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Despite limited HDR and low contrast levels, the HP U28 4K HDR monitor remains an excellent pick for users that appreciate high color accuracy and wide viewing angles.

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Product Snapshot


The HP U28 4K HDR monitor is a mid-tier display released in late 2020. It has got excellent features and is color accurate enough for content creators doing light design work. Users who love using multiple displays will appreciate how thin its bezels are, and those that have a tight workspace will love how easy its stand is to adjust in terms of height, swivel, tilt, and pivot angles. The display also boasts more connectivity options compared to the LG 27UN850-W, and weighing only 13.5 pounds, the display is relatively portable and easy to carry around. Read on for the rest of this HP U28 4K HDR monitor review to see whether or not it matches up with the best-rated computer monitors in the market.


our Verdict

The HP U28 4K HDR monitor is great for at-home design or professional work, with high color accuracy after calibration. However, its low contrast ratio and lack of local dimming mean its black levels are limited. It has wide viewing angles for comfortable group viewing, but its HDR capability might not be enough for those looking for a true HDR experience.

ReasonS to Buy

  • Expansive color space coverage
  • High color accuracy
  • Stand is fully adjustable
  • Wide viewing angles
  • Attractive design

Reason to Avoid

  • Low 60Hz refresh rate
  • Limited HDR capabilities
  • Low contrast ratio

HP U28 4K HDR Monitor Specs

Display TypeLCD
HDMI Inputs1
HDR FormatYes
Max Resolution3840 x 2160 (4k)
Panel TypePanel TypeIPS
Refresh Rate60 Hz
Response TimeResponse Time4 ms
Screen size28"
Sync TechnologySync TechnologyAMD FreeSync

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Test Results

Brightness (nits)435.85
Contrast Ratio (as ratio x:1)6,220.9
Color Gamut/Accuracy % (DCI P3 xy)84.3
Color Gamut/Accuracy % (DCI P3 uv)0
Color Gamut % (sRGB Coverage xy)99.6
Color Gamut % (Adobe RGB Coverage xy)85
Color Gamut % (Rec. 2020 Coverage xy)0
Color Gamut % (Rec. 709 Coverage xy)0
Input Lag (ms)0
Response Time (ms)0
Horizontal Viewing Angle (Washout Left)0
Horizontal Viewing Angle (Washout Right)0
Vertical Viewing Angle (Washout Above)178
Vertical Viewing Angle (Washout Below)178
Reflections % (Total Reflections)0

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