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Best Cell Phone Signal Booster

Updated: Feb 14, 2024 2:30 PM
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For 72 hours, we researched out two dozen cell phone signal boosters to find out which ones were worth getting. Tired of getting your phone calls dropped or losing internet connection when you need them most? A cell phone signal booster can help keep your connections strong and stable so long as you pick the right one. With this booster, you’ll always have the best cell phone service. With the best signal booster, you won’t have to worry about the amount of outside signal. However, having the right smartphone would make things a lot better.

Among the boosters we researched, the weBoost Home Room Cell Phone Signal Booster was the one that got our #1 spot because of its high signal strength, wide-area coverage, and its compatibility with all U.S. carriers. Any of these best cell phone boosters would be a great way to make sure you always have service. With one of our best signal boosters, you will never have to worry about losing cell service again. Read on to find out more about our top pick as well as our other favorites down below.

Top 7 Best Cell Phone Signal Boosters Compared

 #1  weBoost 472120 Home Room Booster Kit – Top Pick

WHY WE LIKE IT: The weBoost Home Room is an effective booster kit that you can rely on, making it the best among our picks. Its strong signal output is marred by very few downsides, and its 1,500 sq. ft. signal coverage makes it ideal for small rooms like an apartment or a home office.

  • 5G Ready
  • 1,500 sq. ft. coverage
  • FCC-approved
  • Ineffective against very weak signals

If you need a reliable phone signal booster for your home office, we recommend the weBoost Home Room as the first option you should try. It’s also 5G ready, so you’ll still be able to use this booster when 5G technology becomes available to the public. This cell phone booster will be usable with any of the best cell phones, from 4G to 5G. You will enjoy better voice quality, better reception thus fewer dropped calls, faster internet speeds, and more, using this cell phone booster. And, for added security, consider using one of the most secure phones.

It’s designed to provide stronger signals for one room, but it can cover buildings of up to 1,500 sq. ft. or about the size of a large room. This may not be the largest coverage area in this list, but it specializes well in enhanced streaming and is easy to install. Compare this with the weeBoost Home Multiroom Booster to find what’s best for you’re home. This will extend your coverage from one room to several. This WeeBoost home multiroom booster will be enough to make sure you always have service. Plus, it’s compatible with most if not all U.S. carriers, including AT&T, T-Mobile, Sprint, Straight Talk, U.S Cellular, and Verizon.

 #2  weBoost Connect Indoor Booster – Honorable Mention

WHY WE LIKE IT: The weBoost Connect is a fantastic signal booster that functions much like the Home Room, except it can cover over triple the area (buildings of up to 5,000 sq. ft.) and has a signal optimization feature that can automatically change your connection settings. It’s more costly than the Home Room Booster, but it performs very well, making it our second favorite pick.

  • 5,000 sq. ft. coverage
  • Automatic signal optimization
  • Wide compatibility
  • Relatively costly
  • Slight dip in performance in rural areas

The weBoost Connect Indoor Booster is meant to provide strong and stable cell phone signals for your entire house. It can cover buildings of up to 5,000 sq. ft. it can be used with all U.S. carriers. You won’t have to worry about compatibility as long as there are signal towers nearby. This cell phone booster will boost your 3G and 4G LTE signal up to 32X for better audio quality, better reception and fewer dropped calls, and faster download and upload speeds.

Its automatic signal optimization feature means you’ll be fiddling around phone settings less. The weBoost Connect is easy to install and can guarantee enhanced connection. It can even extend your device’s battery by 2 hours. However, it does perform weaker in very low signal areas. All in all, this is one of the best cell phone signal boosters on the market. If you’re looking to boost your phone signal on your next phone trip, you might want to take a look at weeBoost Drive Reach instead.

