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About: Dorian Smith-Garcia, a dynamic contributor to Gadget Review for over 4 years, is a versatile expert seamlessly integrating parenthood, travel, and tech. Beyond her digital pursuits, Dorian is a mom, entrepreneur, and tech enthusiast, uniquely qualified to navigate family, business, and technology intersections. In her free time, she indulges in travel, family activities, gardening, and language exploration.

Expertise: Dorian excels in blending parenting, travel, and tech content. With diverse contributions to Parents, Travel + Leisure, MindBodyGreen, and Forbes Vetted, she stands as a versatile writer. Her unique perspective, fueled by her roles as a mom and business owner, adds authenticity to her recommendations. Notable bylines, including “Kawaii Girl Cosmetics Journey” and “Best Leave-In Detanglers for Curly Hair” on Parents.com, showcase her depth of knowledge.

Qualifications: Over 4 years at Gadget Review, Dorian has proven her commitment to delivering insightful content. Her extensive portfolio includes contributions to Parents, Travel + Leisure, and Forbes Vetted, reflecting her expertise in lifestyle, health, and family. When not sharing parental wisdom, Dorian’s diverse interests and experiences, from pregnancy and parenthood to beauty and tech, make her a trusted guide in the ever-evolving landscape of lifestyle content.

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