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To help you with your search for the best monitor stand, we checked out 11 dual-screen mounted stands and 18 monitor risers. We narrowed down our final list based on their maximum frame weight and size support, compatibility with desks of varying thickness (installation), adjustability, and design. Next, we selected the best stands in 2020 that are stable and can support more than 20lbs. We also favored items that have a reliable build and are efficient in maximizing desk space.

From the nearly 30 products we reviewed for over 24 hours, we selected VIVO’s dual desk mount stand as our top pick because it offered the most stability, monitor weight support, and desktop space compared to the rest of the stands. Plus it is very easy to install. Read on to know more details about these products and some of the other best computer monitor stands available today.

Top 4 Monitor Stands

 #1  VIVO Dual LCD Monitor Desk Mount Stand

Award: Top Pick

WHY WE LIKE IT: This stand’s high monitor weight capacity, VESA bracket plates, and C-clamp adjustability make it easy to install onto almost any desk. It has everything you can ask for in terms of easy setup and tilt, swivel, and rotate capabilities, which makes it a great accessory for a high-end monitor to read documents.

  • Very easy to install bracket design
  • Maximum support of 22lbs
  • VESA compatible
  • Individual monitor height not adjustable

Made of steel and aluminum, Vivo Dual can be mounted onto desks up to 4 inches thick using the included C-clamp or grommet, freeing up your desk space.  That dual monitor arm system is good. This adjustable monitor stand can support up to 22-lb screens per monitor arm, higher than the capacity of other popular brands offering the same type of mounted stand, which can only support between 11lbs to 20lbs. Vivo Dual has adjustable arms that can accommodate 13 to 27-inch screens. They allow you to rotate your monitors 360 degrees so you can conveniently change from landscape to portrait orientation, which is ideal, especially if you’re using one of the top photo editing monitors for your photography work.

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The arms can be tilted from +80 degrees to -90 degrees, while its swivel range is 180 degrees. The stand is equipped with standard 75mm x 75mm VESA plates that are detachable and can be moved up and down for proper alignment. The cable management system is decent. You can use the detachable clip on the 17-inch-high height-adjustable central post to keep your cables neatly in place at the back of your best Xbox One monitor.

 #2  SimpleHouseware Metal Desk Monitor Stand

Award: Honorable Mention

WHY WE LIKE IT: This nearly 6-inch riser from SimpleHouseware offers various organizing options with its sliding drawer and four storage pockets. Its wide top and four rubber stubbed legs provide excellent stability for your monitor and keep your desk protected from possible scratches.

  • Best budget
  • Sturdy and affordable
  • Built-in storage pockets
  • Can only fit one monitor

The top of this black metallic stand measures 20.25 inches wide, 5.8 inches high, and 11.5 inches deep. So if the upper edge of your monitor is currently about six inches below your eye level, this stand will provide the elevation necessary to reduce possible eye and neck strain. To make sure you get the most out of this ergonomic stand, be sure to know how to mount a monitor properly. The stand is sturdy enough to be used for not just your monitor but also your laptop, notebook, and printer.

A 19-inch keyboard can fit into the two-inch space under the removable drawer, where you can place important documents and stationery. You’ll find two compartments on either side of the stand where you can store various office supplies such as pens, markers, notepads, and even your smartphone. Two stands need to be positioned side by side if you’re a dual monitor user. And if you’re using two monitors, you might want to check out the best 144Hz monitors available today.

 #3  FITUEYES Computer Monitor Stand

Award: Best w/ Laptop Storage

WHY WE LIKE IT: This stand’s easy-to-clean surface and non-slip legs make it a stable and stylish addition to your workspace while giving you an extra 5.5“of height for your monitor. It has a shelf for storing a laptop, making it the ideal riser for people who do their work on a laptop with an external monitor.

  • Very stable and durable
  • Sleek design
  • Can fit a laptop
  • Comes in only one color

This no-frills stand looks like it’s built from wood, but it’s actually made of high-grade medium-density fiberboard, a type of engineered wood. It’s 16.7 inches wide, 5.5 inches high, and 9.3 inches deep. The shelf beneath the main riser is spacious enough to accommodate a laptop, while the space beneath this shelf can be used to store paper for printing and other stationery or office supplies.