 #3  SureCall Fusion4Home – Best Outdoor Antenna

WHY WE LIKE IT: The Fusion4Home by SureCall, with its coverage of up to 2,000 sq. ft., is a great pick for different house or office environments. Its omnidirectional antenna is a cut above the mono-directional ones from some picks in our list since it can pick up different cell signals coming from any direction.

  • 2,000 sq. ft. coverage
  • Can work through multiple rooms
  • Wide compatibility
  • Weak LTE boosting capabilities
  • No 5G Support

SureCall’s Fusion4Home is a great option for boosting 3G/4G. Its outside antenna differs from the others on the list. Instead of a directional antenna, it features an omnidirectional one,so it receives tower signals from all directions. The booster can send signals across multiple rooms or an area/building of roughly 2,000 sq. ft., which is great for small-medium halls or houses. The SureCall cell phone booster will ensure you have better audio quality, fewer dropped calls, improved battery life, and faster data and streaming.

The Fusion4Home is compatible with all North American carriers, but it does have some issues with boosting LTE signals. Unlike 3G and 4G signals that can go from 0 to 4 signal in a dead zone, LTE signals could only reach up to 2. For another way to get signal on the go, take a look at the Wilson Pro series instead. This can vary depending on your location, however. This is definitely the best outdoor signal booster on our list.

 #4  Phonetone Portable Signal Booster – Best Portable

WHY WE LIKE IT: This nifty signal booster from Phonetone is compatible with North American carriers and designed more for mobility than anything else. It’s a small booster kit that you can easily attach to your vehicle for when you’re headed out to areas or buildings where signal reception is poor, making it reliable enough to net a spot on our list.

  • Small & easy to carry
  • 5-year warranty
  • Multiple users
  • Limited coverage
  • Light on features
  • Compatible with select carriers only

This portable signal booster is a somewhat generic model. It doesn’t have any fancy bells and whistles to show off, but it’s made for one specific job—to enhance your signal while you’re in your vehicle. Whether you’re in a car, RV, motorhome, or even a boat, the Phonetone does its job well. Its outdoor antenna has respectable reception. Meanwhile, the indoor antenna has a rather short output range.

For optimal results, you should be in a high-altitude area so the outdoor antenna can receive the best possible tower signal. The booster kit supports simultaneous connections, convenient for multiple users within a vehicle. However, it’s only compatible with North American carriers such as AT&T, Verizon, and T-Mobile. Also, you must register this vehicle cell phone booster with your wireless provider and get the providers consent.  Note that some providers may not always allow the use of this vehicle cell phone booster on their network.

 #5  HiBoost 10K Smart Link – Best Coverage

We’re sorry, this product is temporarily out of stock

WHY WE LIKE IT: With its impressive 10,000 sq. ft. coverage and wide compatibility, the HiBoost 10K Smart Link signal booster has the widest range out of all items on this list and even works in Canada. It can be carefully configured with the HiBoost app to make sure it works as best as it can.

  • Covers 10,000 sq. ft.
  • Compatible with US/Canadian carriers
  • Built-in LCD screen for easy configuration
  • Can be difficult to install
  • Single-direction antenna

The HiBoost 10K Smart Link is a premium choice for when you need a large area covered by a signal booster. It can cover buildings in the range of 4,000–10,000 sq. ft., which can be especially handy for open office floors. This cell phone booster amplifies the 2G, 3G, and 4G LTE signals for your office and home. The booster’s settings can be configured via the HiBoost App to maximize the potential of any U.S. or Canadian carrier. It also has an integrated LCD screen that displays all of the information you need to know about the booster while it operates.

The HiBoost 10K can improve call quality and increase data speed over a wide area, but its one-directional antenna means you’ll get mixed results from different carriers, especially if their cell towers are in opposite directions. Installing the kit may also take more time and effort than other booster kits.

