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The HP OMEN 27QS’s 240Hz refresh rate and low input lag make it attractive to pro gamers. However, its low contrast ratio and missing HDMI 2.1 port are disappointing.

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Product Snapshot


Announced in mid-2023, the HP OMEN 27QS is a mid-market gaming monitor with a maximum 240Hz refresh rate for fast-paced gaming. The monitor’s 27-inch screen provides sufficient screen real estate and a wide viewing angle, synonymous with top-tier computer monitors. The 27QS also has a rapid 4.2 ms response time, which places it among the best gaming monitors on the market.

With both FreeSync VRR and G-Sync compatibility, the 27QS works great with any type of graphics card, but its lack of a HDMI 2.1 port may limit connectivity to next-gen gaming consoles. Still, color handling is impressive courtesy of a wide HDR and SDR color gamut, and since it is flicker-free, there are very low chances of eye strain.

Best For

  • 240Hz

  • 27-Inch

  • 27-Inch Gaming

  • Budget

  • Business

  • CS:GO

  • Call Of Duty

  • Cheap

  • Computer Monitor

  • Eye Strain

  • Fortnite

  • Freesync

  • G Sync

  • Gaming

  • Graphic Design

  • HP

  • Mac Mini

  • Macbook Pro

  • Nintendo Switch

  • PS4

  • PS5

  • Speakers

  • Vertical

  • Watching Movies

  • Xbox One X


our Verdict

The 27-inch HP OMEN 27QS is a mid-tier gaming monitor that boasts a 389.5 nit brightness rating, making it easily visible even in a well-lit environment. The display also has high color accuracy, resulting in bright and vivid colors courtesy of a 94.35% coverage of the DCI P3 color gamut, placing it in the top 10% of tested monitors in this regard. While its low 998:1 contrast ratio may result in dark scenes appearing gray, the display does have a local dimming feature, which works when viewing HDR content.

Professional gamers will appreciate the snappy reaction to commands on the 27QS, making it perfect for fast-action gaming. The display has a low 8.5ms input lag, and this, coupled with its 1ms response time for tear-free gaming, makes it ideal for the avid player looking for the highest return on their money for a gaming display.

ReasonS to Buy

  • Good Image quality
    • Images on the HP OMEN 27QS gaming monitor are clear courtesy of a 389.5-nit brightness rating and vivid as a result of its 94.35% coverage of the DCI-P3 color scale. This brightness rating is average when compared to other monitors in its category, but its high color score is much better than other alternatives.

  • Low response time
    • There’s no screen tearing on the OMEN 27QS, thanks to its 4.2ms response time, which places it in the top 25% of its category when compared to other alternatives.

  • Low input lag
    • The 27QS allows for super quick responsiveness to commands when gaming, thanks to a super low input lag of 8.5ms. With such a low rating, the 27QS sits within the top 25% compared to other monitors within its category per testing.

  • High refresh rate
    • The OMEN 27QS’s impressive 240Hz refresh rate makes it great for fast-paced gaming, ensuring smooth and clear motion.

Reason to Avoid

  • Low contrast ratio
    • Blacks look gray in the dark on the 27QS because of its low 998:1 contrast ratio. For an alternative with a slightly better ratio, feel free to check out our Tempest GP27U review.

HP OMEN 27QS Specs

Aspect RatioAspect Ratio16:9
Available InputsAvailable Inputs3.5mm, DisplayPort, HDMI, USB
Bluelight FilterBluelight FilterYes
Built-In SpeakersBuilt-In SpeakersYes
Built-In WebcamBuilt-In WebcamNo
Curved ScreenCurved ScreenNo
Display TypeLED
Flicker FreeFlicker FreeYes
HDMI Inputs2
HDR FormatHDR10, HDR400
High Dynamic Range (HDR)Yes
Max Resolution2560 x 1440
Panel TypePanel TypeIPS
Refresh Rate240 Hz
Response TimeResponse Time1 ms
Rotating ScreenRotating ScreenYes
Screen size27"
Sync TechnologySync TechnologyAMD FreeSync Premium, G-Sync

All Specs

Test Results

Brightness (nits)389.5
Contrast Ratio (as ratio, x:1)1,014
Color Gamut/Accuracy % (DCI P3 xy)94.35
Color Gamut/Accuracy % (DCI P3 uv)0
Color Gamut % (Adobe RGB Coverage xy)86
Color Gamut % (sRGB Coverage xy)100
Color Gamut % (Rec. 2020 Coverage xy)68.4
Color Gamut % (Rec. 709 Coverage xy)0
Input Lag (ms)8.5
Response Time (ms)4.2
Reflections % (Total Reflections)4.8
Horizontal Viewing Angle (Washout Left)32
Horizontal Viewing Angle (Washout Right)33
Vertical Viewing Angle (Washout Above)26
Vertical Viewing Angle (Washout Below)27

All Tests

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