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Best Time To Buy a TV for a Big Size Deal

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Updated January 25, 2023

Looking for the best deals for the biggest TVs? Read on to find a new TV that is perfect for your home.

You need to know when to start shopping for the best outdoor TVs and also large indoor TV sizes, and when to act fast!

The biggest TVs tend to have the most limited quantities and can sell out very quickly, so it’s important to be prepared. Let’s talk about shopping online and in the store and the best times to do both! Buying on a deal makes screen size a non-issue when choosing your favorite TV. You’ll have the best TV in your house in no time.

Buying and Finding Television Deals Online

Buying online holds many attractions if you are short on time, or just want to make sure you find exactly the TV you want. Shopping online will make buying a new TV hassle-free.

Online shopping allows you to quickly search many different stores with much more inventory than the average brick-and-mortar stores (there’s a good reason that electronics purchasing has moved online en masse). Plus you can handle your other shopping needs, like maybe buying a new computer or keyboard.

If you have a very definite idea in mind for your TV size, like a great 90-inch TV or 43-inch TV, it will probably be easier to find online. Plus, no waiting in line! Unless, of course, the website is down. Sometimes it’s even possible to find the best TV on social media, through tools like Facebook Marketplace. While there are many great places to buy TVs, you still want to look at all the relevant reviews before making any purchase.

Note that sites like Amazon are very good about telling you how many of a specific product are left in stock, as well as the top TV prices, which can give you valuable clues about when to take action.

Cyber Monday Deals

Black Friday weekend will absolutely have some great online deals for TVs, and it’s probably worth checking from Friday onwards. It’s widely known that Black Friday is the best time to jump on TV deals.

However, Cyber Monday is the big day to really buckle down and start searching for deals on sites like Amazon and Best Buy. Search for the TV section of their deals, and watch carefully.

Amazon, in particular, tends to do short-term deals, and may change deals based on availability, so be prepared to buy quickly. Also, check daily so you can be sure to get the best deal.

Prime Day

Prime Day is typically located in July.

This is when Amazon conducts a broad series of deals across the massive site – although, of course, electronic products are still very popular.

The nice thing about looking for a big TV during Prime Day is that there’s generally less competition than around the holidays, and you can relax a little as you search. Additionally, most people don’t know as much about Amazon Prime Day, bringing down the buying competition.

And, keep in mind that you’ll find some big TVs during such sales. In fact, you’ll want to know how wide is a 70 inch TV, especially if you’re opting for a very large television.

But not too much! Prime Day specializes in lightning deals that last for a very short time, so it’s a “keep the webpage open all day” kind of activity. Check throughout the week for a good deal on TVs and more. As you shop, remember to go for a TV that provides a rich sound experience. You can get some great suggestions on our best sounding TV page.

Around New Year

The New Year and the following couple of months are generally great for buying a TV: The holiday rush of buyers has largely died down, but companies are still interested in selling – especially when it comes to their most impressive TVs. If you feel that this is the year to buy a new TV, keep looking out for the best deals.

The reason is partly that of the Super Bowl, which gets everyone thinking about the best way to view sports, and partly a growing need to make room for new products. Unfortunately, January and February aren’t necessarily the best time to find a deal, which is why we suggest you start looking during Black Friday.

Big TV in Home
Shopping in-store allows you to get your TV home immediately!

Buying in the Store

Buying in the store has one big advantage for getting a big TV – you get to see it in person, which can help when making a final decision much easier. There’s something about seeing the picture quality of a TV in a major retailer’s store that’s different than online shopping.

You can also take it home immediately (make sure you have enough room in your vehicle or are willing to pay extra for local shipping).

However, there are also a couple of unique challenges when visiting the store. Yes, you have to get up early and wait in a long line filled with other impatient people, but keep in mind that any individual local store can only hold so much inventory, which means that the “first come, first serve” nature of the deals is particularly important.

Many stores offer vouchers for big-ticket items like large TVs, which allow you to reserve a TV and pick it up later. Plus, there’s something special about picking your TV from the massive display that Best Buy has to offer.

Black Friday

Black Friday is still king when it comes to in-store deals. You can look both in the local paper and online at the store’s general website to find out what sort of deals they are offering. Plus, if you’re just looking for a good dumb TV at a low price, you’ll find it during Black Friday sales.

If you find the exact TV you want at a low price, all you need is determination: Get to the store extra early in the morning (focus on opening hours) and be prepared to wait for hours if necessary. The items with steep discounts are usually doorbuster deals that have very low quantities available. In some cases, some deals are packed with some of the best TV accessories.

Christmas and New Years

Yes, the holiday season is also a good time to look in-store for holiday sales…preferably after the Black Friday rush has died well away.

While the best deals are probably on Black Friday, other great deals continue through New Years.

The “Super Bowl” effect that we mentioned can be particularly powerful for stores, even larger department stores that may be trying to sell many different football bundles, including TVs.

Early Spring

Early spring is typically when the next shipments of the latest TV models go out to sellers.

Brick-and-mortar stores have limited room to store inventory, which means they will be anxious to sell “last year’s” TVs at discounted prices.

Fortunately, last year’s TVs are still an excellent buy, so use this opportunity to find great deals with relatively little shopping competition. Again, local ads are your friend here! Make sure you’re keeping an eye out for the best TV when you’re reading the news. Looking through consumer reports may be another way to find your new television.

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