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Updated: Jan 23, 2024 1:15 PM
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What are the features that make the best Asus routers? As with any networking hardware, what makes the best router depends on what you need to accomplish and what kind of internet service you have. For example, if you want the best router for Spectrum internet, it generally starts with wide coverage and reliable signal strength. Next, you’ll want a wireless router with excellent performance and fast enough transfer speeds to match your ISP’s broadband speeds.

Finally, the best Asus routers also offer advanced features such as a quad-core CPU and ASUS AiMesh. Asus is known for budget-friendly networking and PC products and gaming and Esports peripherals. They offer a wide range of router options, including gaming routers and Wi-Fi 6 routers.

If you’re looking to get the maximum performance possible from your internet connection for online gaming, upgrading to a new Asus Wi-Fi router is a great option. Specialized Asus models for gaming offer low latency modes and plenty of custom configuration options. The brand also has plenty of models that make installing an affordable mesh Wi-Fi system in your home or office easy.

Keep reading to find out which Asus router models stand out and how they stack up against other brands.

Top Asus Routers

 #1   Asus RT-AX3000 Dual Band Gigabit Wireless Internet Router


WHY WE LIKE IT: It has a comprehensive area coverage of up to 3000 sq ft, making it suitable for large homes. It can also support up to 30 connected devices and can be controlled remotely through the Asus app. It also has five Ethernet ports and works with Alexa for voice control.

  • Great range
  • Can support up to 30 connected devices
  • Supports voice control
  • No support for link aggregation

The Asus RT-AX3000 is a reliable dual-band Gigabit wireless router that offers a super high connectivity speed of up to 3000mbps, where it averages 575mbps on the 2.4GHz band and an impressive 2402mbps on the 5GHz band. This is important because it means that users will be able to decide which band to connect to based on their needs. The 2.4Ghz band can be used for light web browsing, while the 5GHz band would be great for data-intensive activities such as HD streaming and online gaming. The router also has a wide range coverage of up to 3000 sq ft and can support up to 30 connected devices at any one time. However, the router does not support link aggregation.

This router integrates pretty well with AiMesh technology. This is important since it means that it will be able to connect with other Asus routers for more widespread coverage. The router features four Ethernet ports and a USB port for accessing stored media. It can also be remotely managed through the ASUS router app, where users can set up parental controls and monitor user activity.

 #2   Asus AX1800 WiFi 6 Dual Band Gigabit Wireless Router


WHY WE LIKE IT: It can support up to 25 connected devices and has a wide range of up to 3000 Sq ft. The router also operates on a dual-band frequency for improved bandwidth and comes with AiProtection to prevent the connected devices from being hacked.

  • Great coverage
  • Comes with AiProtection to prevent against hacking
  • Supports up to 25 connected devices
  • Support is difficult to get a hold of

The Asus AX1800 is a WiFi 6 router that boats super-fast connectivity speeds of about 574mbps on its 2.4GHz band and 1201mbps on its 5GHz band. This gives it a combined data transfer rate of up to 1800mbps, which is fast enough to guarantee lag-free gaming and HD streaming. The router also comes with lifetime AiProtection, which means that the router alongside its connected devices will have some form of protection from any kind of cyber attacks or hacking. The router also works with Alexa, but previous users have complained that their support is difficult to get a hold of.

Ideal for large homes, this router can support connections for up to 25 devices, and since it comes with MU-MIMO technology, the speed of each connection will not be slowed down in the event of other connections having heavy traffic. The router is also AiMesh compatible, meaning it can seamlessly connect with other Asus routers for increased coverage. It also features four Ethernet ports.

 #3   Asus ROG Rapture WiFi 6 Gaming Router


WHY WE LIKE IT: It offers a very high data transfer rate of up to 11gbps, making it great for lag-free multiplayer games. It operates on the tri-band frequency class and has support for voice control.

  • Great for games
  • High speed connectivity
  • Allows for remote management through the Asus router app
  • Large size may not impress some

The Asus ROG WiFi 6 gaming router is a tri-band router that is best for users needing high-speed connectivity. It offers data transfer rates of up to 11gbps and depends on a 1.8 GigaHertz quad-core CPU for efficient running. It also comes with ASUS AiProtection to make sure that none of the connected devices get hacked and six Ethernet and two USB ports for wired connections.

The router can be integrated with a smart home setup for voice control, and since it is Asus AiMesh compatible, owners will also be able to combine its coverage with other Asus routers for even broader coverage. The router can easily be managed remotely through the Asus router app and will also allow for deep levels of customization where users will be able to limit and allocate bandwidth accordingly or monitor traffic

 #4   Asus AC1900 RT-AC67P Dual Band Wireless Internet Router


WHY WE LIKE IT: It is very easy to install and has a decent 3000 sq ft range. It also comes with a decently high data transfer rate and can support up to 30 connected devices. It can also be remotely managed through the Asus router app.

