The Best Time to Buy a TV

Updated: Feb 7, 2024 9:30 AM


Considering a new TV purchase? Timing your purchase right can lead to big savings on top-rated TVs.

The best places to buy a TV often slash prices during the holiday season, and exclusive online promotions are common. For the most significant annual discounts, certain times of the year stand out.

When to Buy a TV: During Black Friday & Cyber Monday

When: November 23-27, 2023

Why: Yes, your instincts are right! Black Friday features a lot of TV sales because this is traditionally the most popular time to buy a TV as a gift or as a replacement for your current version. Whether you are looking for the best 4k TV or another popular consumer electronic, Black Friday is always a good time to buy.

Black Friday sales tend to last the full weekend and are often replaced by similar holiday sales for many high-def and smart TV models, which means you usually have up until Christmas to find the right TV for your home at the lowest price. Sometimes the deals even start Thanksgiving Day for the best TV prices.

The better the deal, the faster supplies vanish. This is one reason that it’s usually better to buy a TV online during this time since quantity is more reliable here.

Cyber Monday, the Monday following Thanksgiving, also has great online-exclusive deals offers by online retailers like Amazon.

Another Time to Buy a TV: Super Bowl Season

When: January & February

Why: But wait! Even if you missed holiday sales, just be a little patient, and you will soon see other excellent sales. Your credit card may be more ready to make the purchase after the holiday season is fully over.

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The lead-up to the Super Bowl sees many retailers slashing prices on big-screen TVs for a few reasons:

  • This is also the time when last year’s models are discounted to make room for new releases, meaning you can snag a high-quality TV or one of the top dumb TVs at a lower price. Manufacturers tend to announce a lot of their new models during this period and start arranging shipping dates.
  • Since the Super Bowl will already be on many minds at this time, people start wondering if their TVs are ready for the big game of the year. Stores know this and run a lot of sales in the weeks during the lead-up to the Super Bowl.

Buy A TV During Springtime for New Model Releases

When: March or April

Why: Retailers discount the previous year’s models to clear inventory, making this is an excellent opportunity to purchase a brand-new TV from last year’s lineup at a reduced cost.

When to Buy a TV: Around Father’s Day

When: Around June 16, 2024

Why: Father’s Day is another common spot to see TV discounts. This tends to be a time when people are thinking more about buying entertainment devices, and brands want to take advantage of that.

Buy A TV For Amazon Prime Day

When: Mid-July

Why: When Mid-July strikes, it’s time to look for TV deals again, thanks to Amazon Prime Day. If you prefer to shop online, this is definitely a time to watch out for. And yes, free shipping is included.

More Tips for Buying a TV at the Right Time

  • See the TV In-Person in Stores: Seeing a TV in person can be invaluable. You’ll get a better sense of the display quality and size.
  • Social Media Alerts: Follow retailers on social media to get notifications about flash sales and exclusive deals. Set up your own online alerts for the TVs that you really want. They may get markdowns “off-season”.
  • Price Match Guarantees: Some retailers offer price matching and may refund the difference if a TV’s price drops within a certain period after purchase. However, note that items bought during sales like Black Friday may be excluded.
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  • Do Your Research: Keep an eye out for daily deals and promotions outside of the peak buying times mentioned above. Double-check the price markdown by calling ahead. Sometimes ads may not match the actual markdown so be careful.
    • If you’re concerned about energy consumption, we have an article you can read to learn how much power TVs use. Getting a new TV with newer technology can help reduce how much energy is being used. If you’re visiting a retailer in-person, ask around the store for a TV expert to verify a TV’s energy consumption and offer advice.
  • Order Online: This helps you be sure of what you are getting. This is assuming you can find the same deal in the online store.
  • Take Advantage of Retailer Loyalty Programs: This may make buying at one store more attractive than another.
  • Don’t Worry About Shipping: Once you find the right TV for you, TVs typically ship free. However, you should take some time to consider setup. That TV is likely to arrive all on its own in a cardboard box outside your door, without any service to help you set up. Get some help, and remember to treat your TV with care.
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