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Best 4K Gaming Monitor 2019

Best 4k Gaming Monitor
Don't let resolution get you down, pick one of our best 4k gaming monitors.

PC gaming has never been as awesome or cutting-edge as it is today. With new monitor technology, you can amp up your gaming sessions to the next level, especially when you start playing on 4K, ultra HD monitors. If you’re looking for a new monitor for gaming, you’d be hard-pressed to justify buying anything other than 4K. And since there are so many choices on the market today, we’ve gone out and played on 10 of the most popular 4K monitors of 2019 to find out which one is best for avid gamers like you. During our testing, we measured response time, refresh rates, screen sizes, adaptive sync functionality and color availability.

After playing our favorite games for dozens of hours on these monitors, we narrowed our list down to the top 3, with the ASUS PG278QR 27″ 4K gaming monitor coming out on top. This monitor sports a super quick response time, AMD FreeSync and tons of configurable options, making it an easy choice for the #1 spot. Keep reading to learn more about the ASUS PG278QR and the other 2 best picks for the best 4K monitors of 2019.

Best 4K Gaming Monitors For 2019

ASUS MG28UQ 4KAcer Predator XB271HKLG 27MP59G-P
Rank#1 - Editor's Choice / Best 4K Gaming Monitor#2 - Best High Performance 4K Gaming Monitor#3 - Best Budget 4K Gaming Monitor
Amazon Rating4stars-new4andhalf-stars4stars-new
Resolution3840 x 21603840 x 21603840 x 2160
Screen Size28-inch IPS27-inch IPS27-inch IPS
Refresh Rate60Hz60Hz60Hz
HDMI Input?green-check-markgreen-check-markgreen-check-mark
Display Port?green-check-markgreen-check-markgreen-check-mark
Sync FeatureFreeSyncG-SyncFreeSync
Buy NowBuy NowBuy Now

#1 Pick ASUS PG278QR 27″ – Editor’s Choice/Best 4K Gaming Monitor

Price: $519.99Features: AMD FreeSync, 1ms response time, ASUS GamePlus configuration profiles

WHY IT’S A TOP PICK: The ASUS PG278QR is a cheaper 4K monitor for budget gamers. 

It’s rare to find a product that really encompasses everything you expect when you hear the phrase “the complete package”, but the ASUS PG278QR is about as close as they come without going overboard.

At only $519.99 it’s simultaneously one of the cheapest, yet feature-rich gaming displays on the market (4K or otherwise), and is a marvelous example of how a company can make a solid product with great performance but still keep it within the range of most gamer’s budgets. All the standards are here, including the defining 3840 x 2160 resolution, 1ms response time for ultra-quick games, and AMD’s FreeSync technology which prevents screen tearing during high-paced action sequences on screen.

For these reasons and so many more, the ASUS PG278QR is the best overall gaming monitor with 4K for 2019.

View on Amazon – $419.99 

#2 Pick Acer Predator XB271HK 27″ Gaming Monitor – Best High Performance 4K Gaming Monitor

Acer HB271HK

Got a job that demands 100% color accuracy but like to frag on the side? The HB271HK is the pick for you

Price: $869.00 | Read Full Review: Acer Predator XB271HK ReviewFeatures: Nvidia G-Sync compatibility, 1ms GTG response time, 5 USB 3.0 ports

WHY IT’S A TOP PICK: The Acer Predator XB271HK is perfect for gaming or creative work, take your pick!

It’s no secret by now that when it comes to gaming monitors, Acer and its Predator line of performance-focused displays have quickly rocketed to the top of every self-respecting gamer’s Christmas wish list.

We raved about the Predator X34 when we got a chance to review it in house, and everything that made that screen great is back in spades with the slightly more conservative – but still obscenely powerful – Predator XB271HK. And while all the options you’d hope for make an appearance in the XB271HK just as they did in the X34, what sets this screen apart is its 100% accurate color reproduction across sRGB and AdobeRGB color gamut scores.

This means if you need a display that can perform just as sufficiently at work as it does at home, this is going to be the best buy for you.

View on Amazon – $869.00

#3 Pick LG 27MP59G-P 27″ Gaming Monitor – Best Budget 4K Gaming Monitor

The LG 27MP59G-P may not look as flashy as other gaming products, but it’s got just as much polish and precision in every one of its parts.

Price: $229.99 | Read Full Review: LG 27MP59G-P Features: AMD FreeSync, 1ms response time, IPS display

WHY IT’S A TOP PICK: The LG 27MP59G-P is fast, powerful, and cheap. What more could you ask for?

