ISF Certified Television Calibrator and Tester

About Evan: Evan Shepard @ AVSC (Audio Video Systems Calibration) is a seasoned professional, holding an ISF (Image Science Foundation) Level 3 certification in video calibration. Evan has studied visual systems calibration methods under mentors like Joel Silver (ISF), David Abrams(Avical, Portrait Displays), and other color science experts in the field. In addition to video systems, Evan also works extensively with audio and  surround sound systems. Evan builds immersive residential home theaters for clients; consulting, designing, integrating, and calibrating audio-visual systems for reference cinematic experiences.

With over 7 years of professional A/V experience, Evan brings a wealth of expertise and reference analysis methodology to the table. His commitment to transparency, precision, and excellence makes him a standout contributor to GadgetReview.

Expertise & Qualification 

Video Calibration:

  • Software – Calman/Colourspace
  • Hardware – XRite Colorimeter/Spectrometer, Spectracal VideoForge Pro pattern generator, MadVR, Lumagen, LUT boxes.

Audio Calibration:

  • RoomEQ Wizard, ARC Genesis, Dirac, Audyssey, BassEQ, MiniDSP, Trinnov, Marantz, Denon, Yamaha, and more.

Evan’s Current Home Theater Gear:

  • JVC NZ8, Sony 6000ES, LG G2, Silver Ticket 1.4 Gain 2.35 Projector Screen, Denon X3700h AVR, MadVR HTPC, Sinbosen FP14000 Clone Sub Amps, Buckeye Amps, DIYSG 1099 LCR Speakers, DIYSG HT8 Surrounds and Heights, Stereo Integrity Subwoofers, MiniDSP 2×4 HD, EZ BassEQ processor, Panasonic UB420 UHD Blu Ray Player, Nvidia Shield Pro 2019, Plex library, FabricMate Fabric Track systems.

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