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Updated Apr 16, 2024 12:14 PM
best bluetooth speaker for car guide that shows the top best bluetooth speaker model

The best Bluetooth speakers for car should a long battery life and exceptional sound. But when buying your next one, you should know there is a problem of low quality or fake expert reviews. 92% of reviewers don’t actually test the Bluetooth speakers and as a result you might end up making an expensive mistake. That’s why we verify each of our 109+ Bluetooth speakers as certified tested and shortlist the best 3 based on our True Score, a product rating system based on actual test data, expert and customer ratings.

Below is our list of the 3 Bluetooth speakers for your car. No matter which you choose, you’ll enjoy quality sound. Additionally, for those who are interested in a wider variety of audio options, we also provide our insights into the overall best speakers, ensuring that whether you are at home or on the go, your audio experience is always top-notch.

How Did We Rank the Best Bluetooth Speakers?

We’ve redefined Bluetooth speaker buying guides, setting us apart from any other site on the planet. Our unique approach leverages a comprehensive dataset from 200+ trusted sites, focusing on key testing metrics (2 required, 1 nice to have) and 1 specification to rank the top-rated Bluetooth speakers for cars and ensure our recommendations meet your specific needs. Our commitment to unbiased reviews is powered by our ‘True Score’ system, targeting low quality and fake reviews. When you shop through our links, you’re backing our mission. Dive deeper to see how.

🛠️ Minimum Specifications

  • Must be speaker meant for car (but not car speakers)

🧪 Test Criteria

  • Volume Output: Provides a dynamic and immersive sound experience, achieving volume output levels exceeding 85 decibels, delivering powerful audio performance.
  • Battery Life: 9 hours is the length of time this Bluetooth speaker can play before the battery needs recharging.

👍 “Nice To Haves”

  • Low-End Roll-Off: Implementing a low-frequency roll-off below 60 Hz ensures the presence of subtle rumble in the bass, enhancing the immersive quality of your music or movie-watching experience.

Latest Updates

  • 04/16/2024: Published the list of best Bluetooth speakers for cars based on our True Score system.

Top Bluetooth Speakers For Cars For 2024

Prices accurate at the time of publishing

See how we test the testers

For Bluetooth speakers for cars to earn its place on our list, it must adhere to our strict standards for audio performance and quality. Any model that fails to meet these criteria will not be on the list!.

  • Runner Up

    Best Value

    Best Budget

    gr recommended award

    Best Mid-Range

    Ultimate Ears WONDERBOOM 3

    • Best For Outdoor

    The Ultimate Ears WONDERBOOM 3 is an affordable, durable car speaker with exceptional battery life and a wide wireless range. It is perfect for tailgating and road trips. Its deep bass is great, though high-frequency clarity could be better.

    Ultimate Ears WONDERBOOM 3 Review →

    True Score





    SAVE $31
  • Runner Up

    Best Value

    Best Budget

    gr recommended award

    Best Mid-Range

    Marshall Willen

    • Best For Shower

    The Marshall Willen is an exceptional budget speaker, excelling in high-frequency clarity for superior vocal and acoustic performance along with smart connectivity features, making it ideal for drivers prioritizing quality sound and convenience.

    Marshall Willen Review →

    True Score





  • Runner Up

    Best Value

    Best Budget

    gr recommended award

    Best Mid-Range

    Bushnell Wingman View

    • Best For Golf Cart

    The Bushnell Wingman View, with the loudest volume and widest wireless range, offers well-rounded sound performance and value to justify its mid-range cost. It’s ideal for shorter tailgate or outdoor parties.

    Bushnell Wingman View Review →

    True Score





    SAVE $14

    Did you know 93% of Bluetooth Speaker reviewers are untrustworthy?

    Our research found only 9 of 133 Bluetooth speaker reviewers as of May 2024 can be trusted. This is why Gadget Review is committed to calculating the most accurate product scores on the web.

    To do this, we give every Bluetooth speaker review site a Trust Score, which measures how trustworthy the site and their testing claims are. We then leverage AI & a machine learning model to combine and calculate the Trust Score with data from experts and consumers to deliver the True Score, the web’s most accurate product quality rating.


    Bluetooth Speaker Reviews Analyzed


    Total Products Analyzed

Our Approach to Evaluating Bluetooth Speakers For Cars

We’ve revolutionized Bluetooth speakers buying guides, distinguishing ourselves from any other site worldwide. Our distinctive methodology relies on a comprehensive dataset sourced from reputable sites, emphasizing crucial testing metrics such as volume output, battery life, and low-end roll-off.

Through data aggregation and analysis, we meticulously tailor our recommendations to meet specific needs. When it comes to Bluetooth speakers for cars, our focus is on selecting models that excel in audio quality, with features like upscaling capabilities for diverse content resolutions. Delve into our data-driven methodology for precise and reliable Bluetooth speaker suggestions.

Which Criteria Matters for Testing Best Bluetooth Speakers (For Car)?

By focusing on these criteria (2 required, 1 nice to have), anyone can quickly and easily compare these Bluetooth speakers and how they’ll perform. This helps you make an informed decision and purchase a Bluetooth speaker that is perfect for you.

Battery Life (Hours)> 9 HrYesThe length of time a Bluetooth speaker can play before the battery goes flat.
Volume Output (dB)> 85 dBYesThe maximum volume that a Bluetooth speaker is able to output when turned to max.
Low End Roll Off (Hz)< 60 HzNo (nice to have)The point at which bass response starts to fall sharply, causing it to rapidly become inaudible.

