Top 5 Best LED TV for 2020

As we set out on our quest to find the best LED TV for 2020, we started online. There are hundreds of options to sift through, which can be overwhelming in and of itself, so we took care of that legwork for you. In our online research, we created a list of the top 20 LED TVs, which had the most and best customer reviews, along with the features we were looking for – 4K resolution, plenty of input ports and sleek designs.

After we finished our online research, we purchased all of the TVs on that list of 20 so we could plug them in at home and put them through some real-world testing. During our hands-on testing, we measured things like color accuracy, picture quality and ease of use. Once we had watched everything in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, we eliminated all but 5 LED TVs and created our top 5 list. At the top of that list is the Samsung UN65RU7100FXZA, which offers a superb picture along with a fantastic price. Keep reading our buying guide to learn more about our top pick and the other TVs that made the list.

Best LED TV For 2020

Samsung UN65RU7100FXZASony X750FHisense 50H8FTCL S425 SeriesLG OLED55B8PUA
Rank#1 - Editor's Choice/ Best Large 4K TV#2 - Best Connection Options#3 - Best Budget LED TV#4 - Best Screen Size Choices#5 - Best Smart TV Interface
Amazon Rating4stars-new4stars-new4stars-new4stars-new4stars-new
4k Capablegreen-check-markgreen-check-markgreen-check-markgreen-check-markred-x-icon
Resolution3840 x 21603840 x 21603840 x 21603840 x 21603840 x 2160
Refresh Rates60hz60hz240hz120hz60hz
Local Dimminggreen-check-markred-x-icongreen-check-markred-x-icongreen-check-mark
HDMI Inputs34434
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#1 Pick Samsung UN65RU7100FXZA 4K UHD TV – Best Large 4K TV

This Samsung is one of the best LED TVs around thanks to 4K and plenty of size options.

best-led-tv-editors-choicebest-led-tv-1Why we picked it: Plenty of options for size and a great 4K TV at a very affordable price make this line-up the best around.

Samsung has been making some great TVs for years now, and when 4K rolled along the company was ready with new models to take advantage of it. In addition to the extra-high resolution, this TV comes with 3 HDMI ports and 2 USB ports. We know that we just got finishing talking about how all those buzzwords and terms that TV makers throw around can be safely ignored, but we would like to point out that this model does come with UHD dimming, which automatically adjusts backlight based on sensors reading – you may or may not notice the effects, but it is a cool little addition.

Note also that we picked the 65-inch version of this TV to highlight, because this is a great size to emphasize the clarity of 4K definition while still being small enough to fit into the average entertainment system. However, you can choose a different size very easily if you prefer a smaller or larger model. Just remember to not go too small, since this can negate the amazing effects of 4K definition.

View on Amazon – $1897.99

#2 Pick Sony X750F 4K LED TV – Best Connection Options

The X750F is a solid 4K, LED TV at an incredible price.

best-led-tv-2Why we picked it: Great connectivity and an amazing price point set this 4K LED TV apart, especially for those on a budget.

Compared to the average 4K TV on the market this Sony model is cheap, cheap, cheap – but don’t mistake that for a lack of quality – this is one of the best LED TV options for the price. Two features immediately stand out: First, it has a ton of different smart TV options, like Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant compatibility, Android TV and Playstation Vue. Second, this TV has more connectivity than usual with 3 USB ports, 4 HDMI ports, a component port, a composite port, an Ethernet port, a Digital Optical Audio Out port, and a couple others…an ideal set-up for an entertainment system.

We should add, however, that the refresh rate is a bit low at 60Hz. This is completely tolerable, but for really fast action or other specific image demands you may notice the difference from, say, a 120Hz TV.

As with the Samsung model and some of our other picks, there are multiple sizes available for this Sony TV, ranging from 43-inch models to 65-inch options. Prices increase predictably along with size, so choosing a smaller model is a great way to save even more money.

View on Amazon – $699.61

#3 Pick Hisense 50H8F 4K LED TV – Best Budget LED TV

The Hisense 50H8F is a sub-$500 4K LED TV…what more could you ask for?

Why we picked it: Affordability and great image quality for a 4K TV make this model stand out once we clear away the OLEDs.

There are several entries in the H8F series, but the 50-inch model is an ideal candidate for best LED TV, and chances are good that you will really how much lower the price is compared to some of the other models out there (particularly OLED). This screen is 4K and comes with plenty of smart TV options, but it is not OLED, which is why both the picture quality and the price take a big hit.

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Other features include HDR10 and Dolby Vision HDR, as well as full array local dimming for a more dynamic viewing experience. Ports including four HDMI, two USB, and one composite. Hisense likes to tout its UHD upscaling features, but be warned here that you want to avoid upscaling when possible, because it can screw with picture quality.

View on Amazon – $349.99

#4 Pick TCL S425 Series – Best Screen Size Choices

TCL’s LED TVs offer 4K and more for a reasonable price.

best-led-tv-4Why we picked it: Tons of size options and a quality screen at a low price make these models hard to beat.

The TCL S425 series is quickly gaining popularity amongst the budget TV shoppers, and it’s easy to see why. For this particular screen, we have focused on the 2020 models, which provide 4K resolutions at an incredibly affordable price. We didn’t list a particular model number for these TCLs because they come with a variety of different sizing options, from 43 inches to 75 inches. Pick the one that’s right for you. This TV beat out the Vizio P-Series this year due to its extreme affordability.

