Display Settings: How to Change Your Monitor’s Settings

Updated: Oct 25, 2023 7:15 AM
How to Adjust Your Monitor Display Settings

Adjusting your monitor display settings is necessary to get the best user experience from your computer. Much of its utility is communicated through the screen so this makes having a crisp display important. There are various settings available to achieve an optimum setting. This guide will help you attain it and get the best monitor though there may be certain limitations depending on the model of your unit.

Desktop Settings Configurations

There are two main types of configuration settings for monitors. It will either utilize an on-screen menu system or have adjustable monitor buttons. Either of them can adequately fine-tune your monitor’s brightness, color, and contrast. They are also used to adjust the size, shape, and position of your computer display.

Another reason to adjust the settings on your display is in case you want to use your computer monitor as a TV. You’ll get better resolution on a monitor screen since they typically run smaller than TVs for this purpose. 

On-Screen Menu System

The first type is the on-screen menu system. Find and press the button labeled menu to activate the on-screen menu display. An icon that looks like a page with three or four lines could also indicate that it is the menu button. There should be an up and down as well as (+) and (-) controls to help you toggle among the selections. On-screen sliders may also be provided to adjust your monitor display settings.

Individual Monitor Buttons

The second type of configuration uses actual monitor buttons. This is preferred by most since there is no need to fiddle around with a mouse or touchpad to operate. They are usually located on the side of your monitor though others may have the buttons installed in other areas. You can identify what to adjust by the icons they represent.

Display Settings

Time to discuss a monitor’s display settings after presenting its two main configurations.

Native Resolution

Check first if you prefer your monitor’s original setting. Testing the suitability of its native resolution might be all that is necessary.

To do this:

  1. Go to Settings and find the Change Settings option
  2. Select PC and devices, then choose Display
  3. Adjust the slider to find the resolution labeled as (Recommended)
  4. Select Apply

Scale and Resolution

Go to the Display section to adjust its size and resolution. There are again recommended values from which to choose. Try toggling between the settings however to see which best suits your preferences. You can also find out how to check monitor refresh rate if you’re getting a gaming monitor.

You are likely to find the following categories:

  1. Size
  2. Display Resolution
  3. Display Orientation
  4. Multiple Displays

Click the drop-down box for any of these selections to make adjustments.

Brightness and Contrast

Reduce or increase the brightness of your screen by finding the slider bar for this setting. There should be a separate Color setting section as well. Click on this option to proceed. You can quickly learn how to change monitor brightness.

Depending on your monitor type, you are likely to find display capabilities in:

  1. Stream HDR video
  2. Play HDR games and apps
  3. Use WGC apps

These indicate the HDR capabilities which can run on your desktop or laptop. Only those which are labeled ‘Yes’ may be adjusted through a Change calibration settings option. A slider should be available to find your desired setting.

Color Management

Perform further tweaks to your display’s color set-up by opening the Control Panel icon. Next, go to Color Management and then the Advanced tab to click the Calibrate display button. There you will most likely find and perform adjustments on the following:

  1. Brightness
  2. Contrast
  3. Gamma
  4. Color balance


Can the size of my screen affect the display resolution?

Yes, it could decrease its resolution quality. You may minimize this however by selecting the highest resolution.

Is it possible to save or store the display settings?

Yes, it is possible to save or store your display settings permanently by clicking a button for such a purpose. Using it is highly recommended.

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