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Updated: Nov 11, 2023 9:49 AM
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What are the features that make for the best monitor for CS:GO? Above all else, the monitor you purchase should be a gaming monitor with excellent image quality. The best computer screens in this category enable professional gamers to up their game thanks to fast response times, a high native resolution, and accurate colors.

The best monitors for CS:GO also provide adaptive sync compatibility with features like Nvidia G-Sync and AMD FreeSync. Monitors with this functionality can sync their refresh rate in time with your graphics card refresh rate. Once enabled your adaptive sync eliminates screen tearing and motion blur so you can clearly see everything happening in your CS:GO matches. These are the same features you’ll want when searching for the best gaming monitor for Fortnite.

Most of the top monitors for CS:GO also feature a sleek design aesthetic with rich connectivity options. While not necessary by any means, a monitor with a curved screen can increase immersion into the game, making it a top console gaming monitor. Ultrawide monitors are also popular for online video games like CS:GO since they can provide a wider field of view, which allows you to see more in the game.

However, if you want to keep the view your-eyes-only, you might want to consider the top computer screen protectors for privacy.

Read on to learn more about the best monitor for CS:GO, how you can identify the features you need, and how you can choose the best option for you.

Top Monitors for CS:GO

  #1  AOC C27G2Z 27-inch Curved Ultra-Fast Gaming Monitor


WHY WE LIKE IT: This display’s screen has a deep curvature to provide an immersive gaming experience, and its highly adjustable stand ensures that users can adapt it to their preferred setting.

  • Super ergonomic stand
  • Wide viewing angles
  • Eye care technologies for marathon gaming sessions
  • No support for HDR content

The AOC C27G27 curved gaming monitor is a 27-inch Full HD screen that provides that wide field of view so that CSGO players can see more of the battlefield. The display has a rapid 0.5ms response time to ensure super-smooth motion when playing games and a 1500R curvature to create an immersive experience. Its 3-sided frameless design gives it a sleek and clean look, but its lack of support for HDR content may be limited to users who prioritize vivid imagery. But, don’t rely on vivid imagery alone, you also need to have the top speakers for computer monitors for a fully enhanced gaming experience.

With a 240Hz refresh rate, the AOC C27G27 gaming monitor keeps motion blur well at bay, and its VA panel allows for wide 178° viewing angles for stress-free gaming. It has a very ergonomic stand that allows users to make height, pivot, swivel, and tilt adjustments. Also, with both Flicker-Free technology and a low blue light setting, users will be able to enjoy long gaming sessions without any damage or irritation to their eyes.

 #2  LG 27GN750-B 27-inch UltraGear Gaming Monitor


WHY WE LIKE IT: This display’s stand is fully adjustable, so users will be able to adjust it according to their preferences. It also has wide viewing angles and offers exceptional color reproduction.

  • Fully adjustable stand
  • High refresh rate
  • Curved display offers wide field of view
  • Low contrast ratio

The LG 27GN750-B is a 27-inch gaming monitor with a rapid 1ms response rate to facilitate smooth motion during fast-action scenes when playing CSGO. The monitor also supports HDR content, so players will be able to enjoy a rich and vivid display, and with a stand that is height, tilt and pivot adjustable, screen placement will also be very easy to adjust. The display’s 240Hz refresh rate guarantees crystal clear picture quality, but its low contrast ratio may affect visibility in dark scenes.

The display also relays impressive color quality as it covers over 99% of the sRGB color space, and since it is Nvidia Gsync compatible, the display is a perfect pick for users who would prefer to have a display that offers G-Sync compatibility. The monitor also features Dynamic Action Sync for improved gaming experience and features a Black Stabilizer to enhance details when playing in dark scenes.

 #3  Sceptre 32-inch Full HD Curved Gaming Monitor


WHY WE LIKE IT: This display is perfect for users who appreciate a large, curved screen but don’t have a lot of screen space. It has wide viewing angles and offers eye care technologies to prevent irritation during marathon gaming sessions.

  • Large screen space
  • Wide viewing angles
  • Built in speakers
  • No support for HDR

The 32-inch curved Sceptre display is an excellent pick for anyone in the market for a curved 32-inch display, as it offers enough screen real estate to give a wide field of view and prevent any surprise attacks from the opposition when playing CSGO. The display boasts a 185 Hz refresh rate for super-smooth motion scenes and offers built-in speakers for a decent listening experience. The display also comes with anti-flicker technology and a low blue light filter to reduce eye strain during marathon gaming sessions, but its lack of support for HDR may discourage some from buying it.

