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Updated: Feb 22, 2024 4:10 AM
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After exhaustive research, I can confidently say that the Asus VG245H 24-inch monitor is the best gaming monitor for the PS4 and PS4 Pro. For other types of monitors, check our best monitors guide.

It outperformed the competition, proving itself the absolute best thanks to a host of great features and superior performance (1ms response time with a 75 Hz refresh rate.). If you want a top gaming monitor that won’t slow you down and will maximize your frag count, this is the choice for you.

Top 10 Best Gaming Monitors for PS4 Compared

 #1  Asus VG245H 24″ Gaming Monitor for PS4

Award: Best Monitor For PS4

WHY WE LIKE IT:  It also packs in AMD FreeSync Technology so you won’t see screen tearing or ghosting. Dual HDMI ports make sure you have low input lag. Asus went above and beyond the call by adding ASUS Eye Care technology with a flicker-free and blue light filter. This minimizes eye fatigue for a healthier gaming session.

  • AMD FreeSync
  • Intuitive interface
  • Low response time
  • Some adjustments needed to get the best image

GameVisual technology lets you optimize the visuals with six preset display gaming modes. This monitor looks stunning. The colors are bright and sharp, making your game time an immersive experience.

On top of that, the response time and refresh rate are exactly what you need for gaming on the PS4. At 24 inches, it is also the perfect size for most gamers who need a gaming monitor for the PS4 or even for other consoles like a best monitor for Xbox Series X.

Image 9.6/10
The Asus VG245H looks amazing, offering stunning visuals that will make your game experience an immersive one, which helps this model compete with the best curved monitor for gaming. You will be impressed by the picture quality.

Features 9.6/10
This monitor comes packed with features like AMD FreeSync, ASUS Eye Care, GameVisual and much more. It is loaded.

Performance 9.5/10
It is a solid performer that will have you enjoying your games more and going deeper into them. It is one of the best monitors for PS4 around, and if you get two of them, you’ll give yourself a greater edge in gaming with a dual monitor setup. To learn more, take a look at our guide to the benefits of dual monitor gaming.

Value 9.5/10
With so many features and performance that is top-notch, this is an excellent value. Also, check out the best gaming monitors under $200.

 #2  LG 27UK650-W 27″ Gaming Monitor for PS4

Award: Best HDR Monitor For PS4

WHY WE LIKE IT:  The LG 27UK650-W is a 4K HDR display with lots of gaming features that will please any PS4 owner. This 27-inch monitor has an adjustable ArcLine stand, 3840×2160 4K resolution, HDR10 support, SDR peak brightness, a 16:9 aspect ratio, 60Hz refresh rate, and a 5ms response time. Playing games on this display is a joy. This may be of the top-rated gaming monitors for PS4 to have today.

Also check out our LG 27GP850-B review for another great gaming monitor.

  • Amazing color
  • Great features for gaming
  • AMD FreeSynch
  • Not enough USB ports
  • No speakers

AMD FreeSync technology and Dynamic Action Sync make sure that your gameplay is uninterrupted by tearing and you won’t see any broken frames. It also has two HDMI 2.0 ports that support HDR and HDCP 2.2, a 1.2 DisplayPort, a USB-C port, and a 3.5mm audio jack. I would have preferred more USB ports which are always handy for gaming or business monitors, but that’s really my only complaint with this 4k monitor.

Super Resolution+ gives you sharper clearer video, while the Black Stabilizer lets you adjust dark shades. This model has great color reproduction. No matter what game you are playing, 4k gaming will look great on this display. And I love that it is a FreeSync monitor. We researched many gaming monitors for PS4, and most can’t compare. Not even the Asus Tuf Gaming VG34VQL1B could compare, but that’s for you to decide.

Image 9/10
It doesn’t matter what the game is, it will look great on this monitor. The Super Resolution+ really does an amazing job.

Features 9.4/10
Packed with gaming features, you’ll enjoy your PS4 games in a whole new way.​ Like that HDR support, which you can always find in the foremost HDR monitors.

