Is Xfinity Mobile Protection Plan Worth It?

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Updated August 26, 2022

If you’re looking for the best cell phone insurance, you’ll likely start with your carrier, and Xfinity’s hefty coverage maps and many types of plans make them a popular choice for phone services. If you use Xfinity, you may be pleased to know that Xfinity Mobile offers in-house coverage for a monthly premium. But is Xfinity Mobile Protection Plan worth it? We’ll explore that in the article below.


  • While primarily a cable TV company, Xfinity mobile insurance is a service the company provides to anybody using their mobile services.
  • There are quite a few pros to having Xfinity mobile insurance, such as coverage for accidental and water damage.
  • Unfortunately, the insurance will add an extra cost to your monthly bill, and you’ll be limited to certified repair centers.

Is It Worth Having Xfinity Mobile Insurance?

Whether Xfinity mobile insurance is worth it ultimately depends on you. Cell phone insurance is intended to give you peace of mind, covering common concerns shared by most users. If this is important to you, it might be worth it to protect your investment. However, much like Verizon phone insurance or Google Preferred Care, there are some pros and cons to this type of coverage.

Insider Tip

Before making a claim, make sure the repair you need is covered by your mobile insurance policy.

Pros of Having Xfinity Mobile Insurance

You’ll get a few perks when you subscribe to Xfinity Mobile’s cell phone insurance. These include coverage for water damage, lower repair costs for screens, and coverage for accidental damage. Coverage also starts on the day you enroll, so you’ll be protected immediately. They also have a Pocket Geek app, which lets you locate your phone if you lose it.


In addition to the monthly insurance fee, you may find some repairs and replacements require paying a hefty deductible or service fee.

Cons of Having Xfinity Mobile Insurance

As with anything, there are a few downsides to the service. You’ll find that it adds an extra monthly cost to your bill, and there’s no coverage for the more costly repairs you may require. You may also be faced with additional charges. For example, with Apple products, in the case of loss or theft, the company charges a $180 deductible. There’s also a service charge for screen repair and accidental damage ($29 and $99, respectively) on Apple devices.

STAT: In 2021, smartphone vendors sold around 1.43 billion smartphones were sold worldwide. (source)

Is Xfinity Phone Insurance Worth It FAQs

Does my insurance plan cover liquid damage?

You’ll need to check your coverage to determine if your phone insurance covers water or liquid damage. You can do this easily by calling customer service or checking the company website.

Is it worth it to go with a basic plan?

While it can be tempting to go with a cheap plan, we always recommend aiming above it if possible. A basic plan might not have the features you want, like an insurance policy or unlimited data.

What are the perks of having an unlimited plan?

The biggest perk is accessing as much data as you need. This makes streaming your favorite content a breeze no matter where you are. You’ll also be able to talk and text without worry.

Why should I choose Xfinity Mobile services?

There are plenty of reasons why Xfinity Mobile is a service worth having. If you already have Xfinity Internet, it’s one of the best mobile carriers for bundling services.
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