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Updated: Nov 13, 2023 8:36 AM
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What are the features that make the best gaming monitor for PS5? It starts with a crisp, clear high-resolution display; to fully experience the PS5’s ultra-high-definition gameplay, a monitor needs 4k resolution and a very high contrast ratio. Next, especially for action-oriented games, a great Playstation 5 monitor should have minimal lag; some high-end gaming monitors have a 1 ms response time. Finally, the best PS5 monitors should offer plenty of settings that help ward off eye fatigue while you’re sitting at the optimal distance from your monitor. This can take the form of adaptive brightness, blue-light dimming, and a refresh rate high enough to avoid “tearing” or distracting flicker effects when playing fast-moving scenes.

Keep reading our best monitors for the PS5 buying guide to learn more.

Top Monitors for PS5

 #1  BenQ XL2411K 24” Gaming Monitor


WHY WE LIKE IT: This unit offers a fast refresh rate and incredible response times to keep you on the cutting edge of competitive online shooters and sports titles. With an adjustable screen and multiple enhancement features, you’ll stay comfortable and avoid eye strain.

  • Blazing fast refresh rate
  • Great for small setups
  • Full HD
  • Some setup required

The BenQ XL2411K 24” monitor is an excellent choice for console gamers looking for super-fast refresh rates and minimal response times, which makes it a candidate for a top monitor for a flight simulator. With a 144Hz refresh rate, this monitor is fully equipped to take advantage of the 120Hz mode with the Xbox Series or PlayStation 5 while displaying a crystal-clear 1080p image, which is similar performance to the top-rated monitor for Xbox Series X. While this monitor may require users to install a driver on a PC or adjust some image settings, this unit offers an easy-to-navigate menu to keep you in control.

In addition to a competitive boost, the BenQ XL2411K offers great connectivity and specialized settings to suit many setups. This 24 monitor model provides users with a DisplayPort Socket, an HDMI 2.0 port, and two 1.4 HDMI ports for a monitor that can serve in a multi-console setup. Additionally, the small base lets this monitor fit on a small desk or lets a user easily optimize their desk setup. Lastly, this model offers an audio jack to connect to speakers or a headset.

 #2  BOIFUN Z1-7 15.8” Gaming Monitor


WHY WE LIKE IT: This unit offers portability and simplicity to give users a convenient window into their entertainment, phones, and game consoles. This versatile device ensures that users see dynamic colors and crisp images while saving room on their desks.

  • Incredible portability
  • Great color accuracy
  • High quality cover
  • No 120Hz support

The BOIFUN Z1-7 15.8” monitor is an excellent choice for gamers on the go or for users looking to have a mobile workstation. This lightweight display uses a single USB-C cable for both power and video signal so you can quickly and easily get to work or grab a short online match. While this monitor will not support 120Hz for PS5 or Xbox Series X/S, it still offers a Full HD IPS display with HDR.

In addition to an easy setup and great image quality, the BOIFUN Z1-7 15.8” monitor provides users with a stellar display for productivity. The 100% sRGB color accuracy and anti-glare screen ensure that users have the best gaming or work experience in a variety of lighting conditions. Lastly, the super-convenient smart cover protects the screen and works as a stand. Additionally, the stand allows users to have a landscape or portrait-style display.

 #3  Arzopa 13.3” Gaming Monitor


WHY WE LIKE IT: This stellar screen offers a great refresh rate and a high resolution so users can stay on top of the action during competitive matches. With built-in sound and fantastic color accuracy, this quality screen is great for movies, games, and content production.

  • Ultra lightweight
  • Mulitple inputs
  • Eye protection features
  • No internal battery

The Arzopa 13.3” monitor is an excellent choice for gamers and makers who need a high fidelity screen with accurate colors. With a 2K resolution and 100% sRGB color accuracy, this display is a great compliment to any mobile gaming setup or traveling workstation. While there isn’t an internal battery, this model utilizes a single USB-C cable for power and video signal, as long as your laptop, tablet, or smartphone supports video over USB-C.

For devices that do not support video via a USB-C connection, the Arzopa 13.3” monitor includes a mini HDMI port and adapter to fit older devices or modern game consoles. Additionally, this monitor offers three different working modes: Landscape mode, extended display, and display mirroring, so users can choose which mode enhances their experience the most. Lastly, the included smart cover works as a stand and keeps this ultra-lightweight display safe from scratches and short drops.