Performance 8.9/10
​This display just flat-out delivers. Your sessions will be smooth and beautiful.

Value 9.5/10
This monitor is a great size with lots of options and features please any gamer. Definitely worth the money.

 #3  Acer 24″ R240HY Gaming Monitor for PS4

Award: Best Monitor For PS4 Under $200

WHY WE LIKE IT:  The R240HY is a nice 24 incher that can be used for gaming and other purposes. This is our best value pick because even though it isn’t perfect, you get a great gaming monitor for PS4 for a fantastic price. This 1,920-by-1,080-resolution IPS panel display offers viewing angles of up to 170 degrees. It also has a handy OSD button below the bezel to control the panel settings.

  • Great price
  • Great color
  • Low input lag
  • No DisplayPort
  • Lacks USB ports

It has a 4ms response time, a refresh rate of 60Hz, and 16.7M colors.

I also liked this IPS monitor because it’s energy-efficient, with good color accuracy and solid gray-scale performance. The R240HY has three video inputs, but USB connectivity is missing. It has an HDMI port, a DVI port, a VGA port, and a headphone jack. It is a solid performer for anyone looking for a great gaming experience from a budget gaming monitor. You can find some gaming monitor for the PS4options that are budget-friendly in our list of the best monitors for CSGO.

Image 9/10
This 24 inch computer monitor has amazing image quality for a budget monitor. You get more than your money’s worth.

Features 9.4/10
You get just enough features to make it worth the purchase, including energy efficiency.

Performance 9.2/10
This IPS display performs like a champ. No matter what games you play, this display makes them look amazing.

Value 9.4/10
Excellent value. Compare it to the best 144Hz monitor.

 #4  BenQ EL2870U 28″ Monitor for PS4

Award: Best 4K UHD Monitor For PS4

WHY WE LIKE IT:  The BenQ EL2870U 28 inch 4K HDR display takes your PS4 or your Xbox One to the next level. In fact, it is perfect for both video games and movies. This 28-inch display delivers 4K UHD (3840 x 2160 pixel) resolution with a 60hz refresh rate. Its great performance matched with its size makes this one of the best 28-inch gaming monitors I’ve ever used. You can expect a wide color gamut here as well.

  • Supports HDR
  • UHD (Ultra High Definition) resolution
  • Great price
  • Needs more connectivity
  • Built-In speakers could sound better

It supports HDR10 content and has a Cinema HDR Mode that further enhances the visuals and contrast. It has a native contrast ratio is 1000:1 and the dynamic one is 12M:1. Like all of the top-rated gaming monitors for PS4, AMD FreeSync technology is onboard for a smooth image that won’t stutter and rip. You’ll be impressed by that peak brightness as well.

I was impressed by how crystal clear this display was. You can expect some stunning realistic images and bright vivid colors. Connectivity is okay, it just needs more. As it is, it has 2 HDMI 2.0 inputs, DisplayPort 1.4, and a headphone jack. No USB ports are here. The speakers are okay, but nothing to get excited about.

Despite those minor issues, this is a 28-inch monitor that any serious ps4 Xbox gamer would be pleased to own. But, if a 28-inch monitor is too small for you, you may be interested in larger sizes that can be found in the best gaming tv list.

Image 9/10
You’ll get some amazing colors and visuals when watching movies and playing games.

Features 9.2/10
Features like Cinema HDR mode and FreeSync make this display rise above the competition.

Performance 9.1/10
I encountered nothing but smooth visuals and great color when I researched this display. It’s a nice compliment to your PS4.

Value 9.2/10
The price could be lower, but you do get a lot of bang for your buck. Compare it to the best G-Sync monitors.

 #5  AOC i2769Vm 27″ Gaming Monitor for PS4

Award: Best 27 Inch Monitor For PS4 – Best Buy

WHY WE LIKE IT:  The AOC i2769Vm is a good-looking 27 inch IPS panel with a very thin 2mm bezel so you can concentrate on the action of your game. This also makes it ideal for those who want to set up multiple monitors together. It has a low 5ms response time to keep your visuals smooth and a handy Eco mode to reduce power consumption.