The display also comes with a VESA mount pattern on its rear for easy wall mounting and a decent array of inputs that include 3 HDMI ports and 1 DisplayPort. It also features AMD FreeSync technology for seamless gameplay and wide viewing angles since it happens to be a VA panel. The display also adopts a minimalist design blueprint as its screen is characterized by thin borders, and its stand also doesn’t take up too much desk space.

 #4   BenQ Zowie XL2411K 24-inch Gaming Monitor


WHY WE LIKE IT: This display has a small base to take up a minimal amount of desk space, and with a wide range of inputs, users will get to enjoy flexibility.

  • Great contrast courtesy of a Black Stabilizer setting
  • Impressive motion handling
  • Option to switch between different color modes
  • Lack of support for HDR content

This 24-inch gaming monitor is an excellent alternative for users who don’t have a lot of space to deal with, courtesy of its small size and stand. It comes with a 120Hz refresh rate for smooth gaming and has excellent contrast thanks to its Black Equalizer setting. This is especially important for users whose games include a lot of dark scene action. The display also comes with unique Dynamic Action technology for better motion handling, but its lack of support for HDR content may end up putting off some users.

The display also features a decent array of inputs, as it has an HDMI port and a DisplayPort for decent connectivity. It’s different in-color modes make it ideal for users who would like to switch between different ambiances, and with full support for VESA mounting, users will be able to easily mount the display on a wall should they choose to do so.

 #5   Samsung 49-inch G9 Odyssey Gaming Monitor


WHY WE LIKE IT: The screen on this display matches the curvature of the human eye, so users will be able to have maximum immersion when using it.

  • Ultra wide display for a wide field of view
  • Infinity Core Lighting for the perfect gaming ambience
  • QLED technology for vivid imagery and colors
  • Mediocre local dimming

The 49-inch Samsung Odyssey G9 happens to be Samsung’s largest 1000R gaming monitor, so CSGO players can expect to enjoy a large field of view when gaming. The display’s color is also among the best around courtesy of Samsung’s Quantum Dot technology, and its compatibility with both Nvidia G-Sync and AMD FreeSync graphics cards makes it an ideal option for connecting with different gaming GPUs. On its rear, the display also comes with Infinity Core Lighting that can be used to match the rest of the setup, but its mediocre local dimming may not satisfy most.

The display’s super-fast 1ms response time also means super smooth transitions, and its rapid 240Hz refresh rate keeps motion nice and clear. Its QLED technology delivers vivid imagery, and with full HDR support, the display can also relay concise color reproduction. Its ultra wide screen also allows for efficient multitasking, as users will be able to open different screens and switch between tasks.

 #6   Dell 27-inch Full HD Curved Gaming Monitor


WHY WE LIKE IT: The display is perfect for stutter-free games, and with a stand that is height and tilt adjustable, it will be very easy to adapt it to a user’s preferred viewing settings.

  • Easy to adjust stand
  • Rapid response rate for smooth motion
  • Stutter free gaming
  • No support for HDR content

The Dell S2721HGF is an exceptional gaming display that allows users to enjoy super-smooth gameplay courtesy of its 144Hz refresh rate and an immersive viewing experience when playing CSGO thanks to its screen’s 1500R curvature. The display’s controls are situated on its rear bottom right, and with a stand that is both height and tilt adjustable, users will be able to configure their viewing to their preferences. Unfortunately, the display does not have support for HDR content.

Its curved display provides an immersive viewing experience, and with a 1ms response rate, there is barely any noticeable motion blur when gaming. Players will also be able to enjoy a 144Hz refresh rate, which is also ideal for processing fast-moving scenes with superb clarity. The display also offers stutter-free gaming courtesy of its Nvidia G-Sync and AMD FreeSync technology, and since it is also flicker-free, users will also be able to enjoy comfortable viewing without any strain.

Beginner’s Guide to Monitors for CS:GO

What Are Monitors for CS:GO?

A monitor for CS:GO is an extended display that you connect to your gaming PC via an HDMI cable, DisplayPort cable, or USB-C cable. After you’ve connected the two devices, the gaming monitor will display all of the visual information coming from your computer, including the CS:GO application.