  • Handles up to 30 simultaneous connections
  • Can be remotely managed through the Asus router app
  • Great range
  • Signal drops frequently

The Asus RT-AC67P is a dual-band wireless internet router that is very easy to set up, boasting a data transfer rate of up to 1300mbps. It operates on a dual-band frequency network where users will be able to connect to the Internet through its 2.4GHz or 5GHz band, and since it also comes with Beamforming technology, the router will also be able to lock in on a specific connection for strong connectivity even when moving around. Still, some previous users have complained about frequent network drops.

The router also comes with MU-MIMO technology to ensure that all the connected devices will be able to maintain a high-speed connection even if other users are engaged in high-traffic activities. Since it can simultaneously handle up to 30 connected devices, it is ideal for use in a large home setting. The router also has a decent 3000 sq ft coverage and can be quickly set up and managed through the Asus router app.

 #5   Asus AC1750 RT-ARCH18 Dual Band Wireless Internet Router


WHY WE LIKE IT: It covers up to 3000 Sq ft and can be remotely managed through an app. It is also easy to set up and can support up to 30 simultaneously connected devices.

  • Great for multiple device connectivity
  • Easy to set up
  • Great range
  • Antennas are not detachable
  • No band steering

The Asus RT-ARCH18 is a dual-band wireless router that operates on a dual-band frequency class and comes with parental control so that parents can limit their children’s internet activity. It is also pretty easy to set up through the Asus router app and features three external antennae that boost its range to about 3000 sq ft. Like most Asus routers in its category, it features four Ethernet ports and also includes MU-MIMO technology so that all the devices on its network maintain high-speed connectivity. Unfortunately, the antennas are not detachable, and it does not have band steering.

The router also comes with beamforming technology to lock into a specific connection, and since it can handle a simultaneous connection of up to 30 devices, it is a good fit for large homes. The router is also pretty compact for easy placement, and weighing only 1.03 pounds, it is pretty easy to move around.

 #6   Asus ROG GT-AC2900 Rapture WiFi Gaming Router


WHY WE LIKE IT: It features a wide range of gamer-oriented features that enhance its game performance. It also has support for voice control through Alexa and has a great port selection.

  • Plenty of game oriented features
  • Support for voice control through Alexa
  • Easy to navigate web interface
  • Most features require a reboot when turned on

The ASUS ROG Rapture WiFi router is a dual-band gigabit wireless Internet router that will likely appeal to gamers because of features such as port forwarding. It also comes with AiProtection pro to prevent any cyber attacks on connected devices and support for voice control through Alexa. The router features four Ethernet and two USB ports for wired connectivity. Also, it comes with gamer-centric features such as Game Boost to prioritize gaming data packets and GeForce Now to prioritize GeForce Now gaming devices if connected. However, previous users have complained that most features will require a reboot when turned on.

The router also comes with ROG First network acceleration software to ensure that ROG devices work smoothly with it and support for AiMesh technology, which allows it to quickly connect with other Asus routers for expanded coverage. Its web interface is also pretty easy to navigate, and since the router can also act as a VPN server through OpenVPN or IPSec, users will be guaranteed a secure connection.

Introduction to Asus Routers

Based in Taipei, Taiwan, Asus is a multinational PC and electronics company. It’s also the world’s 5th largest PC vendor by volume. Former Acer engineers founded it as AsusTek in 1989, and by the mid-1990s, the company began working closely with Intel, designing PC components. With its US headquarters in Freemont, California, and major centers in 32 countries worldwide, Asus is a leading PC, laptop, mobile phone, and router supplier. It’s especially known for its ROG (Republic of Gamers) sub-brand focused on Esports and PC gaming hardware.

Asus routers tend to have an affordable price for the level of technology they offer. The brand produces several budget router options, including MU-MIMO technology, several Ethernet ports, and USB 3.0 ports for wired devices. While they don’t have a reputation for the easiest setup process or the most user-friendly router app interfaces, they do stand out for specs such as excellent range, impressive speed, and plenty of wired connection ports. Alternatively, if you want stronger routers with similar features and better setup, check out the leading Netgear routers and the best routers for Optimum internet.

How Asus compares to Other Brands

(Pro 1) Gaming Features: Asus Wi-Fi hardware benefits from the brand’s extensive gaming and Esports specializations. They offer numerous ROG-branded Wi-Fi modem routers with features such as Game Boost that aim to improve gaming on connected devices.

(Con 1) More Complicated to Set Up: Compared to ISP-provided routers and major router systems from some other brands, Asus’ devices tend to cater to more tech-savvy clientele and thus can seem somewhat tedious for those who aren’t PC-enthusiasts.

(Pro 2) Affordable Price Points: Compared to other high-end routers with similar features and maximum speeds, Asus’ Wi-Fi 5 and Wi-Fi 6 models tend to be priced more affordably. An Asus AiMesh router may be a cheaper alternative to popular whole-home Wi-Fi systems from other brands.

(Con 2) Higher Maintenance: Asus’ router systems offer lots of manual control, but they may also require more DIY maintenance than other, more seamlessly integrated mesh routers and modem-router combination devices.