  • Thin bezel
  • 5ms response time
  • Nice price
  • No USB ports

A Clear Vision setting lets you adjust the sharpness. This display delivers full HD, with a resolution of 1920-by-1080 pixels. The AOC I2769VM also comes with connectivity options like HDMI, HDMI with MHL for smartphones, DisplayPort and VGA. Performance is excellent.

I logged several hours playing games on this 1080p monitor and walked away very happy. This one is great for gaming consoles.

It has a great contrast ratio and brightness. With a 50,000,000:1 dynamic contrast ratio playing games is smooth. It is my pick for the best 27-inch budget gaming monitor.

Image 8.9/10
You can expect a fantastic picture once you make some adjustments. The Clear Vision setting helps a lot. It blew me away enough to name it the best 27-inch monitor for PS4.

Features 9.2/10
Most of the features here help you to get the best visuals you can and they work great. You’ll love gaming on this display.

Performance 9.1/10
Smooth all the way. No ghosting, lag or tearing. Just impressive visuals.

Value 9.1/10

 #6  LG 27UD58-B 27″ Gaming Monitor for PS4

Award: Best Gaming Monitor For PS4 Pro

WHY WE LIKE IT:  If you are looking for a nice 27-inch display for your console, look no further. The LG 27UD58-B is at the top of its class for 4K entry-level monitors. This console gaming monitor has an Ultra-High Definition (UHD) In-Plane Switching (IPS) panel that gives you vivid colors. AMDs FreeSync helps to keep everything looking smooth as you storm the castle or frag the enemy soldier.

Also check out our LG 27GP850-B review for another great gaming monitor.

  • Great performance
  • Sharp UHD images
  • Multitasking Screen Split 2.0
  • Lacks USB ports
  • No speakers
  • Response is at times slow

It comes with some very nice gaming extras, like On-Screen Control with Screen Split. Another nice addition here are two HDMI ports and a display port that can simultaneously deliver 4K video over a single cable.

The 4K Ultra HD resolution offers a rich pixel density of 163 pixels per inch and boy can you see it. Hey Fortnite players, the game looks stellar on this display.

It’s easy to see how this model made the cut for our best monitor for console gaming with FreeSync. It has great performance and some nice extras for the price.

Image 8.5/10
This 4K UHD LG display looks beautiful and beats most of the competition in the market.

Features 8.7/10
While the feature set is not super heavy, you get some sweet extras like AMD FreeSync.

Performance 9/10
Your eyes are going to love this monitor once you start gaming on it.

Value 9.1/10
Excellent value.

 #7  BenQ ZOWIE RL2755 27″ Gaming Monitor for PS4

Award: Best Designed Monitor For PS4

WHY WE LIKE IT:  The BenQ ZOWIE RL2755 is a 27-inch Full HD monitor that is specially designed with console gamers in mind. That’s why the monitor stand features a slip-resistant base so that you can store your controllers on it after you finish gaming. It’s a nice touch you don’t see from other display makers.

  • 1ms response time
  • Has integrated speakers
  • Slip-resistant base for controller storage
  • No USB ports

This 1920 x 1080 (1080p) full HD display has a 1ms response time and a 75 HZ refresh rate, effectively ridding your image of any ghosting and lag, while the exclusive Color Vibrance and Black eQualizer technology enhances color representation and visual clarity.

It also has integrated speakers. If you choose to use headphones, you can use the retractable hook on the monitor to hang them up, which is another nice touch for gamers.

Connectivity consists of 2 HDMI ports, DVI and VGA connectors. The image on this display is superb. When I set it up, all I had to do was adjust the black eQualizer and everything was perfect for my needs.

Image 8.5/10
You won’t be disappointed with the visuals on this display. It provides a very immersive experience.

Features 8.5/10
Great gaming features to compliment your gaming lifestyle.

Performance 8.6/10
No complaints here. This is a great monitor for any console gamer and performs amazingly.

Value 9.3/10
Great value since it delivers some unique gaming design cues and excellent performance. Compare it to the best 24-Inch monitors.

