How to Make Speakers Bluetooth

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Updated March 15, 2023

If you have the best speakers for your lifestyle, there’s no need to upgrade just because they don’t have Bluetooth capabilities. In fact, you can turn them into the best Bluetooth speakers with just a few simple steps. If you want to learn how to make Bluetooth speakers at home, keep reading to learn more about this straightforward process.


  • Having a wireless setup can make everything far more convenient. Those with wired speakers can turn them into wireless speakers in just a few easy steps.
  • The first thing you should do is buy a Bluetooth or wireless receiver. This device will allow your speaker to communicate with other output devices using Bluetooth.
  • Next, read the instructions that came with the wireless receiver thoroughly. Purchase any other cables you might need, then set them up.

Making Wired Speakers Wireless

There’s nothing better than a wireless audio device. This allows you to play content from places like your mobile device without messy wires getting in the way. There are many other technical things to know when it comes to speakers, too, like how to sync a soundbar with a TV or learning how to make Bluetooth speakers and computer speakers play simultaneously.

On the other hand, you could even try learning how to play a USB drive on a Bluetooth speaker.

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All you need to make your wired speaker wireless is a Bluetooth receiver, which you can get for as little as $20.

STEP 1 Get a Bluetooth Reciever

The first step is to get your hands on a compatible Bluetooth receiver. These are highly accessible, and you can even get them for as low as $20, depending on the type of speaker you’re using. Make sure that you choose a dongle that is compatible with the speaker you’re using. The connection type is important. You can also learn how to make Bluetooth speakers at home if you want an extra challenge.

STEP 2 Get the Correct Speaker Cables

Once you’ve got your Bluetooth receiver, it’s time to ensure you have everything you need to get it going. Ensure that you thoroughly read the instructions that come with your receiver and purchase any extra cables or connectors required, such as an additional audio cable. Most receivers will come with the cables you need, which normally is an RCA cable that connects to the RCA port of your speaker.


Some Bluetooth receivers do not come with the required cables, so you may need to purchase some.

STEP 3 Install Your Receiver

Now, it’s time to install the receiver you purchased for your audio system. Most receivers are plug-and-go, which means that all you have to do is plug them into the ports dictated by the directions included with them. This is generally the RCA port. If you don’t have the correct cable for this, you should purchase one ahead of time. However, your receiver will likely come with the cables required for set-up.

STEP 4 Set Up Your Wireless Speakers

Now that you’ve installed your Bluetooth receiver, you should be able to connect to your speakers. You can use your smartphone to see if the connection is available and working. Remember that Bluetooth has a range limit, so make sure you are close to the speaker during the connection process to ensure you get the digital signal. If it is, you should see it in the available source device list. You’ve now turned your wired pair of speakers into wireless speakers. If you find your audio signal isn’t the strongest, you may need to get a Bluetooth amplifier to strengthen it.

STAT: Annual Bluetooth audio device shipments worldwide stood at 1.3 billion units in 2021. (source)


Are smart speakers worth investing in?

That depends on your lifestyle. Smart speakers will be a natural addition if you like having a home full of smart devices. Some people don’t like them, however, for various reasons.

What is an audio output device?

The audio output device is the one that sends audio signals to your speaker. So, an audio output device could be a laptop, a phone, or even a TV.

Are wired speakers still worth buying?

Whether or not wired speakers are still worth purchasing is up to the consumer. However, there is a reason Bluetooth is by far more popular. For the most part, wireless systems are better received.

What is the difference between wireless and wired speakers?

The most significant difference between these two options is that one of them requires a wired connection to an audio output device, while the other doesn’t.
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