CS:GO is a competitive game, so you’ll need a monitor that offers features made specifically for the competitive scene. As such, these monitors also tend to provide features and functionality intended to enhance and elevate your gaming experience. As such, you can expect these monitors to offer features like a 1ms response time, fast refresh rates, adaptive sync technology, and 4K resolution. You may also opt for any of the best privacy screen protectors for your monitor in order to limit viewing angles.

Gaming Monitors for CS:GO vs. Traditional Monitors

When it comes to core functionality, monitors for CS:GO aren’t any different than a traditional computer display. They both connect to your computer via a display cable, and they both display visual information from your computer.

The differences between the two ultimately lie in the gaming-specific functionality offered on gaming monitors. Traditional computer monitors won’t typically offer things like a high native refresh rate and fast response times. They also won’t offer functionality like Nvidia G-Sync compatibility or AMD FreeSync compatibility.

How Monitors for CS:GO Work

On the simplest level, monitors for CS:GO work in the same way as a standard computer display. You plug it directly into your computer, power both devices on, and watch as the monitor displays information.

When it comes to display technology, your CS:GO monitor should use either LCD or LED panels. Let’s take a closer look at the two options:

  • LCD: LCD monitors use liquid crystal display technology, which features two panes of glass with a liquid crystal material housed between them. The liquid crystal reacts to light and electric current from the cold cathode fluorescent lighting (CCFL) panels to reproduce the images and text.
  • LED: A LED monitor is a type of LCD monitor that uses light-emitting diodes instead of CCFLs for backlighting purposes. Competitive gamers prefer LED over standard LCD because of the consistent and brighter lighting.

Do You Really Need a Monitor for CS:GO?

Since CS:GO is such a competitive game, you’ll need to be equipped with the best gaming equipment, and your monitor is the first place to start. If you play CS:GO, you absolutely need a gaming monitor that supports fast refresh rates, quick response times, and a high screen resolution. This way, you won’t miss a thing going on in any of your online battles.

Is a Monitor for CS:GO Worth Buying?

  • You Play CS:GO and Other Video Games: If you play CS:GO, then it’s a given that purchasing a monitor for CS:GO is a good idea. However, these computer displays aren’t just good for Counter-Strike. If you enjoy playing other video games, a monitor for CS:GO is still a good idea because all of the features that make it great for CS:GO also make it great for gaming in general.
  • You Do Creative Work: Gaming monitors often share the same characteristics as monitors creative professionals use. Things like vibrant colors, high screen resolution, and high maximum brightness allow you to create art and work on graphic design with a professional level of quality.
  • You Want a Sleek Design Aesthetic for Your Desk: Gaming monitors often provide attractive designs with thin bezels, unique stands, and sometimes even RBG lighting. If you want a desktop setup that looks good, a monitor for CS:GO is an excellent choice for you.

Why a Monitor for CS:GO May Not Be For You

  • You Aren’t a Gamer: If you don’t play CS:GO or other video games, then purchasing a CS:GO monitor probably isn’t the best idea for you. If you’re planning on using your computer simply for web browsing and standard home use, then a gaming monitor is usually too much in terms of both performance and cost.
  • You Want to Save Some Money: The top gaming monitors don’t usually come cheap. If you’re looking to save some money on your monitor purchase, you may not be able to find an option with all of the gaming features you need to play CS:GO with the best performance.

How Long Will a Monitor for CS:GO Last?

According to monitor technology professionals at TechiExpert, your LCD gaming monitor should last you between 30,000 and 60,000 hours, and your LED gaming monitor should last you between 80,000 and 12,000 hours.

In terms of years, you should expect to get around 10 to 20 years of good use out of your CS:GO monitor. However, this ultimately depends on how well you treat it.

For example, you can prolong your monitor’s life by keeping it clean and by not using the maximum brightness setting at all times.

How to Choose the Best Monitor for CS:GO

When it comes time to choose the top monitor for CS:GO, you’ll want to be sure you go into the research phase equipped with all of the relevant information.

Monitor for CS:GO Key Factors to Consider

The following list of questions can help you decide which features are most important to consider when researching the top CS:GO monitors available today. Read through the questions, write down your answers, and reference them while you look at products:

1. Do you need a specific panel type for your CS:GO monitor?

LCD and LED monitors utilize one of three different panel types. When it comes to competitive gaming, the panel type you choose can have a large effect on your gaming experience. In general, we recommend going with a VA panel over an IPS panel or TN panel.

