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Updated: Nov 11, 2023 9:29 AM
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According to our research, the best budget gaming monitor is the ViewSonic VX2257-MHD; this 22-inch gaming monitor comes in at an excellent price while packaging a Full-HD resolution image and a 75Hz refresh rate for smoother on-screen motion. Built-in AMD FreeSync technology also helps to reduce screen-tearing, an issue that can plague video games.

To find the best budget gaming monitor available, we began by looking at features that help to create an immersive PC or Mac gaming experience, including each monitor’s display size, refresh rate, resolution, sync compatibility and gaming-specific features. Purchasing a gaming monitor doesn’t need to break the bank. And, as needs vary, we’ve researched monitors of all display sizes to find one that best fits your desk, including a roundup of the highly-rated gaming monitors under $200. If you’re a gamer, these monitors with high refresh-rates and high-definition resolutions are sure to impress. Keep reading to learn more about the ViewSonic VX2257-MHD and other top-tier monitors.

Top 7 Best Budget Gaming Monitors

 #1  ViewSonic VX2257-MHD Budget Gaming Monitor


WHY WE LIKE IT: This option offers everything we would want in a budget gaming monitor, including a 22-inch Full-HD 1080p resolution display and a 75Hz refresh-rate. AMD FreeSync is also onboard for a tear-free gaming experience.

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  • Full-HD display resolution
  • AMD FreeSync prevents image-tearing
  • 75Hz Refresh-rate for smooth motion
  • Stand could be higher-quality

If you’re a gamer on a budget, the ViewSonic VXC2257-MHD should be the first gaming monitor you take a look at for your setup. This monitor from ViewSonic includes a 22-inch display, sporting a Full-HD 1080p resolution. The 75Hz refresh-rate also makes for a quick display on its feet, updating the image at a fast rate for smoother video motion while playing your favorite games with fast-moving objects. If you want more monitors with smooth video motion in 1080p, then visit our list of highly-rated 1080p gaming monitors.

The VX2257-MHD also features AMD FreeSync technology to prevent image tearing, a phenomenon that can make it appear that your on-screen video is splitting in two. The one downside we found is that the plastic monitor leaves a bit of build-quality to be desired. But don’t be fooled, this monitor is an excellent value and our best gaming monitor pick.

 #2  BenQ GL2480 Budget Gaming Monitor


WHY WE LIKE IT: This monitor offers a fast gaming experience with a 75Hz refresh-rate and 1ms response time; don’t fall behind your competition, at 24-inches, this gaming monitor will bring you into the action at an affordable price.

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  • Fast 1ms response time
  • Adaptive brightness for image quality
  • ZeroFlicker technology prevents eye strain
  • Customer support isn’t the best

Gamers looking for an affordable monitor: you’re in luck. The 24-inch display offers a Full-HD 1080p resolution and a 75Hz refresh rate, providing a sharp and responsive gaming experience. The 1ms response time helps you to jump into the action without worrying about lag, a factor that could cost you your next match.

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The ZeroFlicker technology is also a welcomed addition, as it eliminates typical monitor flickering that can cause eye strain. This monitor is styled around a black high-gloss frame and base with a 16mm bezel. What could be improved? Customer support at BenQ isn’t perfect from our experience, but we wouldn’t let that hold you back from the GL2480. If you want a monitor with a bit higher resolution, take a look at the best 1440p monitor. 

 #3  Pixio PXC243 Budget Gaming Monitor


WHY WE LIKE IT: Pixio produces a gaming monitor that stands above the rest with its Full-HD 1080p curved display, providing a more immersive experience than the competition.

