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Updated: Nov 13, 2023 9:04 AM
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Prostate massagers are used to stimulate the prostate. The prostate is a walnut-sized gland located about 3 inches inside the male anal passage. Prostate stimulation leads to extraordinary orgasms and can improve your sexual health. With hundreds of products out there, it can be difficult to determine which is the best prostate massager in 2019.

After hours of research, we’ve concluded that the Lelo Hugo is the #1 prostate massager.

Top 9 Best Prostate Massager Compared

 #1  Lelo Hugo Prostate Massage

Award: Best Waterproof

WHY WE LIKE IT: The Lelo Hugo really packs a punch. It features very strong vibrations in a range of settings. The vibrations are much stronger than in other Lelo prostate massagers. It’s a hands-free device, and you can remotely control its settings. It can also be used with or without the remote, depending on your preference.

It also features SenseMotion technology. To use the SenseMotion mode, you need to just turn the remote and the toy on. Both will start to vibrate at a low level. In the first SenseMotion mode, as you tilt the remote, the intensity of the vibrations will increase. As soon as the remote is tilted 90 degrees, it’s at its highest speed. Laying it flat again reduces it down to the lowest speed. The major downside is the price — $219. It’s much more expensive than toys with similar features. If you’re not sure which toy is best for you, forking up $219 for one massager is not great.

 #2  THOR By GIDDI Prostate Massage


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Award: Top Pick/Best Prostate Massager

WHY WE LIKE IT: THOR is the best prostate massager out there, hands down. It delivered the most enjoyable and reliable orgasms among all the adult toys we researched. We love THOR because of the girthy bulge in its shaft, which is the largest among the prostate massagers we reviewed. THOR is 1.7 inches at its widest and gives a satisfyingly full sensation while remaining in place for amazing hands-free stimulation. A waterproof design makes THOR nice to use in the shower and very easy to clean.

  • Its girthy bulge (1.7 inches at its widest) fits snug and remains in place while using hands free.
  • The rotating head delivers targeted prostate massage while the vibrations in the secondary head stimulate the perineum. This combination leads to mind-blowing prostate orgasms
  • This toy has all the premium features including a wireless remote at an affordable price making it the best prostate toy on the market and our Editor’s Choice.
  • Waterproof for easy cleanup.
  • With its sizable girth and length, it may not be beginner friendly.
  • While we enjoyed the full sensation immensely, its girthy bulge might be too big for some.

The girth, combined with a highly stimulating rotating head and powerful vibrations, delivered the most intense orgasms we’ve ever experienced. THOR has three rotation speeds and 16 vibration modes. With its wireless remote control, you can easily cycle through these modes to curate your experience for a mind-blowing climax.

THOR is double-headed with two powerful motors so you can simultaneously massage your prostate and perineum (area between the scrotum and anus). Its rotating head delivers incredibly precise prostate stimulation and can be used with or without vibration. With an insertable length of up to nearly four inches, men of all shapes and sizes will be able to stimulate their prostate.

It’s the most girthy toy we reviewed, which makes for an enjoyably snug fit. This might be intimidating for beginners and could be too big for someone who has never had anal sex or is new to anal play. GIDDI does make a slightly smaller prostate massager, TOMO, which could be better for first-timers.

Overall, THOR delivered the most intense prostate stimulation among all the prostate massagers we researched. It is a luxurious prostate toy with the features of other more expensive devices, and more. All of THOR’s features, combined with quality and price, make THOR our Editor’s Choice.

 #3  Lelo Loki Wave Prostate Massage

Award: Best Double-Headed

WHY WE LIKE IT: The Lelo Loki Wave has the same shape as the original Loki, but this version features an additional motor in the secondary arm at the base of the shaft. Both heads retain their curves to ensure maximum comfort when the Loki Wave is fully inserted. For more information on using this device, read up on how to use the Lelo Loki Wave for the best climax.

  • Strong vibrations that are easy to control
  • It’s waterproof so you can use it anywhere.
  • It is double headed so you can simultaneously massage the prostate and it’s a perineum stimulator.
  • More expensive than other toys with similar features.
  • The come-hither motion is fun but the motor is so loud it’s distracting.