#8  Samsung U28E590D 28″ Gaming Monitor for PS4

Award: Best Gaming Monitor For PS4 For Eye Health

WHY WE LIKE IT:  The Samsung U28E590D is a UHD resolution monitor with a refresh rate of 60 Hz and a 1ms response time for an uninterrupted 4K resolution that looks impressive whether you’re watching movies or playing video games.

Also check out our Samsung Odyssey G3 S24AG30 review for another great gaming monitor.

  • 1ms response time
  • Perfect size
  • No USB ports
  • Thick bezel

This model also has AMD FreeSync. I liked the on-screen settings on this model because you can adjust things quickly. Game Mode improves darkness or brightness so that you can have the optimum balance. The color accuracy is very good for a TN panel. As for connectivity, it has DisplayPort 1.2 and 2 different HDMI ports.

This monitor has some nice gaming-specific features like Eye Saver Mode. This keeps your eyes from getting fatigued by reducing harmful blue light emissions, and Flicker-free technology reduces eye strain. That comes in pretty handy when playing the latest best video games. Picture-by-picture modes let you watch 2 different input sources at the same time. This model gives you a lot of options.   If you’re looking for one of the best gifts for gamers, this monitor may be your pick.

Image 8.4/10
Everything looks good on this display, whether its movies or console games.

Features 8.3/10

FreeSync is onboard as well as a game mode, picture in picture, and eye saver mode

Performance 8.5/10
The visuals on this display are smooth, with no lag or tearing. Just beautiful colors.

Value 8.8/10

Decent value for the features and performance.

 #9  AOC G2460PF 24″ Gaming Monitor for PS4

Award:  Best 24 Inch Monitor For PS4

WHY WE LIKE IT:  This 1080p gaming monitor from AOC has amazing and brilliant image quality, but you have to make some adjustments to get there. It is a full HD 1920 x 1080 resolution with AMD FreeSync and a refresh rate of up to 144hz for lag-free gaming. It also has a response time of 1ms.

Also check out our AOC 24G2 review for another great gaming monitor.

  • Great gaming performance
  • 35-144Hz FreeSync range
  • Great value
  • Narrow viewing angles
  • Needs some adjusting for best image quality

Connectivity options are actually decent on this display. You get VGA, DVI, HDMI w/MHL, Display Port, (4) USB, (1) USB Hub, and a headphone jack. This model also has speakers, which sound pretty good. Flicker-free technology is on board to help keep your eyes from being irritated and becoming fatigued. That is important not only for your game but for your health when playing the best PS4 games.

This 24inch console gaming monitor is a solid gaming display with great performance and it’s a great value too for a 24-inch model. It’s a great display for PS4 and Xbox. Speaking of the big 2 consoles, our gaming reviews section has everything you need for both PC gaming.

Image 8/10
Nice visuals, but you need to adjust settings to get there.

Features 8.3/10

Flicker-free technology and AMD FreeSync are here to keep everything smooth.

Performance 8.5/10
This display excels at console gaming. You can’t go wrong with this one.

Value 8.5/10
Excellent value.

 #10  Acer GN246HL 24″ Gaming Monitor for PS4

We’re sorry, this product is temporarily out of stock

Award: Best Energy Efficient Monitor For PS4

WHY WE LIKE IT:  The Acer GN246HL is a 24-inch monitor that has a resolution of 1,920 x 1,080, a refresh rate of 144Hz, which is overkill, but much appreciated and has a response time of 5 ms. As for connectivity, it delivers VGA, DVI, HDMI, and HDMI audio out. It sports superb viewing angles of 170 degrees horizontal and 160 degrees vertical.

  • 1ms response time
  • Affordable
  • Energy efficient
  • No Display Port
  • No built-in speakers

This monitor is absolutely perfect for 1080p 3D Full HD gaming with a good contrast ratio giving you a great viewing experience. Gaming features like NVIDIA 3D light boost technology give you some amazingly immersive 3D imagery.

Mercury-free white LED backlighting helps it deliver up to 68% power savings as well. That’s why this is our pick for the best energy-efficient gaming monitor.