Let’s take a look at each panel type and its pros and cons:

  • TN: TN stands for twisted nematic. These panels are the most affordable of the lot, but they also offer the fastest response times. These quick response times are great for competitive gamers, but the lower color accuracy and narrow viewing angle aren’t.
  • IPS: IPS stands for in-plane switching. An IPS panel is typically the most expensive out of the three, but it also offers the best color accuracy along with wide viewing angles. An IPS display is a great choice for CS:GO players because of the improved visuals, which can help with identifying enemy players more easily.
  • VA: VA stands for vertical alignment. These are the most well-rounded displays because of their fast response times and refresh rates, as well as their wide viewing angles. While they don’t compare to an IPS panel in producing vibrant colors, VA panels are still the best choice for gamers.

2. What level of visual performance should you consider on your monitor for CS:GO?

A monitor’s visual performance relies on features like screen size, screen resolution, and color accuracy. Let’s take a look at all of these features and what you should consider for your gaming monitor:

  • Screen size: The most common screen size for gaming monitors lies somewhere in the 24-inch to 27-inch range. The sweet spot for competitive gaming on PC tends to be the 27-inch screen size.
  • Screen resolution: At the bare minimum, you should consider a monitor with a 1920×1080 pixel resolution, also known as full HD. However, more and more competitive gamers are starting to use monitors with a 4K screen resolution, which offers sharp details and bright colors.
  • Color accuracy: Your gaming monitor’s color accuracy is a reference to how well it can reproduce colors that look like real life. With accurate colors, you’ll get more immersion into your game, which enables you to see your enemies is CS:GO with ease. You may also want to consider an HDR monitor, which gives you even brighter and richer colors.

3. What features should you consider for gaming performance on your monitor?

Since CS:GO is such a competitive game, you’ll want to purchase a monitor with a high level of gaming performance. Consider these gaming specs:

  • Refresh rate: A monitor’s refresh rate refers to the speed at which it can update with a new frame every second. Higher numbers are better for refresh rate, and we recommend at least a 120Hz monitor, even though most monitors offer a 60Hz refresh rate.A higher gaming monitor refresh rate means you’ll experience less motion blur during the game. A 60Hz gaming monitor will feature more blur, while a 120Hz monitor will offer a smooth gaming experience.
    • Response time: A monitor’s response time refers to the speed at which it can switch between colors. This is important for gaming because fast-paced games are constantly shifting between colors. Look for a monitor with a 1ms response time for competitive games like CS:GO.
    • Input lag: A monitor’s input lag refers to the speed at which it displays the actions you take on your mouse and keyboard. Faster times are better here, as well, and you should consider a gaming monitor with input lag between 1ms and 5ms.
    • Game mode: Some monitors offer a game mode functionality, which automatically adjusts monitor settings for improved visual clarity and better synchronization with graphic cards. A game mode can be beneficial, but a competitive gamer might want more fine-tuned customization options.

4. Should you purchase a monitor with adaptive sync technology?

Adaptive sync technology is a feature that almost every serious gamer should consider for their monitor for CS:GO. This feature creates a smooth frame rate by allowing your monitor to sync its refresh rate to your gaming PC’s graphics card.

Features like Nvidia G-Sync and AMD FreeSync minimize screen tearing, motion blur, and stuttering. When you have adaptive sync enabled, you’ll be able to beat the competition thanks to an enhanced visual experience.

5. Should you buy a curved display or an ultrawide configuration?

Many gaming monitors for FPS games are starting to favor curved screens. This is because a curved gaming monitor can offer a more immersive gaming experience than a flat-screen alternative. Be aware that curved monitors can be more expensive than standard configurations, but they are often well worth the added price.

A curved screen can also add a unique aesthetic to your gaming setup. They’re cool to look at and make for excellent conversational pieces.

You may also want to consider ultrawide monitors for playing CS:GO. These monitors feature a 21:9 aspect ratio instead of the standard 16:9 aspect ratio. This can allow you to enable wider FOV while you’re playing video games and see more of what’s going on around you.

Ultrawide monitors are also excellent options for people who like to multi-task since you can easily multiple full-sized windows next to each other on a single display.

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