 #4  InnoView INVPM406 15.8” Gaming Monitor


WHY WE LIKE IT: This ultra-lightweight display is great for working or playing on the go. With internal sound, simple connectivity, and a foldable stand, this screen is the perfect complement for a traveling workspace or leveling up during a much-needed lunch break.

  • Strong Enhancement features
  • Freesync support
  • Great portability
  • 10ms response time

The InnoView INVPM406 15.8” monitor is an awesome option for traveling professionals or users who want to expand their display. This device is plug-and-play due to using a single USB-C cable for power and video signal. The slim design lets users take this display wherever they go, and the bright LCD ensures that users can see the screen, even in sunlight. While the response time is a bit high for competitive gaming, users can still enjoy casual games or thoughtful RPGs.

In addition to portability and ease of use, the InnoView INVPM406 15.3” monitor keeps users comfortable, even during many hours of use. The Low Bluelight technology protects users’ eyes while intently reading documents, and FreeSync support ensures that displayed images are smooth. But, compare FreeSynce vs FreeSync 2 to see which one’s better. The included case works as a folding stand that features multiple slots so users can find the best angle for their viewing experience and posture.

 #5  Cocopar Y156FH7XD 15.6” Gaming Monitor


WHY WE LIKE IT: This premium screen features a strong build quality and ultra-thin profile so users can confidently game on the go. With multiple inputs, thin bezels, and easy connectivity, this model offers an incredible view into your favorite media or next important project.

  • Incredibly versitile
  • Premium build quality
  • Magnetic cover
  • No HDMI 2.1 support

The Cocopar Y156FH7XD 15.6” monitor is an incredible choice for users looking for a premium monitor for work or games. The durable metal body ensures that this portable monitor can stand up to the rigors of travel, and the included magnetic case will keep the screen scratch-free. With multiple inputs and a VESA mountable back, this is a great monitor for an at-home office. While there isn’t support for 120Hz on PC or current-gen game consoles, users can still enjoy a smooth 60 FPS gameplay experience.

In addition to durability and portability, the Cocopar Y156FH7XD 15.6” monitor delivers a plug-and-play experience for modern smartphones, tablets, and PCs. With dual USB-C connectivity, users only need a single cord for both power and display on supported devices. Additionally, the near-zero edge display makes this a great pick for a multi-monitor setup without major gaps between displays. Lastly, the built-in dual stereo speakers deliver great sound in a pinch, and the 3.5mm audio jack lets users connect this display to a soundbar or headphones.

 #6  VisionOwl Y1 15.6” Gaming Monitor


WHY WE LIKE IT: With a quick response time and great refresh rate, this model offers a competitive edge where it counts for shooters and fighting games on the latest hardware. The sturdy body and excellent connectivity options let users game on campus or have a convenient extended screen for work.

  • Ultra-low response time
  • FreeSync support
  • 60Hz display
  • Included stand isn’t very stable

The VisionOwl Y1 15.6” monitor is a stellar pick for gamers on the go or users working from home that need more screen real estate. This model offers multiple connectivity options and a simple plug-and-play interface that works with most modern devices. The 3ms response time ensures minimal gameplay lag, and the 60Hz 1080p display delivers fast and crystal-clear visuals. While the included stand isn’t stable away from a desk, this model offers a VESA mountable back so you can incorporate it into a sturdy work-from-home setup.

In addition to great build quality and responsive gameplay, the VisionOwl Y1 15.6” monitor delivers true portability thanks to its lightweight design and single-USB-C connectivity. On supported devices, this model keeps cords to a minimum by allowing users to power and utilize the display with a single USB-C cord. Additionally, this device comes with all of the necessary accessories and cords to get users in the game or to work as fast as possible.

Beginner’s Guide to Monitors for PS5

What Are Monitors for the PS5?

While you can play PS5 games on a TV or a standard monitor for work and gaming, the best monitors for this advanced console allow for sharper images and more realistic, immersive gameplay scenes, as well as reduced motion artifacts and faster response times.

Monitors for PS5 vs Monitors in General

Monitors designed to go with consoles like the PS5 will typically offer at least 4k max resolution, along with a high refresh rate and vibrant, lifelike colors. Compared to most 4k TVs and PC monitors, an ideal PS5 monitor should have much less input lag and a faster response time. But, you can compare 4K vs 2K monitor resolution to see what you’re really getting.