 #6  Phonelex Verizon Signal Amplifier – Best Verizon

We’re sorry, this product is temporarily out of stock

WHY WE LIKE IT: The Phonelex Signal Amplifier is dedicated to boosting Verizon signals, but it can also increase the strength of other frequencies that are similar to Verizon’s. It comes with an outdoor Yagi antenna and supports multiple connections; so long as you have a compatible carrier, then this signal booster is well worth its price.

  • Multiple users
  • Extended battery life
  • Verizon only
  • Ineffective in weak signal areas
  • Issues with customer service

This is a cookie-cutter cell phone signal booster that’s meant to be used with Verizon phones all across the United States. The booster can coverup buildings of to 2,000 sq. ft. (like item #3) and comes with a fairly standard Yagi antenna and indoor antenna. The overall simplicity of the product means that it focuses more on being a functional signal booster.

Phonelex supports multiple users and can be used in a home or office setting. However, it performs a bit poorly when used in areas with very weak signals, and some users have reported issues with the lack of formal customer support. Read our best smartphone list to learn more about them. And if you love

 #7  Aclogue Home 4G LTE Booster – Best Budget

We’re sorry, this product is temporarily out of stock

WHY WE LIKE IT: Aclogue’s signal booster is specifically designed for AT&T and T-Mobile carriers, but even with the exclusivity, it’s still a solid product that gets the job done. Its overall usefulness compensates for its compatibility, and its affordability makes it a recommendable option.

  • Best T-Mobile & AT&T
  • Affordable and reliable
  • 1,500–2,000 sq. ft. coverage
  • AT&T and T-Mobile only

The Aclogue Home 4G LTE Booster is another straightforward cell phone signal booster. It doesn’t have many unique features that make it stand out, and it’s mostly suitable for AT&T and T-Mobile phones only. Despite these, it can still boost your signal significantly so long as you’re not too far away from a cell tower.

The range on this booster is advertised to be around 1,500–2,000 sq. ft., but during research, we found that you’ll need to be very close to the inner antenna to gain the most benefit from it. If you’re still not sold, take a look at Pro 70 plus signal booster for another option. Speaking of boosting your signal, check out our best routers list.

How We Decided

We wanted to provide you with a list of signal boosters that you can use with as little trouble as possible. To that end, our top picks in this list were selected based on their ability to amplify signals, the size of their area coverage, carrier compatibility, and ease of use. Bonus points were given to boosters that had omnidirectional antennas and those that enabled multiple users and cellular device connections. With any of these modern signal boosters, you will have a reliable connection to your phone service when you need it.

A cell phone signal booster can be an essential part of your home, vehicle, or your office depending on the reception you’re getting. After thorough research, we found that the best signal boosters not only increased signal reception by a large margin, but they also had additional features for more convenience.

For instance, a signal booster with area coverage of 5,000 sq. ft. may be less than favorable if it can only support a single carrier like AT&T or Verizon. Likewise, boosters that are compatible with multiple major carriers will be of less use if it can only cover a limited area.

Buying Guide

The Most Important Features to Consider

  1. Carrier Compatibility
    Not all signal boosters are compatible with every major carrier. Some boosters only work with specific phone models, so be sure to check if the signal booster you plan on buying works with the phone you currently have. Another issue that may arise with your carrier is with the use of vehicle cell phone boosters like our #4 pick. Some providers do not allow for the use of vehicle boosters on their network, so you have to check this.
  2. Area Signal Strength
    Cellular signal boosters often advertise their effective ranges in an area. While 2,000 or 5,000 sq. ft. may sound like much, the actual effective range is less. For example, a coverage area of 2,500 sq. ft. will cover roughly 50 ft. Check the size of your home, office, or building you need covered, and be mindful of this when picking a booster based on its range.
  3. Outdoor Antenna Type
    Your signal booster’s overall effectiveness depends on the type of its outdoor antenna. Directional antennas require you to place them in the direction of the nearest cell tower for optimal performance, while omnidirectional antennas can receive signals from any direction. Make sure you consider these factors, and also uplink and downlink power regarding the antenna.

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