How Do I Know if I Have Insurance On My Phone With AT&T?

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Updated February 10, 2023

Even if you have the best cell phone insurance, you may not know exactly what it covers. This might lead you to wonder, “How do I check if I have insurance on my phone with AT&T?” It’s a great question to ask to ensure that you’re insured and safe from accidents.


  • Check your bill and look for “Other charges and fees,” which may indicate that you have insurance on your phone.
  • To find out exactly what’s covered, find the AT&T Customer Service phone number and collect your account information.
  • Customer service will tell you what coverage you have.

Finding Out if You Have AT&T Mobile Insurance

Those who have their phone and wireless services through AT&T should always check to see if they have insurance on their phone. It’s super easy, especially if you know how to check if you have Applecare or Moto Care. The process is very similar. However, this article is centered around AT&T, so if you need to check if you have Verizon phone insurance, you’ll need to look elsewhere, especially if it’s for insurance and device protection through Verizon.

Insider Tip

Some phones have a manufacturer warranty or device protection plan that you might be able to use.

STEP 1 Check Your Bill

Next, check your bills first. Sometimes you can see that there is a charge for insurance on the statement itself. This should show as “Other charges and fees.”

STEP 2 Get Account Information

Find the customer service number and ensure you have all your account information ready. You’re going to need it for the next few steps. This includes your account number for checking your insurance program.

STEP 3 Call the Company

Call AT&T directly. Speaking to one of their customer service representatives will get you the necessary answers.

STEP 4 Ask About Insurance

While on the phone, ensure you understand things thoroughly by asking questions. You might want to ask, “Does my phone insurance cover water damage?” for example.

STEP 5 Finish Up

You should be all set at this point, although there might be extra steps depending on the representative. You might need to ask yourself, “How do you find a new IMEI on an insurance phone?”


Not all cellular service plans provide mobile insurance, so do your research before investing.

STAT: For 2020, the number of smartphone users in the United States is estimated to reach 294.15 million. (source)

How To Check if I Have Insurance On My Phone at AT&T FAQs

How do I know if I qualify for a replacement device?

Knowing whether your qualify for a replacement device or not is crucial. Call customer service to check your select devices and see if they qualify for replacement phones.

Where can I find my eligible devices?

You can typically find eligible devices by logging into your online account. This is also where you can see your device protection plan in most cases.

How do I get mobile insurance on my mobile phone?

You’ll have to talk to the licensed agent from whom you’re buying your phone. They’ll help you set up insurance on your device and any additional device that might also need insurance.

What type of insurance claim might I need to make?

There are a few different types of issues you might need an insurance claim for:
  • Physical damage
  • Liquid damage
  • Screen repair
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