard’s overall design makes these seem like small inconveniences in comparison.

    The Rii wired gaming keyboard features backlit keys with colors in a rainbow pattern. And while you can’t customize key colors, you can cycle the lights through different modes. A simple press of a button switches between on, dimmed and off. We were pleased with the keyboard’s performance as we played games. Response time was snappy and we didn’t notice any lag or latency. We love light up keyboards, which is why we have the best backlit keyboard.

     #2  Razer Huntsman Gaming Keyboards

    Award: Honorable Mention

    WHY WE LIKE IT: From one of the most well-known gaming peripheral companies, the Razer Huntsman is one of the most durable and well designed gaming keyboards we tested. The Huntsman also offers the most customization options on our list.

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    • Best quality & fast optical switches
    • Tons of customization
    • Durable aluminum construction
    • Loud keys
    • Expensive

    The Razer Huntsman features an aluminum body and one-of-a-kind opto-mechanical switches, making this the most durable keyboard on our list. The Razer Optical switches use light-based actuation to register keystrokes, which is faster by far than traditional mechanical switches. If you need more speed and more responsiveness, you can’t go wrong with the Huntsman.

    You also get a ton of customization with this Razer keyboard, more than any other option we tested. You can swap out keycaps, change backlight colors for individual keys and program macros. The Razer Huntsman even features onboard memory so it can retain personalized settings no matter where you use the unit. Make no doubt about it, this is a premium gaming keyboard and it shows. To free up desk space you may want to look into the best keyboard stand.

     #3  PICTEK RGB Gaming Keyboard

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    Award: Best Budget

    WHY WE LIKE IT: The PICTEK RGB gaming keyboard is built extremely well at an extra-affordable price, making it the perfect option for anyone on a budget. With a comfortable crater architecture and anti-ghosting support, the PICTEK creates a stellar gaming experience with minimal mistaken key presses.

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    • Anti-ghosting support
    • 5 backlight modes
    • Independent multimedia keys
    • Not mechanical
    • No utility software

    If you’re on a budget when it comes to purchasing a new gaming keyboard, you can’t go wrong with the PICTEK RGB gaming keyboard. The PICTEK offers strong gaming performance with its anti-ghosting support and extended comfort with an integrated wrist rest and crater architecture. And while this isn’t a mechanical keyboard, it’s still great for gaming and comfortable after long periods of use.

    You also get a good amount of customization options with the PICTEK RGB keyboard. It features 5 different backlight modes, including a single solid color, so you can set it to your own preferences with ease. We wish the keyboard had offered some kind of utility software for even great customization, but this works just fine for this keyboard’s price point. You also get a variety of dedicated multimedia keys for easier media control, which is a huge plus. For tablet use, you can read about the best tablet keyboard, which is not for gaming.

     #4  Redragon K552

    Award: Best Mechanical

    WHY WE LIKE IT: The Redragon K552 is a mechanical gaming keyboard with several different modes for different applications, as well as a compact and extra-durable design. This keyboard will last you a long time, even through consistent, intense gaming sessions.

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    • Affordable mechanical keyboard
    • Compact and durable design
    • Splashproof
    • Can’t customize individual key colors
    • Cable is a little flimsy

    Like many gaming keyboards, the Redragon K552 is backlit with a variety of bright, LED lights in a rainbow format. The keyboard offers tons of different lighting presets, including falling rain, flying birds and sparkling gems, much to our surprise. This is the most impressive light customization we’ve seen to date on a gaming keyboard, which more than makes up for the keyboard’s lack of individual key customization. The keyboard also offers 8 different gaming modes, including 2 user defined modes so you can always have the best key mapping for your favorite games.

    We were also really impressed by the K552’s overall construction and design. It’s one of the more compact gaming keyboards we tested, but it still offers a durable metal frame and mechanical keys that are rated for millions of keystrokes without wearing out. All in all, the Redragon K552 is an excellent addition to our line up of the best gaming keyboards. For your TV needs try the best smart tv keyboard.

    How We Decided

    During our testing of the best gaming keyboards, we paid close attention to overall performance during gaming sessions of all different varieties. We tested the keyboards during high-octane shooters and slow-paced puzzle games to get a good gauge of how well each unit did its job. During our performance testing, we were mostly looking for fast response times to ensure the keyboard wouldn’t be the cause of any losses.

    Of course, we also tested overall ease of use and installation. Plugging a keyboard in and playing shouldn’t be a complicated process. The same is true for customizing your gaming keyboard. The best keyboards for gaming offer easy-to-use utility software so you can easily switch up key mappings and LED backlight colors.

    Finally, we considered each keyboard’s durability. Gaming keyboards can be a bit more expensive than standard keyboards, so you’ll want to make sure you get your money’s worth. This often comes in the form of a long-lasting and durable design. Your keyboard is going to get a ton of use, so buying a durable option is a must. Also, will it fit on your desk along with the best mouse pad.

    Gaming Keyboard Buying Guide

    The Most Important Features to Consider

    1. Switch Type
      Gaming keyboards are available in two main configurations: mechanical or rubber dome (membrane). Mechanical keyboards use individual switches for each key, along with metal springs. These kinds of keyboards give a very clear tactile response and usually a discernible clicking sound, much like an old typewriter. Rubber dome keyboards feature a rubber membrane that registers the key strokes. This is the type of keyboard you’ll see most commonly. In general, either option is a good choice for gaming, but most hard core gamers tend to favor mechanical keyboards. This doesn’t mean that rubber dome keyboards aren’t good for gaming – in fact, our top pick is such a keyboard – but each option has its own pros and cons that often come down to personal preference.
    2. Connectivity
      When it comes to connecting your keyboard to your computer, you only have two options: USB wired or wireless. Like switch types, each method of connectivity has its own pros and cons, but most gamers prefer wired keyboards. When you connect directly to your computer via USB cable, you minimize input lag, which is crucial for those high-paced games where milliseconds are the difference between winning and losing. The best wireless keyboards are getting better with latency, however, and many of the newer models can perform just as well as wired gaming keyboards.
    3. Customization/Design
      If there’s one thing gamers love about their peripherals, it’s customization and edgy designs. As you’re shopping around for a new gaming keyboard, find one that fits your style and aesthetic. Most gaming keyboard offer some kind of LED backlighting for the keys, along with mappable keys that you can customize to your liking. The best gaming keyboards allow you to customize through utility software, but many also give you customization options through physical buttons on the devices themselves. And don’t forget the best gaming mouse pad to up your game.

    Gaming Keyboard FAQs

    Are mechanical keyboards better for gaming?

In general, most pro gamers use mechanical keyboards. This is because the switches on mechanical options give you more feedback and generally respond faster, which is crucial for those fast-paced battles. However, rubber dome keyboards are also great for gaming, as long as they’re made with fast response times and durability in mind.

    Are gaming keyboards worth it?

    Absolutely! Even though the default keyboard that came with your computer or laptop may seem good enough for gaming (and it probably is, to some extent), keyboards for gaming can take you to a level you hadn’t thought possible before. With faster response times, customization options and long-lasting durability, gaming keyboards are a solid investment for your gaming setup.

    Can you use gaming keyboards with PS4 and Xbox One?

    Absolutely! Even though the default keyboard that came with your computer or laptop may seem good enough for gaming (and it probably is, to some extent), keyboards for gaming can take you to a level you hadn’t thought possible before. With faster response times, customization options and long-lasting durability, gaming keyboards are a solid investment for your gaming setup.

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