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Updated January 22, 2023

If you’ve just picked up a new TV, you might wonder what you can do if it breaks. Yes, the best TVs are more durable and last longer, but they can still break down. While most people assume you need to buy a new television, you should know that most televisions come with a warranty. If you’re unsure about what a TV warranty is or what it offers, we’re here to help. Check out this guide to learn how to understand and use television warranty information.


  • Most new TVs come with manufacturer warranties that cover the device from manufacturer defects.
  • Television warranties typically last one year from the date of purchase.
  • A warranty claim is possible without a receipt, but it is tougher to institute.

Do All TVs Have a Warranty?

Unless you’ve purchased your TV used, your new television has warranty coverage. The warranty terms change from brand to brand, so you should educate yourself about your specific television product warranty. Look at your user manual for warranty terms for the most accurate information about your warranty and your rights under the policy. In addition, your warranty is not the only thing you should educate yourself about when you buy a new TV. You should try as much as possible to understand all the features and other things, like the TV resolution, to improve the viewing experience.

Full TV Warranty

A full warranty is an ideal coverage for a new TV. A full warranty covers the entire television, and customers are entitled by law to have access to warranty service within a reasonable time. In addition, a full warranty requires that a vendor must replace or refund in-warranty units if they cannot provide repair service. This is important to know, especially if you were going to repair your TV screen yourself, as this would have voided the warranty.

Limited TV Warranty

A limited warranty only covers specific issues or parts of a TV. A limited warranty will not pay the repair cost, but it will supply the parts necessary. Keep in mind that you’ll want to get replacement parts if your attempt at fixing a scratch on your LED TV screen was unsuccessful.

TV Manufacturer Warranty

A manufacturer warranty covers any defect in materials and unit failure within a predetermined period of time. Customers are not expected to spend any extra money to have manufacturer warranty coverage.

How Long does a TV’s Manufacturer Warranty Last?

New televisions typically have manufacturer warranty coverage for one year from the time of purchase. This is called the original warranty period, and you have legal rights that protect you from product failure. That said, warranties don’t cover everything.

What does Manufacturer Warranty Cover?

A TV manufacturer warranty covers any defects in materials that stop your TV from working. So, for example, even if the shipping process damaged your unit from poor packaging, the manufacturer’s warranty should cover it. You can also check if the warranty covers things like audio problems (for example, TV audio channels stuck in Spanish instead of your preferred language).

What does Manufacturer Warranty Not Cover?

A TV warranty does not cover normal wear, cosmetic damage, environmental conditions, or accidental damage like liquid spillage. Warranties also do not protect against misuse or known issues of a particular TV format. For example, most Plasma TV warranties don’t cover burn-in.

What’s Required to Start the TV Warranty Process?

While most warranties do not require the original packaging, you will probably need the original purchase receipt, also known as the “proof of purchase.” If you want to institute a warranty claim, you’ll also need your TV’s model and serial number. In addition, make sure you can clearly explain the issue to customer service. Most companies will also want your name, address, and phone number.

What is an Extended TV Warranty?

An extended warranty is an additional warranty that extends protection past the original warranty period. While some recommend this extra coverage, most experts don’t think extended warranties provide adequate security or value for the average user. If you are considering an extended warranty, be sure to read more about if an extended warranty on TV is worth it.


Can I use the television warranty without a receipt?

Yes, if your TV still falls under the manufacturer’s warranty, you can use a warranty without a receipt. That said, if you picked up an extended warranty, most require the original receipt.

Does a warranty guarantee a replacement TV?

A TV’s manufacturer warranty does not offer a complete replacement unless specified in the warranty documents. However, some third-party extended warranties provide complete relief for a defective TV.

What if My TV Breaks Outside of Warranty Period?

If your television breaks outside of the warranty period, you need to find a television repair shop or purchase a new TV. Outside of your TV’s original warranty, the manufacturer or retailer are under no obligation to repair or replace your TV.

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