Our Trusted Data Sources

We looked at 57 Bluetooth speaker reviewers and only 9 are trustworthy (60%+ Trust Score). The three we have listed below are our most trusted for Bluetooth speakers.

  1. Becca Fischer – Rtings, MuckRack
  2. Michelle Powell – TechGearLab, MuckRack
  3. Brent Butterworth – Wirecutter, MuckRack, LinkedIn

Interested in a comprehensive analysis of our data sources? We’ve got you covered. Below, you’ll find a detailed list of every Bluetooth speaker review website we’ve identified, organized by their respective Trust Scores from highest to lowest. But we didn’t stop there. We’ve meticulously reviewed each publication and verified the data by checking whether the authors have bio links to MuckRack or LinkedIn. We’re committed to not only checking the facts but ensuring their veracity.

Bluetooth Speaker (For Car) Test Data & Results

1. Volume Output Test Results

Maximum volume is the most straightforward test to grasp when it comes to Bluetooth speakers: it simply refers to the loudest level at which the speaker can play. However, the importance of having a high maximum volume might not be immediately obvious. Beyond the ability to fill rooms with sound or serve as party speakers, higher maximum volumes play a crucial role in ensuring audio clarity at typical listening volumes.

This concept is known as “headroom.” Adequate headroom in a Bluetooth speaker means it can reproduce sounds at a level that is both loud enough and clear enough, ensuring that your usual listening levels for music or podcasts are crisp and free from distortion. Your Bluetooth speaker should have a minimum of 85 dB of maximum volume. The higher the maximum volume, the better the speaker is at delivering sound that can fill increasingly large spaces without sacrificing sound quality.

Volume Output (in dB; higher is better)

2. Battery Life Test Results

Your Bluetooth speakers are more than likely going to be battery powered. They might not run solely on battery power, but it is more common than not for Bluetooth speakers to be able to play without being plugged into a wall. That means, you’ll want your speaker to be able to play for as long as possible without having to be plugged in to charge, so even if you forget your charging cable, you’re not shackled to 4 hours of play time.

It’s for this reason that we recommend that Bluetooth speakers have at least 9 hours of playtime – enough to get you through a full day of playing your speakers. That said, there’s no upper limit to battery life – the more you can get “under your belt”, the better. If your speaker can deliver more than 17 hours of battery life on a single charge, you’ve got more than enough for two days and change, which is plenty of time to remember you need to plug the speaker in.

Battery Life (in hours; higher is better)

3. Low End Roll Off Test Results

The low-end roll off is key in determining how deep the bass on your Bluetooth speaker will sound. A Bluetooth speaker with a roll off that doesn’t start at a sufficiently low frequency leads to bass that sounds weak or is missing entirely, which makes music sound weak. Essentially, the deeper the bass can extend before rolling off, the more robust the sound.

For the majority of Bluetooth speakers and typical usage scenarios, aiming for a roll off that begins no higher than 60 Hz is advisable. However, the lower the frequency where roll off begins, the better the bass experience. It’s important to understand that there’s a limit to how low the roll off can go, so expecting Bluetooth speakers to achieve roll off points in the teens might be unrealistic. It’s also important to remember that Bluetooth speakers don’t have subwoofers and are also generally small, which limits how deep their bass can get.

Low End Roll Off (in Hz; lower is better)

Best Bluetooth Speakers For Car: Mistakes To Avoid

  1. Neglecting Audio Quality: It’s essential to prioritize speakers with outstanding sound fidelity and balance to ensure a truly enjoyable listening experience. The best Bluetooth speakers focus on quality over additional features, you can avoid disappointment and immerse yourself fully in your favorite music or podcasts.

  2. Overlooking Battery Life: Take into account your usage patterns and select speakers with sufficient battery capacity to meet your needs. This becomes particularly important if you’re frequently on-the-go or enjoy outdoor activities, as a longer battery life ensures uninterrupted enjoyment without the hassle of frequent recharging.

  3. Ignoring Connectivity Options: It’s crucial to choose speakers that provide a range of connectivity options beyond just Bluetooth. Features like AUX-in or NFC compatibility ensure seamless connections with a variety of devices, offering flexibility for different situations and environments. If you need a high-quality cable, the best aux cable for your speaker setup ensures seamless connections and reliable audio transmission.

  4. Disregarding Water Resistance: When selecting speakers, much like when choosing the best waterproof speakers, prioritize those with water-resistant or waterproof capabilities, particularly if you anticipate using them outdoors or in environments where exposure to moisture is likely. This feature protects against damage from rain or spills, prolonging the lifespan of your speakers and ensuring consistent performance in diverse conditions.

The Best Bluetooth Speakers (for the Car) Tests Compared

True Score
Battery Life
Volume Output
Low End Roll Off
High End Roll Off
  • 22.3 Hrs

  • 86.9 dB

  • 179.59 Hz

  • 13.47k Hz


Marshall Willen

  • Best for Shower

  • 14.5 Hrs

  • 87.9 dB

  • 179.59 Hz

  • 16.97k Hz


Bushnell Wingman View

  • Best for Golf Cart

  • 12 Hrs

  • 88.8 dB

  • 179.59 Hz

  • 14.48k Hz


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