The primary head features a come-hither motion, and the device has 5 “wave” settings and 5 regular vibration settings. The tapered tip on this vibrating prostate massager makes it incredibly easy to insert and comfortable, and overall it provides a great pleasure experience. However, due to the “wave” or come-hither motion feature, it’s pretty noisy. The biggest downside is the big price tag — $219. It’s much more expensive than toys with similar features.

 #4  TOMO by GIDDI Prostate Massage

Tomo prostate massager

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Award: Best Size Prostate Massager

WHY WE LIKE IT: TOMO is the best size, shape, and price for beginner to intermediate users. With that said, our reviewers are very experienced and reported receiving incredible orgasms from TOMO. With a diameter of 1.25 inches at its widest and an insertable length of 3 inches, it will reach your prostate, providing a premium massage without making you feel too stretched.

  • Very easy to use. There is no learning curve for this sex toy.
  • Come-hither motion massages the prostate with a perfect amount of pressure and delivers extremely enjoyable prostate orgasms.
  • At under $100, it’s very reasonably priced compared to others. With its multiple modes and dual-headed design, you get premium features without breaking the bank.
  • Waterproof for easy cleanup.
  • No wireless remote control.
  • The shaft might be too narrow for a user who is experienced in anal pleasure and looking for more girth.

The curve of TOMO follows the natural curvature of the body, making it one of the best prostate vibrators with a comfortable fit. Like THOR by GIDDI, it has a dual motor and is double-headed, so it simultaneously stimulates your prostate and perineum. It is also waterproof, making it usable in the shower and easy to clean. The primary head has a come hither motion for direct prostate stimulation with nine different speeds. It also has nine powerful vibration modes, which can be toggled on and off while simultaneously enjoying the come hither motion. Premium features at an affordable price make TOMO by GIDDI the best-value prostate massager on the market.

 #5  Aneros Vice Prostate Massage

Award: Best Easy To Use

WHY WE LIKE IT: The shape of Aneros Vice sets it apart from other prostate massagers or male vibrators. It has three distinct bulbs that are linked together to form the dildo. These bulbs add a bit of kink when inserting this toy. Each bulb pops into place, generating ripples of stimulation.

  • Easy operate. One button turns it on, off and adjusts the vibrations.
  • Stays in place very well. Once it’s in there’s no coming out until you’re ready to remove it manually.
  • It’s flexible so it can be manipulated easily but firm enough to provide consistent pressure.
  • Expensive for limited features at $140.
  • Battery life is average. A few hours of play tops, depending on your setting. Fortunately, it uses just one AAA battery.
  • Changing the battery in the vibrator can be tricky because the parts are relatively small.

The sensation is similar to anal beads being pushed, one by one, into the rectum. A feeling of pressure that builds and then subsides. For those less experienced in anal play, this may be uncomfortable at first. But if you get into it, it’s a unique, pleasurable experience. The shape also ensures that once it’s inserted, it stays in place, like an anal plug or vibrating butt plug.

 #6  Lelo Loki Prostate Massage

Award: Best Prostate Massager
For Beginners

WHY WE LIKE IT: Loki has great girth and an insertable length of nearly 4 inches, which provides the full sensation popular among more experienced users. The shaft narrows towards the base making it very comfortable to use, almost like a butt plug.

  • Its large size provides that full feeling that is popular among advanced users.
  • The controls are easy to understand and operate.
  • The velvety smooth primary head feels great and cleans up easily.
  • It might be too big of a massager for beginners or those with a tight anus.
  • No wireless remote control.
  • More expensive than other male sex toys or anal sex toys with similar features.

It’s easy to insert and works well as an essential male masturbator. There is also a wider flared base on this vibrating prostate massager, which makes it easy to hold. There are 6 different vibration modes, ranging from one constant pattern to 5 alternating waves and pulses. All feature different speeds. The handle has 4 buttons which make it incredibly easy to operate, even when in use.

 #7  Nexus Revo Stealth Prostate Massage

Award: Best Battery Life

WHY WE LIKE IT: The Nexus Revo Stealth is named because the shaft of the toy rotates as it’s inside you, the rotating tip is set to provide some amazing stimulation to the prostate aka male G-spot.

  • It’s double-headed and features a pleasurable rotation and vibration combo.
  • Easy to hold and operate.
  • Long battery life.
  • No wireless remote.
  • Only 2 rotations and 6 vibration modes.
  • More expensive than similar toys with more features.