Rounding out our list is the 27″ LG 27MP59G-P 4K UHD gaming monitor, which, while not as flashy or stylish as some other LG or overall gaming products on the market, still performs handily under the pressures of what gamers need in a pinch (while they’re pinching pennies).

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The 27MP59G-P doesn’t have spectacular color representation, so if you’re looking for something that’s good for creative work and gaming both we’d refer you to the XB21HK instead, but outside of that small caveat everything else you could want is here to shine. AMD FreeSync compatibility, Dynamic Action Blur Sync, black stabilizer technology and a cool $229 price tag are just a few of the features that come stock with this LG 4K monitor, all of which helped it to earn the number three spot on our list this year. If you’re looking for budget IPS monitors or an affordable FreeSync monitor, this is the choice for you.

View on Amazon – $379.99

Mistakes to Avoid

First and foremost, don’t buy just any 4K monitor that’s on the cheap end of the scale and think you can automatically use it for gaming due to the resolution alone. Gaming monitors in particular are built with certain features and fast response times that coincide with what gamers need most: speed, and responsiveness.

Also, make sure you avoid displays that don’t come with custom gaming profiles. These are settings you can pre-configure depending on the game you’re playing to ensure you get the best possible brightness, contrast ratio, and speed for when you play games of different styles such as FPS, RTS, and MMMORPGs.

Most Important Features on a 4K Gaming Monitor

Screen Size

  • The best 4K gaming monitor will be larger than at least 24″, as the detail beyond that isn’t worth the extra resolution if you don’t have the screen space to truly enjoy it.
  • 27- to 34-inches is the sweet spot for most gaming monitors, and this goes doubly so for 4K options.
  • Not so big that it won’t fit on your desk, but also large enough that the 4K resolution has an opportunity to stretch its legs out and shine.

Ports and Connectors

  • Make sure that both your gaming monitor and the machine you plan to play with have a DisplayPort-HDMI adapter, version 1.2.
  • This is important for G-Sync and FreeSync technology, both of which make sub 2ms response times possible.


  • Both G-Sync and FreeSync, also known as adaptive sync technology, are relatively new technologies in the gaming space, and have only recently made their way onto 4K displays as of this year.
  • Each prevent a phenomena known as “screen tearing”, where the information the graphics card is sending to the monitor is temporarily out of sync (hence the names).
  • These create a solid link between both devices so they never miscommunicate, and the animations on-screen stay smooth and buttery throughout.


  • In general, there’s no rule for how much a 4K gaming monitor may set you back.
  • Some like the Samsung UE590 or ASUS MG28UQ don’t break the $500 mark, but they are also made for gaming exclusively.
  • Others, like the Acer XB271HK, creep into the $900 range, primarily due to the fact that it’s both a gaming monitor and a creative professionals monitor, complete with 100% color gamut representation.

Refresh Rate

  • Unfortunately, for the time being there are no 4K gaming monitors that can press past the 60Hz refresh rate limit…though this is looking to change in very near future.
  • Due to the strains that a high refresh/high pixel count combo can put on your average graphics card (and more to the point, DisplayPort 1.2), right now only a GTX 1080 SLI combo would come within a mile of being able to support a 4K display that ran at 100Hz, let alone 144Hz or the rumored 240Hz that should be coming out in the next year or so.
  • Regardless, as long as your 60 Hz monitor has G-Sync, you should still get decent performance and picture quality that will last over the long haul.

Which Best 4K Gaming Monitor is Right for You

The best 4K gaming monitors have come a long way in recent years. Once populated by a few fringe hyper-expensive models that only had one or two of the features that gamers wanted, now almost all of them have a bevy of port options, G-Sync or FreeSync compatibility, and one model in particular is even great for creative work to boot.

Which is right for you will ultimately depend on your budget, and more to the point, what kind of graphics card you have. In the end you’ll want a screen that has G-Sync if you run an Nvidia GPU, while a monitor with Free-Sync is going to be the choice for the AMD loyal. Luckily we have a mix of both on our list of the best 4K gaming monitors in 2019, so you always have plenty of options when you choose the one that finally lands on your desk at home!

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  1. Michael

    The Samsung UE590 does NOT have an IPS display – it’s TN. And stating a panel’s response time is utterly meaningless. TN panels have a 1 ms. response time, and most IPS panels are around 4 ms. Stating that response time is meaningless. What matters is the response time of the entire chain, including the panel, which will always be much greater than the panel’s response time.

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