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  • Best Melon Baller

    Best Melon Baller

    To help you find the best melon baller for your kitchen needs, we tested out all the top-rated products and carefully chose seven of the best melon ballers available on the market. We checked out the quality of each product’s parts, its efficiency in making melon balls, and the grip of the item itself. Melon ballers are handy as they can also be used to cut other fruits, shape cookie dough, and scoop ice cream. This is a useful kitchen […]

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  • Best Window Cleaning Kit

    Best Window Cleaning Kit

    The best window cleaning kit solves your dilemma of needing to use a ladder to get to hard-to-reach glass panes. If you’re sick of cleaning your windows “the old-fashioned way,” then it’s time you got a window cleaning starter kit. We tried out a dozen products and tested them for their level of reach, durability, and efficiency to clean windows. Out of all of them, seven stood out. The Ettore 65000 Professional Window Cleaning Kit was our #1 choice among […]

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  • Best Xylophone

    Best Xylophone

    We tried out 15 different xylophones to determine the most suitable picks for both beginners and professionals. A number of beginner musicians start with xylophones as their first musical instrument, and we looked for options that can last more than a few generations in their families. If you want instruments that will last a long time, check out our guide to the best music instruments. The Mr. Power Foldable Glockenspiel 30-Note Xylophone stood out among the rest, thanks to its […]

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  • Best UV Black Light Flashlight

    Best UV Black Light Flashlight

    To find the best UV blacklight flashlight for your needs, we’ve made a list of our seven favorites based on the following criteria: wavelength, power, battery type, run time, durability, and portability. If you are planning for your next camp, also check out our best camping gear guide for other tools that you may need. The Esco Lite blacklight flashlight was our top pick, a 51 UV LED flashlight emitting at 390 to 395-nanometer wavelengths. It can produce a sufficient […]

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  • Best Door Anchor

    Best Door Anchor

    To help find the best door anchor to turn any door into a gym cable column for working out at home, we examined 25 products, analyzing the construction, design, and durability of their stoppers and loops. The DynaPro door anchor emerged as our top pick because while it’s an easy-to-install, single-position anchor like all the others in our shortlist, it’s better than the rest due to its thick, foam stopper that’s just the right weight.It also has a large loop […]

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  • Best Potato Peeler

    Best Potato Peeler

    The best potato peeler is the OXO Good Grips Swivel Potato Peeler, which combines sharp, easy peeling with a comfortable, non-slip grip. It just slightly edged out the Spring Chef option (our #2 pick), thanks to its rubberized handle and the brand’s trusty warranty. A potato peeler is an essential kitchen product for any busy kitchen. To determine the best potato peeler, we began by testing over 35 of the highest-rated options that you can buy today. From there, we […]

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  • Best Shaving Brush

    Best Shaving Brush

    We chose the Legacy Shave Evolution Brush as our top choice primarily because of its mess-free feature: you can pop it on top of your shaving can and do away with the mixing bowl. Its mechanism allows the cream, gel, or foam to come out through its durable nylon bristles. For your shaving needs, this is one of the important bathroom essentials you need to get. To help you find the best shaving brush for both daily use and travel, […]

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  • Best Pool Cleaner

    Best Pool Cleaner

    To find out the best pool cleaners available in the market today, we tested out several different types, brands, and models for a collective 24 hours. We selected those that could clean at least a standard 16ft x 32ft rectangular swimming pool as quickly and efficiently as possible. We factored out the ones that were too inefficient or too difficult to install, and favored the cleaners that had a reliable hose length and filter capacity. Our top pick, the Dolphin […]

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  • Best Car Battery Charger

    Best Car Battery Charger

    Having your car’s battery die on you is an absolute nightmare, which is why having the best car battery charger or jump starter around is always a good idea. To help you choose the best car battery charger, we tried out 15 of the most recommended products in the market today and listed down our seven favorites below. After 72 hours of testing, we narrowed down our choices based on charging efficiency and usefulness in emergencies. Even the best electric […]

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  • Best Shower Curtain Liner

    Best Shower Curtain Liner

    We spent the past month looking and testing the value and quality of the best shower curtain liners available today. We tried out over 20 different shower curtain liners made from varying materials such as polyester fabric, polyvinyl chloride (PVC), and polyethylene vinyl acetate (PEVA). To keep the floor dry while showering on your bath tub, this is one of the key bathroom essentials to install. In the end, our top choice went to LiBa’s shower curtain liner. It has […]

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  • Best Cell Phone Signal Booster

    Best Cell Phone Signal Booster

    For 72 hours, we tested out two dozen cell phone signal boosters to find out which ones were worth getting. Tired of getting your phone calls dropped or losing internet connection when you need them most? A cell phone signal booster can help keep your connections strong and stable so long as you pick the right one. With this booster, you’ll always have the best cell phone service. With the best signal booster, you won’t have to worry about the […]

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  • Best Whole Bean Coffee

    Best Whole Bean Coffee

    Nothing beats freshly brewed coffee in the morning, especially when you’ve found the best whole bean coffee that meets your taste and caffeine needs. A nice cup of coffee can set the mood for your entire day. So you can start your mornings in the most pleasant way possible, you’ll need nothing but the best whole bean coffee. After 48 hours of searching, tasting, and testing, we were able to find seven exceptional choices. Out of the 25 options we […]

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  • Best Food Mill

    Best Food Mill

    We tested 20 different products on the market to come up with seven of our picks for the best food mill. We considered them based on their high-quality material, ease of use, number of grinding discs, and overall versatility. If you’re looking for more great culinary products, then check out our top-rated kitchen products. After testing, one product stood out through the week-long grind. The OXO Food Mill gets our award for the best food mill because of its interchangeable […]

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  • Best USB Fan

    Best USB Fan

    Even in air-conditioned rooms, small, portable fans are ubiquitous. So you can stay cool on warm days, we spent last summer testing out 25 USB fans to find seven of the best. The list below details the best fans we looked at in length. Out of all the fans we tested, Arctic’s Breeze Mobile was the most convenient, quiet, and refreshing USB fan. It might be small and lightweight, but it’s still powerful enough to deliver high air flow. Compared […]

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  • Best Manual Can Opener

    Best Manual Can Opener

    After nearly 22 hours of research and testing, it’s safe to say that the KitchenAid KC130O is the best manual can opener, and with good reason. It’s easy to operate, provides a sure grip, and is made with high-quality materials. Keep reading to learn more about our highly-recommended manual can openers. View more of our great kitchen products by reading our in-depth, handy guides. To help you find the best manual can opener out there, we’ve checked out 21 of […]

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