There are 2 rotation speeds. The base of the toy also vibrates, so as it rests against the perineum, it will provide some deep vibrating sensations, like a vibrating bullet, while the rotations massage the prostate. There are 6 vibration speeds, ranging from standard continuous vibrations to various pulses and waves. The toy is not completely silent, but it is one of the quieter toys.

 #8  Pure Wand by Njoy Prostate Massage

Award: Best Stainless Steel

WHY WE LIKE IT: It’s a straightforward, medical-grade, stainless steel dildo. No moving parts, no motors, no buttons. It has two bulbs, one at each end. One bulb is an inch in diameter, and the other is larger, 1.5 inches in diameter. The fun wand has an insertable length of 8.5 inches.

  • Both men and women enjoy it!
  • Stainless toys are the ultimate for durability and will last decades.
  • Very easy to clean.
  • It’s heavy! A hand is always required to keep it on the right spot.
  • Steel holds temperature very well. If this toy is in a cold room, it’s best to put it in warm water for a bit before using it.
  • Expensive for the lack of features at $110.

Unlike medical-grade silicone prostate massagers that can only be used with water-based lube, this is stainless steel, so you can use it with silicone lube and other anal lubes. The Pure Wand holds temperature remarkably well, which can be fun to play with. You can adjust the temperature of the wand by putting it in a bowl of warm water, or, alternatively, in a bowl of cold water, and alternate those sensations. It’s one of the toys for women and men to use solo, and it’s a fun sex toy for couples.

 #9  L’Amourose Rosa Rouge Prostate Massage

Award: Best Heated

WHY WE LIKE IT: It brings the heat. No seriously, it heats up. This feature sets it apart from the other prostate vibrating massagers we researched and we thoroughly enjoyed it. However, it did take some getting used to and may not be the best feature for all users.

  • It has a built-in heating element, so it’s always at the right temperature.
  • The flexible shaft is nice. Sometimes a completely rigid toy is a bit uncomfortable. Rouge solves this problem and it makes the toy a bit more comfortable than others.
  • It’s long at 6 inches, which does give an extra reach if necessary.
  • Pricey! Costs more than $200!
  • Charging is only available on the provided stand. You can’t plug it in directly like most other toys, which can be very annoying.

The vibration patterns are outstanding, both in strength and the number of combinations and intensities possible. In total, there are 9 vibration modes and 12-speed settings. The packaging is also beautiful. The downside is that it’s a vibrator prostate massager that does not come with a wireless remote control, and yet it still costs over $200!


Finding the right massager for you will come down to a lot of personal preferences. What size and girth do you like, for instance. ​For the rest of the important factors, our buying guide has you covered. Our tips will help you make the right choice.

How We Reviewed the Prostate Massagers

It comes down to 5 factors.

  1. Price – Is It A Good Value?
    When you’re looking for a sex toy or pleasure device, you don’t want to skimp.
    • In fact, no one should be putting a cheap piece of plastic in an intimate area of their body. That being said, you also don’t need to break the bank. There’s a happy medium to be found in a high-quality product made from body-safe silicone that is affordable.
    • We recommend prostate massagers in the $70-$170 USD range that have clear user guides, product reviews, and product company information.
  2. Shape & Size – Girth & Length
    Prostate massagers come in a variety of shapes and sizes. Depending on how deep you want to be penetrated, you may opt for a prostate massager with more girth and a longer (or shorter) insertable length. It all depends on what feels comfortable to you and brings you the most pleasure. The shape is also something to consider. When using a prostate massager, many people lie on their sides in the fetal position or on their backs with their knees up. This allows the curved shaft of the primary head of the prostate massager to follow the natural path to your prostate. However, knowing what feels good to you and how the shape works best with your body will lead to your best experience and improve your prostate health.
  3. Functionality – Rotation & Vibration
    Using a double-headed prostate massager with dual motors is key. This allows you to simultaneously massage both the prostate and perineum, the area located between the scrotum and anus. This simultaneous stimulation maximizes your sexual pleasure experience. The features to look for are primary head motion (come-hither motion or rotation), multiple vibration modes, and a wireless remote control. You can easily cycle through these multiple modes and find the rhythm that works best for you. With a remote-controlled prostate massager, it truly becomes a hands-free experience that allows you to enjoy the pleasure even more and ultimately achieve incredible orgasms.
  4. Ease of Use – Remote Control vs Manual
    Prostate massage is pretty easy to understand. The prostate is a walnut-sized gland located about 3 inches inside the male anal passage, just below the bladder. The male prostate can be massaged (also known as prostate milking) or stimulated by inserting a finger in the anus or using a prostate massager. Prostate stimulation can lead to extraordinary orgasms. That being said, the prostate massager you purchase should have a clear user guide, and the product company should have top tips for how best to use it, most likely found on their website. The materials should be straightforward and easy to understand. And should you have questions, you should be able to contact the product company. If these things are not available, that’s a red flag that you might be getting a shoddy product from a disreputable company.
  5. Battery Life & Recharge Time – How Long Does It Run For?
    This one is pretty easy. You don’t want your prostate massager to run out of juice before you climax. And after you’re done, you want it the rechargeable battery to charge quickly so you can experience that mind-blowing pleasure again. Generally speaking, 60 mins of battery life is sufficient, and around 2 hours of recharge time is standard..