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  • Specially angled for immersiveness
  • 144Hz refresh rate for smooth video
  • Full HD and curved
  • Backlight bleeding

Curved monitors go the extra mile to make your gaming experience more immersive. The Pixio PXC243 is an excellent 24-inch budget gaming monitor that is not only curved but also features AMD FreeSync for tear-free video. The refresh rate of the Pixio is impressive, delivering smooth video without lag up to 144Hz, making it the best budget gaming monitor (144Hz). The curved screen with a high maximum refresh rate makes this the best curved monitor for gaming you can buy. This product could also be one of the best curved gaming monitors.

The only bit we don’t like is that the curved gaming monitor has a bit of backlight bleeding, meaning that you can see the white light on the screen’s edges when the image is supposed to be deep black. If you want to compare this with a similar model, take a look at the best curved monitor.

 #4  LG UltraGear 24GL600F Budget Gaming Monitor


WHY WE LIKE IT: This monitor provides a rocket-fast gaming experience thanks to its 144Hz refresh rate and 1ms response time. Plus, AMD’s FreeSync technology helps to eliminate choppy graphics and broken frames at any frame rate.

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  • Reduces video blur and ghosting
  • Black stabilizer for in-game night vision
  • Customized display game modes
  • Poor display viewing angles

The LG UltraGear 24GL600F is a monitor packed with features that have been designed for gamers. The integrated AMD FreeSync technology reduces video blur and ghosting during play sessions, while the custom display modes let you pick the best settings for different games. LG also includes a black stabilizer that allows you to view dark scenes with greater detail.

The 24GL600F also features all the standard specs you would expect to see, including a 24-inch Full-HD 1080p screen with a fast 144Hz response rate. The viewing angles, however, are not the best we experienced, and you should stay sitting directly in front of the monitor for the best picture quality when gaming. If you want a monitor that’s a bit faster, compare this with best 240 hz gaming monitor on the market.

 #5  BenQ EW2480 Budget Gaming Monitor


WHY WE LIKE IT: This monitor features a borderless bezel and some impressive control over brightness. The built-in HDRi technology evaluates ambient lighting and screen content to refine your screen image for a better visual experience.

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  • Attractive bezel-less design
  • Integrated HDRi brightness control
  • 3 HDMI monitor inputs
  • Speaker sound isn’t ideal

If you’re looking for an intelligent monitor, then the BenQ EW2480 should be on your radar. This attractive 24-inch bezel-less monitor includes BenQ’s HDRi technology to evaluate ambient lighting and screen content to refine its image. With contrast tuning and gorgeous colors, you’ll experience your games with more vibrancy and clarity, for a truly enthralling experience. If you want to upgrade your gaming experience, take a look at the best 4k gaming monitor instead.

If you are connecting quite a few devices to your single monitor, the BenQ features three HDMI ports, so you won’t have to continually swap out cables. While the monitor does include built-in speakers, we found them to be underwhelming, meaning that you’ll likely want to pick up an external pair or look at other cheap monitors that have better speakers.

 #6  LG 24MP59G-P Budget Gaming Monitor


WHY WE LIKE IT: Produces excellent image quality, thanks to a 24-inch Full HD IPS display, in addition to sporting Dynamic Action Sync technology to help minimize input lag as you play your favorite games.

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  • IPS panel display for improved quality and viewing angle
  • Minimizes input lag in games
  • Attractive display stand with red accent
  • Ghosting is sometimes visible

LG is a company that has garnered a positive reputation when it comes to manufacturing high-quality monitors with solid panel technologies at a reasonable price range. The LG 24MP59G-P helps to show precisely why the company is held to such regard with its beautiful 24-inch Full HD IPS display. The included IPS display enables an image with better viewing angles and overall clarity than VA counterparts. We also like LG’s Dynamic Action Sync technology, which works to minimize input lag in video games.

Rather than a bland black rectangle or circle, this IPS gaming monitor features an attractive, aggressively styled option with red accents — a perfect bit of gamer flare. We weren’t fans of the ghosting that is sometimes visible with 1ms speed settings turned-on, but at this price-point, it’s not enough to detract from this monitor’s great value. Due to the image quality, we also believe the LG is the best budget gaming monitor for PS4 and the best budget gaming monitor for Xbox One. If you have a bit more money to spend, compare this with the best ultrawide gaming monitor. 