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All of the models have certain things in common – specs are a bit bare-bones but still solid enough. Notably, there are 3 HDMI ports but only one USB port. The TCL is a Roku TV, as well, which means you’ll get the Roku interface whenever you use the smart functionality of the TV. We’ve never had a problem with this interface, though, so we don’t think you’ll have a problem either. If you’re looking for something affordable with tons of options still, this is the LED TV for you.

View on Amazon – $299.99

#5 Pick LG OLED55B8PUA – Best Smart TV Interface

LGs webOS is intuitive and easy to learn.

best-led-tv-5Why we picked it: An amazing OLED 4K TV with LG’s easy-to-use webOS interface.

OLED, OLED, and OLED.  Okay, that’s not the only reason LG’s OLED55B8PUA 55-inch set made our list, but it was a big factor, especially if you’re looking for bang for buck.  In addition to absolutely stunning picture quality, this set offers LG’s slick and well vetted smart TV interface, which includes Netflix, HBO Go, YouTube and many, many more.

If that doesn’t satiate your needs, you’ll also appreciate the 60hz refresh rate, 4 HDMI inputs and super thin bezel. Plus, the look of the TV goes well anywhere. What can we say? It was love at first sight for us.

View on Amazon – $1,199.95

Key Indicators of a Top LED TV

Black Shades: Let’s talk about TV specs for a minute – you can ignore most of them. All those numbers and fancy terms that are used to describe TVs don’t really mean anything at all. Contrast ratios? Easy to fudge however you want. Luminance? Not very important. Color improving technology? It can do more harm than good. You get the idea. However, what will always be important is how well the best LED TV can reproduce quality blacks that actually look black instead of gray. Look for screens that are reviewed to have particularly good black levels.

Color Saturation: It’s not as important as some factors, but color saturation refers to how faithfully the TV can produce colors. This is generally similar across LED TVs and can often be adjusted anyway, but look for TVs that have great color saturation.

Size: Yes, bigger really does tend to be better, especially when it comes to your TV. The size will still have a direct effect on picture quality. Bigger TVs allow higher resolutions to show up more clearly, so for the best picture aim for something that is at least 55-inches.

Curved or Flat: Curved screens are the big new factor that most brands are using in their marketing. When possible choose a flat screen. A curved screen adds little to the picture quality, though some say those seated off center will feel more engaged and it might slightly reduce reflections.

Reflections: A TV’s glass facade, by its nature, will be reflective.  However, a well made TV will reduce reflections and in turn improve picture quality.

Most Important LED TV Features


  • As we have mentioned, look for resolution numbers that is at least “1080”.  That’s full HD.
  • Keep in mind that higher resolution sets may be called 4K or Ultra, depending on the brand.
  • Resolution is more noticeable the larger the screen.

Screen Type

  • There are actually a few different types of LED TVs to consider. All use some form of innate backlighting, but in different ways.
  • The best LED TV options use OLED or organic light-emitting diodes. These screens have an organic compound on each diode that allows the diode to glow when it produces color (a little like a glowing jellyfish, if that helps). This means that the screen and the backlighting are literally the same thing, and that one ultra-thin panel can produce brighter, better colors than any other type of LED TV. The downside is that OLEDs are still pretty expensive to produce and so the MSRP tends to be too much for many wallets.  And hence why this article doesn’t include any.
  • In absence of OLED, look for LED screens that have full backlighting instead of just backlighting around the edges (aka edge lit). This tends to improve the image quality in most circumstances and often means local dimming, allowing the TV to turn off LEDs in smaller area thus improving blacks and reducing light leak.

Refresh Rates

  • The refresh rate refers to how quickly the image is updated, and is typically measured in Hz. Does this refresh rate matter? A little – which is why we are mentioning it. If two TVs with absolutely everything else in common, the TV with the higher refresh rate is usually better at sports, games and action scenes, depending on content.
  • Look for 120Hz and 240Hz screens instead of 60Hz. Generally anything higher than 60Hz is better, but don’t let this become a selling point.


  • Nearly every TV these days has some smart features. If you rely on TV smart features instead of a set-top box or console to access apps like Netflix and so on, make sure that your TV has the right smart features and works with your favorite brands and apps.
  • We tend to go with WiFi enabled TVs for convenience.  But those on a budget might wanna consider those without, like our #5 pick.

Which LED TV Is Right for You

As often happens, your choice comes down to how much TV you can afford. A large OLED TV like those offered by LG and now Panasonic will give you the best blacks and picture possible, but are often incredibly expensive. Fortunately, 4K TVs are currently hitting the sweet spot in terms of price, so if you are stuck with traditional LED and a practical budget, look into Samsung and Vizio. We put Samsung a bit head because of reliability and features, but Vizio’s options are certainly worth a look, too.

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  1. All I want is a basic television to watch movies and shows. What is wrong with people these days that every single electronic device has to be internet connected? The industry is forgetting simple folks like me who continue to watch movies on video tape and video discs. I took a chance and bought a 40 inch flat screen TV from Best Buy and in one month the screen is flickering and is making a high-pitched whistling noise. I guess that means the TV is about to break and I need to buy another one, right?

    1. Ralph, you definitely don’t need to buy another one. If it’s a month, call Best Buy and see if you can return it. If not, there is most certainly a warranty.

    2. I certainly agree with this chap’s comments. It’s driving me crazy just to find a good quality TV that’s NOT Smart!!!!

  2. The sharp panels are cheap because they use cheap parts. We bought the two largest sizes, both failed before the 2nd year. Sharp only said, we can give you the name of an authorized repair shop. Won’t buy another Sharp product.

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