  • I’m new to prostate massage. Which device is right for me?
    This comes down to preference. If you are an experienced user looking for a snug, full sensation, then we recommend a toy with more girth. THOR by GIDDI, our favorite among the toys we researched, as well as the Aneros Vice, are great options. For beginner and intermediate users, we recommend a slimmer prostate massager. Among the ones we researched, we liked TOMO by GIDDI the best, as well as the Aneros Helix Syn. Prostate devices have different sizes and girths. Those who have experience with anal play may enjoy a larger device. While others may prefer a slimmer toy. Ultimately, this is a personal decision, and preferences may vary. People of all shapes and sizes from across the globe enjoy prostate play and own several pleasure devices. We should note there are lots of other brands and anal sex toys, penis rings or cock rings, pspot stimulators, G-spot vibrators, and any spot vibrators that provide great sexual pleasure experiences and vibrator anals. A few honorable mentions that did not make the list of prostate toys are the Aneros Progasm, Aneros Helix Syn Trident, Je Joue Nuo Vibrating Butt Plug, Vedo Cowboy, Njoy Pfun Plug, Lovense Edge prostate massager, products by Rude Boy, Rabbit vibrators, Paloqueth Vibrating Prostate Massager that has 10 vibration patterns, and Paloqueth 3 in 1 Prostate Stimulator. We chose the best prostate massagers vibrating for your pleasure, like a sex ed class in pleasure.
  • Are all prostate massagers hands-free?
    Once inserted properly, most prostate massagers can be held in place hands-free by contractions of the rectum muscles. This may take some practice but can be a highly enjoyable method of stimulation. Many devices feature multiple vibration and/or rotation modes. If that is the case with your prostate vibrator, you will need to touch the device to control these features. However, some devices include a wireless remote control which provides a truly hands-free experience. For more intense massage, we recommend a combination of hands-on and hands-free stimulation. Prostate massagers can be used solo or as a couples toy.
  • What is the best position for prostate massage?
    Many people enjoy using their prostate massager while lying on their backs with their knees up and legs spread. Another enjoyable position with this anal toy is on your side in the fetal position. We suggest that you safely experiment with different positions in order to find what works best for you and what you can get used to.
  • How should I insert my prostate massager?
    Prostate massagers should be inserted slowly and carefully, ensuring that the primary head curves up towards your stomach. The secondary head should touch your perineum, located between the anus and scrotum. Never force insertion, and always stop immediately if you feel pain.
  • Should I use lube?
    Yes, personal lubricants should be used when engaging in prostate massage. We recommend water-based lubricant, aka water-based lube, as opposed to silicone-based lube and hybrids. We do not recommend using oils or creams as lubricants due to the sensitive nature of the tissues inside the rectum. Proper use of lubricant is very important for several reasons: ease of insertion, overall comfort during use, and proper functioning of your toy. Both the rectum and your toy should be well-lubricated so that the massager is easy to insert and is able to move freely throughout the massage. Insufficient lubrication could also cause discomfort. If this results, make sure you discontinue use or remove and reapply the lubricant.
  • How often do I need to clean my toy?
    Always clean your prostate massager before and after each use. To clean it, wash it in warm water with a respected antibacterial soap. Pat dry with a lint-free towel. Never use cleansers containing alcohol, petrol, or acetone.
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