In the context of other gaming monitors, the best Playstation 5 monitors stand out for their ability to utilize the console’s highest resolution and frame rate options. This means that a quality 4K gaming monitor needs to be able to output 4k at 120 fps. Although 1080p can hold its own, which you can learn about in our article about 4K gaming monitors vs 1080p.

How Monitors for PS5 Work

To help experience the full capability of your PS5 console, the best 4k gaming monitors for PS5 has some unique features compared to more generalized display devices and even compared to older gaming monitors.

The PS5 can render in 4K at 60Hz or HD 1080p at 120Hz. It can also play at a very fast 120 fps. However, to experience these advances, you’ll need a monitor with matching capabilities. The best PS5 monitors enable you to view ultra-high-resolution games and visual content with vibrant colors, wide color depth, and a high dynamic range.

The most capable PS5 monitor choices feature an HDMI 2.1 display port rather than an old-style HDMI 2.0 port. But compare HDMI vs DVI for gaming, and you’ll find DVI is much older. This lets the monitor display the PS5’s 4K output with a 120Hz refresh rate, letting you experience the impressive picture quality of modern PS5 games. Along with a fast, 1ms response time, this means fast-paced games will render naturalistically, and the motion on screen will be smooth and realistic.

Features like wide viewing angles and variable frame rates allow for a more enjoyable multiplayer gaming experience, especially on curved monitors. Competitive gamers might prefer the fastest response time and a variable refresh rate with a peak rate of 120Hz to match the PS5’s refresh rate.

Why Should You Buy a New Monitor for PS5?

As one of the first high-frame-rate 4K consoles, the PS5 has some incredible graphical capabilities. However, if you use a standard monitor, you may be missing out on the PS5’s most advanced formats. To get the full capability of the system, especially when it comes to fast-paced games such as PUBG, a 144Hz monitor or a monitor with a max 240Hz refresh rate is a must.

Since the PS5 can only output its maximum quality setting using HDMI 2.1, older gaming monitors and budget monitors may not allow you to experience the PS5 at its best. The latest set of gaming monitors comes with a higher maximum refresh rate, variable refresh rate capability, and HDMI 2.1 display ports. They also produce vibrant colors and have a high peak brightness to help avoid glare. Some are designed with multiplayer gaming in mind, with output optimized for wide viewing angles so that players off to the side can still see the action. These ultrawide monitors help make multiplayer games fairer, as well, since the person sitting in the middle gets less of an unfair advantage.

Is a New Monitor for PS5 Worth Buying?

  • Helpful for competitive gaming: For serious console gamers, especially when it comes to fast-paced games, a good monitor with a fast max refresh rate and fast response time is definitely a competitive edge. The PS5 can output data faster than many gaming monitors can display it, meaning if your monitor isn’t up to par, you’ll be a tiny bit behind. Upgrading to a new PS5 monitor with the faster HDMI 2.1 display port allows you to keep up with the action. Accurate colors and crisp visuals also provide an advantage for competitive gamers, especially in detail-oriented games.
  • Better for multiplayer gaming: New ultrawide monitors for the PS5 can display much-improved picture quality even at oblique angles, preserving the vibrant colors and reducing glare. A curved display can provide graphics performance comparable to that of dual monitor setups. A curved screen also generally boosts resolution and offers a more immersive experience. A new monitor for PS5 is an excellent choice for multiplayer gaming where performance at different viewing angles may be very important.
  • Smooth, Responsive Gameplay: To show current PS5 games at their maximum quality, the display technology has to be able to keep up with the console’s output. Action on a 60Hz monitor won’t be as smooth or lifelike as the PS5 is capable of rendering. Especially noticeable on a larger screen and at higher pixel density, the monitor’s refresh rate and frame rate determine the quality of motion it can display.
  • More Aesthetically Pleasing: Compared to older gaming monitors and cheap panel monitors, new PS5 monitors show more accurate colors and more faithful gray uniformity. This lets a game’s graphics appear as they were meant to be seen. Along with consistent colors and a wide color gamut, the latest PS5 display technology offers improved pixel density and a wide range of brightness levels, allowing for aesthetically pleasing and smooth gaming in a variety of ambient lighting conditions.