Image 8.5/10
This Acer display has visuals that will impress. Your PS4 will thank you. You don’t even need a graphics card when using the PS4.

Features 8.3/10
This model is packed with enough features to wow any console gamer. Like the 144hz refresh rate.

Performance 8.6/10
Great performance and on top of that very energy efficient.

Value 9/10

Excellent value. You may also want to read about the best computer monitors.

The PS4 Rules

Coke Vs Pepsi. Marvel vs DC. We all have are favorite brands. If the PS4 is your console of choice, and of course it is, this is where you’ll find the best monitors to complement your console. Because you don’t just play a PS4 game, you live it!

How We Reviewed PS4 Gaming Monitors

1. Image Quality – Visuals Are Everything
A gaming monitor for PS4 should make your game come to life, immersing you in a new world, drawing you into the game. For instance, a monitor with a 60 HZ refresh rate or higher means smooth images. And higher resolution means more image detail.

2. Features – Gaming Specific Advantages
We want all the extra features we can get to help make our games come to life. The more the better. Extras like AMD FreeSync ensure that your games run smooth with no stuttering, lag, or ghosting. Some monitors even settings for specific games.

3. Performance – Smooth Visuals
We want a lag-free, smooth image with no tearing or other problems. Visuals should be smooth as butter. Once you tackle image quality and features, you have great performance.

4. Value – Price Sweetspot
We want great value for our money spent. The more features and better performance you can get for a lower price, the better.

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Top 10 PS4 Gaming Monitors Compared

These specs will show which monitor is objectively the best of the bunch, based on just a few factors.

Device Name – Ref. Rate/Resp. Time

  1. Asus VG245H – 75 HZ/1ms
  2. LG 27UK650-W – 60 HZ/5ms
  3. ​Acer R240HY​ – 60 HZ/ 4ms
  4. BenQ EL2870U – 60 HZ/1ms
  5. AOC i2769Vm – 60 HZ/5ms
  6. LG 27UD58-B – 60 HZ/5ms
  7. BenQ ZOWIE RL2755 – 75 HZ/1ms
  8. Acer GN246HL – 144 HZ/5ms
  9. Samsung U28E590D – 60 HZ/1ms
  10. AOC G2460PF – 144 HZ /1ms

Frequently Asked Questions

Your game has to look good, otherwise what’s the point? So you need a quality monitor to go with today’s high-tech games. Do you choose Acer, Panasonic? What is a good response time? What does refresh rate mean? I have you covered.