(Pro 3) Flexible Range Extender and Mesh Wi-Fi: Asus offers a versatile range of models with its AiMesh Wi-Fi technology, enabling users to mix and match Asus routers and range extenders to generate a mesh network with a stable connection throughout a larger home or office space.

(Con 3) Few Portable Options: Asus excels at gaming router performance but has fewer offerings in the mobile router category. Those looking for the best 4G/5G LTE routers that work with mobile devices may find a larger selection with another brand.

(Pro 4) Wi-Fi 6 Compatibility: Among budget routers, Asus models stand out for increasingly offering the newer 802.11ax Wi-Fi 6 standard, including on some entry-level Wi-Fi 6 routers. A tri-band router with Wi-Fi 6 support can provide additional bandwidth than a router that uses only the 2.4GHz band and 5GHz band.

(Con 4) Limited ISP Tech Support: Unlike the routers from ISP companies, Asus routers aren’t usually eligible for ISP tech support.

Why Should You Buy a New Asus Router?

If you’re looking to improve your home or business Wi-Fi performance, or if you’re switching to a new wireless network system, you might want to consider a newer Asus tri-band Wi-Fi 6E router or an ASUS AiMesh system.

A newer Asus router can improve productivity when using your wireless network for video conferencing and data sharing. The latest routers for streaming models support faster speeds for file sharing and uploads as well as faster download speeds, meaning you’ll be able to send video drafts, listen to music, and stream HD content more efficiently. They also offer a more stable connection for other communication tasks, making them one of the best VoIP routers.

Broadband customers with fiber-optic service or other high-speed, Gigabit Ethernet connections may want to consider upgrading their Wi-Fi device to a router for gigabit internet to see the best performance from their Wi-Fi network. A top-tier broadband internet plan may offer 1000+ Mbps theoretical speeds, but it won’t outperform an ordinary internet connection over Wi-Fi if your current router isn’t up to the task of managing the network traffic. Thus, a newer Asus model with its quad-core processor may noticeably speed up your performance.

You may also want to consider a new Asus router if you do a lot of video streaming or online gaming. Asus’ gaming router lines come with a wide range of features to speed up the in-game performance, such as triple-level game acceleration and dedicated gaming ports with lower latency. Some Asus ROG and Asus RT models also come with port aggregation for combined speeds with multiple Ethernet cable connections. Some Asus ROG models support creating a gamers’ private network and come with dedicated gaming ports.

If you have a fast broadband connection, but your current Wi-Fi suffers “dead spots” where you don’t get a strong signal, upgrading your networking hardware may help. The Asus AiMesh system adds versatility and lets you set up an extended network with a single name and password. It also includes some built-in network security features.

Finally, demanding users with the busiest networks may benefit from the latest Asus Gigabit router models and AiMesh router combos. These models may support more advanced features like VPN fusion and system-wide guest network access, and they generally offer smart MU-MIMO technology for heavy traffic. A new AiMesh-compatible router unit will also offer more support for smart home systems and smart devices, letting you integrate more IoT devices without slowing down your home Wi-Fi speeds.

New Asus Wi-Fi 5 and Wi-Fi 6 units can manage more network traffic, offer improved wireless security features, and support higher connectivity speeds than older models. Asus’ mesh routers today nearly all support AiProtection Pro, which helps ensure the wireless network stays up to date with malware protection and enables you to identify malicious sites and external attacks.

The newest Asus RT and AiMesh router options, such as the Asus GT-AX11000, support improved connection speed for gaming and video streaming and add impressive features such as external storage and a newer beamforming antenna design.

How Long Will an Asus Router Last?

Routers, in general, typically last around five years in a home or small business environment. Many users replace their routers sooner to access newer models with faster Wi-Fi speeds or an improved mobile app for network monitoring. Older routers may not be compatible with the currently-supported Wi-Fi 5 and Wi-Fi 6 Wireless connection standards, which can cause device compatibility issues, increased vulnerability to external attacks and internet security threats, and reduced bandwidth.

To prolong your router’s lifespan, you may want to choose a model that supports the latest wireless standard and comes with up-to-date built-in network security features and lifetime internet security support along with excellent speeds and at least dual-band Wi-Fi support.

You may also want to keep your router in an area free from excess moisture and extreme heat. A dedicated router cabinet can help protect the router unit from accidental drops and spills without compromising signal strength. Adequate cooling is essential for high-performance models that include a quad-core processor.

Asus Router Warranties

Asus networking hardware sold in the US and Canada comes with a limited warranty covering a term of 1 to 3 years, depending on the specific model. This covers Asus RT models and most Asus ROG dual-band Wi-Fi and entry-level Wi-Fi 6 routers. The warranty covers parts and manufacturing defects but excludes normal wear and tear and accidental damage.

It also covers setup and connectivity issues related to defective pre-installed software, but only if the software is original. As with most electronics warranties, there is some coverage for DoA or “Dead on Arrival” products. Replacement parts and refurbished products typically come with three months of warranty coverage.

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