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Updated September 12, 2022

If you’re looking for the best cell phone insurance, you may be wondering whether Google Preferred Care is worth the cost. Well, it depends on a variety of factors. To help you decide, let’s take a look at how you can make every future device repair much more manageable. Whether it’s due to electrical failures or having to make replacement claims, it’s always good to research an insurance plan before you take the leap.


  • Google Preferred Care is an insurance policy you can have for any Pixel device that you own, provided by Google.
  • There are a few pros to having Preferred Care phone insurance for your device, including being able to make replacement claims.
  • However, there are also a few cons that come with this type of phone insurance. For example, you’re limited to certified repair shops.

Is Google Preferred Care Worth Getting?

Most companies have their own form of device protection plans, like the Xfinity mobile protection plan. Google is no different, offering its Google Preferred Care plan to users. Of course, just because you can buy it doesn’t mean it’s the right phone insurance for you. As with any insurance membership plan, it really comes down to the individual. In the end, you may end up researching if Asurion is worth it instead.

Insider Tip

To file a service claim with Google Preferred Care, be sure to do so within 90 days of the incident to be covered.

What is Google Preferred Care?

Google Preferred Care is a mobile insurance product available to owners of Pixel devices, including their phones and laptops. Like any insurance, the intent is to provide peace of mind when accidents happen and lessen the impact of repair costs. For example, you can get a replacement device for a much lower price, or sometimes free, when things go wrong or if the phone is lost or stolen. Of course, always check the reviews of the company you’re looking into, such as Assurant reviews.

Pros of Google Preferred Care

There are quite a few pros to having this insurance plan. Those positive points include the coverage of accidental damages, such as liquid spills, drops, and cracks. They also offer low-cost screen repair and overnight shipping of replacement devices.


Keep in mind that, in addition to your premium payments, there will be additional service charges when you file a claim for repair or replacement.

Cons of Google Preferred Care

Unfortunately, all insurance plans have downsides, and the same is true of Google Preferred Care. For example, if you don’t pay for the plan in full upfront, it will add an extra monthly charge to your bill. In addition to this premium charge, other service fees will apply to each claim (anywhere between $29 to $149), and the amount of that service fee varies depending on the device being repaired. You’ll also be limited to approved services for repairs.

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Is Google Preferred Care Worth It FAQs

Does my insurance cover accidental damages?

Accidental damages can hit us when we least expect them to. To see if your devices have this type of coverage, simply call the company and ask.

How do I know what my coverage period is?

To find out how long the coverage period on your current device is, log in to your account online to see if you can find the information there. If not, just give the company a call.

How do I make accidental damage claims?

Making accidental damage claims typically isn’t super complicated, but it’ll depend on the company you have insurance from. Most are as easy as going online and filling out a form. Contact the company for their specific process.

What do I do if my device malfunctions?

You might not need to jump to a replacement device if your device malfunctions. Instead, try to restart your device first. If that doesn’t fix the issue, take it back to your provider’s store and ask if they can look into things.
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