  • What Games Did I Play To Test These Monitors?
    I played a ton of PS4 games on these console monitors to research these displays and make sure they performed. I spent hours playing games like Days Gone, Red Dead Redemption II, Sea of Thieves, Forza Horizon, Forza Motorsport, Fortnite, and more. I also used the PS4’s 4K Blu-ray player to watch some movies on these displays.
  • What Size Gaming Monitor for PS4 Should You Buy?
    The size of your display is going to be a personal preference. You’ll have to consider the resolution and the viewing distance. How far will you be sitting from it? For gamers sitting in a gaming chair and playing at a gaming desk, the distance should be 3 feet or less. In that situation make sure your monitor leaves room for gaming mousepads etc. As you get further away from your display, the larger your monitor should be. If you sit too close to a large screen it will hurt your eyes and can cause eye fatigue. So if you are sitting on a couch far away, you need a larger display. A common screen size for console gamers is 24 inches with a 1920 x 1080 resolution. This is perfect for nearly any gaming situation. We suggest a 24-inch display for full HD and 24-28 inches for UHD and QHD for the best higher resolution experience. If you want to go larger than that, consider a smart TV.
  • Response Time
    A lower response number (in milliseconds) is best. A monitor with a 5 ms response time is good. 1 ms is even better. Low response times mean that you get seamless performance with little to no delays in the images. Look at monitors with fast response times.
  • Refresh Rate
    The refresh rate of a monitor is measured in Hz. If a display has a refresh rate of 60 Hz, it means that it refreshes the screen 60 times in a second. The higher the Hz number, the better for performance since it eliminates stuttering, motion blurs and screen ghosting and tearing while you play.
  • Get The Connectivity Ports That You Need
    If you just want to plug in your PS4 and play games, you won’t care about what ports it has, but if you want to connect other devices to and from your monitor, you need to make sure that it has the proper connection ports. Generally, the more port types that it has the better. I recommend it has a minimum HDMI, DVI-D, and VGA. Think about how many consoles you want to connect to your monitor and what other devices.
  • Which Panel Type Is Best?
    There are 3 main panel types in the gaming monitor for PS4 world. TN (Twisted Nematic), VA (Vertical Alignment) and IPS monitors (In-Plane-Switching). Each has its own pros and cons. IPS panels and VA panels have an edge over TN panels. They offer better viewing angles so you can see what is happening clearly when you are not right in front of it with little or no color degradation. Both have better color reproduction too. VA is very good at blacks, with black levels that are the lowest of all LCDs. However, they are by no means the clear winner here. TN panels are cheaper to produce so they can make cheaper monitors available. They are also the fastest in response time and can be as low as 1ms. Since we are talking about console gaming, you should focus on three things: low response time, high resolution, and low refresh rate. Displays that excel in these areas are the best console gaming monitors.
  • Why Not Use a TV Instead Of A Monitor?
    Sure, you could use a standard TV to play PS4 games or use it with your gaming PC. But if you are really into games, you should know that you will be sacrificing a lot since a monitor for console gaming is built specifically for games. TVs are very simple compared to gaming monitors for PS4. These gaming monitors for PS4 are packed with all of the latest key features and technology to make your games the best they can be. Games will look better, play better and be more immersive. 4K gaming monitors have features like enhanced color saturation, seamless motion, low lag, low response rate, eye care settings, and more. Some have settings for specific games. A Gsync monitor or any monitor that has AMDs FreeSynch is a big bonus for gamers. And besides, you can’t participate in competitive gaming without the right gear. Also, you don’t need a curved gaming monitor or an ultrawide monitor, just a good monitor in general. At least a 1080p gaming monitor. Curved gaming is overrated. The best monitors for Xbox and the best PS4 monitor is not curved or otherwise gimmicky with aspect ratios you don’t need or other novelties. Whether shopping for led monitors, ultrawide gaming monitors, or an HDR monitor, always check price while keeping all of these tips in mind. Always check the price on Amazon and use what you’ve learned in this buying guide to get the best for your PS4 pro and Xbox or PC. Our monitor guide will make sure that your games come to life. A good price range for a gaming monitor for PS4 is $150-$500, which includes all of the models in our buyer’s guide. Other popular monitors that rate highly includes the AOC Agon, the AOC i2367fh, ViewSonic xg2402, BenQ rl2455, Rog Swift pg279q, Asus Rog Swift, and the Agon ag271qx.

PS4 Gaming Monitor Features to Understand

Learn about gaming monitors for PS4, what to buy, what features to look for, and more from our related content.

  • Refresh Rate
    The refresh rate of a monitor is measured in Hz. If a monitor has a refresh rate of 60 Hz, it means that it refreshes the screen 60 times in a second. The higher this number, the better for performance since it eliminates stuttering, motion blurs, and screen ghosting and tearing while you play.
  • Response Time
    A lower response number (in milliseconds) is best. A monitor with a 5 ms response time is good. 1 ms is even better. Low response times mean that you get seamless performance with little to no delays in the images. Look at monitors with fast response times and you will have little to no lag.
  • AMD Freesync
    Many monitors come with extras like AMD FreeSync. This is technology made by AMD that eliminates choppy gameplay and broken frames with a fluid, artifact-free performance at almost any framerate. This is why we recommend PS4 gaming monitors that come equipped with this feature.
  • G-Sync
    Like AMD’s Freesync, NVIDIA G-Sync is a display technology that delivers a smooth and fast gaming experience. It works by synchronizing display refresh rates to the GPU in your GeForce GTX-powered PC, eliminating screen tearing, stutter, and input lag. None of our top picks have G-Sync by the way.
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