This elegant-looking black stand comes with non-slip feet so it sits firmly on top of your work station. With a weight capacity of 33lbs, you can place two stands side by side for dual-screen viewing. The stand can also be used as a flat-screen TV stand for the best PS4 gaming monitor.

 #4  3M Adjustable Monitor Stand

Award: Best Weight Capacity

WHY WE LIKE IT: This 3M product can provide additional leverage for your monitor of up to 6”and can support a maximum weight of a whopping 80lbs. The 11-inch space under the main platform that’s enclosed by its four non-skid silver-colored legs can be used for extra storage.

  • Adjustable height
  • Extra-large capacity of 80lbs
  • Very tough build
  • Rubber soles can leave marks

The legs of this 16-inch wide, 3.5-inch-high, and 11.5-inch deep riser are stackable. Each measuring about two inches high, each stackable component can be raised to a maximum height of almost 5.8 inches. What we like about this riser is it can support weight of up to 80lbs so you’ll have no problem placing your monitor, laptop, printer, or other electronics on top of it.

A laptop and other supplies can be placed beneath the riser if it’s raised to its full height. The main platform and legs are made of plastic so it’s lightweight and easy to clean. Making it a great complement to that of the best monitor for video editing.

How We Decided

Our product list of the best monitor stands is a balance of functionality and affordability. We chose a dual monitor stand as our top pick due to the ongoing popularity of dual screens across all user types: from students and office professionals to gamers and graphic artists. The best monitor stands provide a more organized look and more space to your workstation.

We particularly chose from C-clamp/grommet mounts, which offer great stability. We excluded wall-mounted units with monitor arms, stand-up models, and the more expensive mounts with spring arms and long monitor arms. We favored a stand that can support monitors of more than 20lbs and is easy to set up. Multiple monitors improve workflow, causing a 40-50% boost in productivity. Dual screens can help shorten the time switching from one task to the other because you can distribute apps between two monitors instead of condensing multiple apps in just one screen.

The rest of the units are simply monitor “risers,” providing basic elevation to monitors whose built-in stands aren’t ergonomically high enough for its users. We chose risers that are best in maximizing space, preferring items that have handy compartments or ample space underneath. We also picked products that are made of high-quality materials, such as sturdy metal or dense fiberboard. Finally, the options on our list offer the best value for your money. All of the four stands are all under $50.

Best Monitor Stand Buyer’s Guide

The Most Important Factors to Consider

  1. Flexibility
    If the height is your only concern, then a monitor riser might be enough for you. But if you need greater versatility, particularly being able to view your screen at certain angles, then a mounted stand is a better option as its arms can rotate, tilt, and swivel to your liking.
  2. Type of mount
    If you decide to use a monitor mount, you have several options:

    • A free-standing mount replaces your built-in stand: you attach your monitor on top and let the base rest on your desk. It offers greater height and additional options such as tilting, rotation, and swivel. On the other hand, free-standing units are the least stable of the four types of mounted stands.
    • A side-clamp desk mount attaches the pole of the stand to the side of your desk, expanding your desktop real estate.
    • A grommet stand, another space saver, requires making a hole on your desk (if it doesn’t have one) for a heavy-duty bolt to go through it and secure the stand in place.
    • A wall/ceiling mount offers the greatest additional space to your desk because it’s installed on the wall.
  3. Maximum screen size and weight
    Whether it’s a desktop or mounted unit, check the product information to verify if the stand can carry your monitor. For dual-screen mounted stands, check if the arms can accommodate both of your screens. A triple monitor setup is also a possibility.
  4. Desk thickness
    Mounted units indicate the minimum and maximum thickness of the desks that they can attach themselves to.
  5. Build Material
    Stands are usually made from aluminum, steel, chrome, or a combination of them. The strongest are made of aluminum and/or steel.
  6. VESA compatibility
    Some monitors, like many Apple products, aren’t VESA compatible. Check your monitor so you’ll know whether to buy an adapter for VESA stands.
  7. Cable management
    The best monitor stands have holders and other features to keep your cables tidy.

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