 #7  ASUS VX248H Budget Gaming Monitor


WHY WE LIKE IT: When it comes to staring at a screen, your eyes aren’t the biggest fans, and ASUS has addressed that issue with this great gaming monitor. Featuring ASUS Eye Care technology, you can game into the night, experiencing less eye fatigue. A fantastic monitor for keeping your eyes in tip top condition, thanks to the company’s Eye Care technology, which helps to reduce eye fatigue. We also loved the slim design, which helps it easily slide into tight spaces.

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  • Smart Contrast Ratio for vibrant images
  • Slim monitor design for tight spaces
  • Easy set-up out of box

The ASUS VX248H doesn’t only want to ensure that you have a great gaming experience; it also aspires to protect your eyes from fatigue. This 24-inch Full-HD monitor from ASUS includes the company’s Eye Care technology, which eliminates monitor flicker and adjusts image settings, producing a more gentle image to view. The images aren’t dull, as the included ASUS Smart Contrast Ratio keeps everything bright and vibrant.

We also like the slim design, which makes it ideal for tight spaces. We found the monitor was easy to set up out of the box, and default settings were suitable for producing a great image. The only downside is the limited 60Hz refresh rate, which doesn’t allow content to appear as smooth in motion as an option with a higher refresh-rate.

How We Decided

When selecting the best budget gaming monitors, we began by establishing a collection of factors that contribute to an excellent gaming experience. We found that each monitor’s display size, resolution, refresh rate, and included specialized gaming functions were essential. Next, we established a set of minimum criteria to ensure that only the best options would appear in our buying guide so that you can research and shop with confidence.

For each monitor’s display size, we chose not to make any selections below 22-inches; we cherish smaller screen size monitors for their ability to fit into tight spaces, but we also want to prevent recommending a monitor that is too difficult to view while gaming. Plus a very large model, though the extra real estate is great, will probably turn out to be an expensive monitor. Next, we only focused on selecting monitors with at least a 1080p Full-HD resolution; any sub-par resolutions, including 720p, were not included as we want you to experience the best in image quality.

A monitor’s refresh rate is essential for gaming, and we made sure to offer selections from the standard of 60Hz up to a truly impressive 144Hz — higher is better, generally speaking. Still, we included monitors with lower ratings due to their other excellent offerings. Lastly, each monitor sports a collection of gaming features to take your experience to the next level, from AMD FreeSync technology, built-in color profile modes, and anti-lag mechanisms — go conquer the battlefield.

Best Budget Gaming Monitor Buyer’s Guide


  1. Monitor Size: When selecting a monitor for your desk, most buyers will want to choose the largest affordable option. We recommend a minimum of 22-inches for most setups and a sweet spot of 25-inches to 30-inches. Be sure that your monitor will be able to fit in your existing computer space before purchasing.
  2. Resolution: Select monitors that have at least a 1080p Full-HD resolution, and avoid any 720p resolution monitors, as they won’t deliver modern levels of clarity nor excellent picture quality. If you want to upgrade, a new 4K gaming monitor or an ultrawide monitor will provide you with even more detailed gaming experience.
  3. Refresh Rate: Your monitor’s refresh rate is how often it updates images on screen; the standard rate is 60Hz. While you can game on a 60Hz monitor, serious enthusiasts will want to look for higher options, such as 144Hz, which can help with in-game response times and develop a more immersive viewing experience.
  4. Gaming Features: Keep an eye out for custom gaming features. AMD FreeSync and Nvidia G-Sync are standard options to help produce a smoother image without screen tearing. There are some monitors that are compatible with both, but it depends on the graphics card. Custom color profile modes and lag-reduction features are also welcomed and can vary between each manufacturer and product.
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