What is the AppleCare Plus Battery Replacement Policy?

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Updated March 21, 2023

When looking at gadget insurance plans, you may wonder about the AppleCare Plus battery replacement policy. When you purchase an iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch, or MacBook, you will get a limited manufacturer’s warranty that lasts one year and can purchase additional coverage via AppleCare+. Depending on the issue, you can get the battery replaced via either option. The manufacturer’s warranty only fixes or replaces the battery if it is due to a manufacturing error, which is par for the course with a standard Apple Macbook Pro warranty.


  • Apple offers AppleCare+ premium insurance plans to cover replacement batteries with applicable devices.
  • This service coverage ships standard with the manufacturer’s limited warranty, though this is only covered in the case of factory error when the original capacity is decreased.
  • You will need to purchase coverage at the Apple Store or online to handle battery service damage after the first year of ownership.

Does AppleCare+ Replace Batteries?

Yes, AppleCare premium plans, otherwise called AppleCare+, do repair or replace batteries, which is important when looking for Macbook battery replacement services. For the first year, a standard AppleCare manufacturing warranty will handle repairs so long as the issue dates back to the factory, just like how an Xbox controller warranty works. For issues related to normal wear and tear and accidental damage, however, you will need an AppleCare+ plan, similar to how you cover Sony TVs beyond the Sony TV manufacturer warranty.

Insider Tip

Make sure to enroll with AppleCare+ or a similar insurance offering within the first 90 days after purchasing your device.

Tips to Ensure Battery Coverage

Batteries fail. That is just a fact of life. Here are some ways to make sure your battery remains covered in case of damage.


As previously mentioned, AppleCare+ premium plans will replace the battery of your device no matter the cause, though there could be a slight service fee for this task. In other words, read the fine print. If the issue relates to a manufacturing error, there will obviously be no charge. As for the monthly costs, count on paying anywhere from $4 for Apple Watch plans to $10 for iPhone and iPad plans. Macbook plans can get even more expensive.

Third-Party Insurance

Of course, just because you bought an Apple product does not mean you have to buy into the company’s proprietary insurance offering. You can always go with third-party insurance. There are many options out there to suit just about every consumer. Companies like Akko, Asurion, and Best Buy all offer comprehensive insurance and extended warranty plans that will certainly handle any battery issue that pops up. The cost of these plans varies depending on what you are covering and the type of coverage you select. Beyond that, there could be a service fee for battery replacement.

STAT: Every Apple Display, Apple TV, Apple Watch, iPad, iPod, iPhone, HomePod, Mac, and AirPods comes with complimentary telephone technical support and a limited warranty from Apple. (source)

AppleCare+ Battery FAQs

How can I get battery service for my iPhone?

To protect against manufacturing issues, Apple will replace batteries on an iPhone throughout the limited warranty period. Contact experts by chat for more information.

When can AppleCare replace a MacBook’s battery?

Consumer law dictates that Apple must replace the battery in the case of a manufacturing error. Other than that, you will need to contact a service provider and arrange for insurance via a monthly plan or fixed-term plan.

Is AppleCare+ worth it for iPhone?

Apple iPhones are extremely expensive, so coverage plans are worth it for peace of mind. This coverage will handle every part of the phone, including wireless chargers and the replacement battery, though there may be an additional cost.
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