Why a New Monitor for PS5 May Not Be for You

  • Concerns about PC compatibility: If you use the same monitor for PC games, computing, and productivity tasks as well as streaming media or console games on a PS5, your primary concern may be how the monitor handles PC output. Many of the latest HDMI 2.1 monitors also feature a USB port and DisplayPort connectivity options for PC use. For more info on DisplayPort vs HDMI for gaming, check our resource articles. Depending on the price range, a number of these support G-SYNC compatibility and work very well with graphically intensive PC applications. Compare G-Sync vs FreeSync to see which one is truly better.
  • Limited space: If wall real estate is a concern, you may hesitate about purchasing a wide-screen gaming monitor. However, you don’t need a massive 43-inch display OLED TV to have a high level of immersion and an amazing gaming experience. Thanks to improved display technology, smaller IPS panel monitors can provide great visual quality for your favorite games.
  • Already have a 4K TV: A 4K TV generally provides a crisp picture and good pixel density, along with rich colors, especially on models with 10-bit color reproduction. However, not all 4K TVs perform best with console games. If your TV has a less than ideal aspect ratio for games, you’ll waste quite a bit of screen real estate. Many TVs also aren’t designed for ultra-fast response and higher frame rates, whereas the best OLED gaming monitors have a faster, sub-4ms response time and higher refresh rates, making them more suited to a fully immersive gaming experience. Even some of the higher-performing IPS display-type monitors have up to a 144Hz refresh rate.

How Long Will a Monitor for PS5 Last?

Depending on the display technology and usage conditions, most of today’s monitors have a useful life span ranging from 8-12 years. LCD IPS display monitors have been around for a while and their issues are generally well-known. OLED monitors are still relatively new, however, and it remains to be seen if their normal lifespan is comparable to that of IPS panel monitors.

To get the maximum useful life out of a monitor or OLED TV, avoid leaving the same image up for very long periods at a time, especially for high-contrast images. Screensavers and built-in auto-dimming functions also help prolong the useful life of a monitor. In general, however, most display devices are retired not because they no longer work but due to obsolescence; either they get replaced with a newer model in the interest of higher resolution or visual fidelity, or they get replaced when consumers buy a new PC or next-gen console and find that the monitor no-longer offers compatible connectivity options.

How to Choose the Best Monitor for PS5

We recommend getting a monitor that’s comfortable to look at and offers great visual fidelity even when seen in peripheral vision. To keep eye fatigue to a minimum, we recommend a monitor that offers options for reducing the intensity of white and blue light, along with custom color gamut modes and, for OLED screens, an ambient light-sensitive auto-brightness setting, so that the image on screen remains easy to see but not painfully bright, in just about any lighting condition.

Monitor for PS5 Key Features

To decide which PS5 monitor is best for you, there are several key factors to consider, depending on your budget and gaming preferences.

1. What size display are you looking for?

Screen size is an important consideration regardless of what display technology you prefer. Are you looking to replace a desktop monitor, or are you looking for a larger display that will work well for live multiplayer gaming and movie viewing parties? For desktop use, a 27-inch screen may be plenty big enough, whereas, for a wall-mounted display in a game room, a larger 48-inch screen might be a solid choice as a combination of TV and PS5 gaming monitor.

2. Are you a competitive gamer?

For more intense, fast-paced, or competitive gaming, factors such as input lag, refresh rate, and response time are just as important as overall resolution, peak brightness, and near-infinite contrast ratio. For best performance with PS5 games, a monitor should have an HDMI 2.1 port and be capable of a 120Hz or higher max refresh rate. Even some affordable monitor options deliver these specs, though they may not have the highest native resolution or offer curved screens.

3. Will you also be using it as a computer monitor?

Other considerations include whether you also plan to use your PS5 gaming monitor for other computer tasks, especially design and editing work. If so, then you might want a monitor that offers multiple connectivity options, such as USB Type-C, HDMI 2.1, and HDMI 2.0. You might also want to look for G-SYNC compatibility. Pixel density may be a consideration, too, since a higher resolution display can be helpful for detail-oriented tasks such as photo editing. For best results with PS5 games, you’ll still want vivid colors, variable refresh rate support, and fast response time.

4. What kind of games do you mainly play?

If your favorite games tend to be fast-paced shooters or racing games, then having a monitor that can display clean motion graphics at high frame rates is important. To achieve smooth 120FPS gameplay, a monitor needs a maximum refresh rate of 120Hz or higher. For action games, many people are willing to sacrifice a little resolution to gain better response times or a higher frame rate. For a more immersive visual experience when playing cinematic adventure or role-playing games, on the other hand, you might want to prioritize resolution, dynamic range, and color depth.

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