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We researched 15 different xylophones to determine the most suitable picks for both beginners and professionals. A number of beginner musicians start with xylophones as their first musical instrument, and we looked for options that can last more than a few generations in their families. If you want instruments that will last a long time, check out our guide to the best music instruments.

The Mr. Power Foldable Glockenspiel 30-Note Xylophone stood out among the rest, thanks to its durable high-quality construction and wide note range. We also assigned bonus points for being an extra-portable xylophone, which we think is best for professional musicians. Keep reading to know more about it and the rest of our picks below.

Top 3 Best Xylophones

 #1  Mr. Power Foldable Glockenspiel 30-Note Xylophone


WHY WE LIKE IT: Mr. Power’s foldable glockenspiel wowed us with its beautiful, sturdy black wooden frame and excellent musical quality. This professional-looking xylophone folds up, making it a breeze for us to pack and carry the instrument around. Among all the xylophones we checked out, it’s this gem that gave us the clearest, most vibrant sound.

  • Best for intermediate players
  • Foldable for better portability
  • 30-note range
  • Quite pricey
  • Mediocre mallets

The Mr. Power Foldable Glockenspiel 30-note xylophone is a worthy option for professional musicians who want to have a portable premium instrument. It has a well-built wooden body that’s painted in matte black, and it features aluminum bars that give off a loud, crisp, and rich sound. These are the perfect xylophone bars featuring a high accuracy pitch. The Mr. Power xylophone comes with a pair of mallets, a carrying box, and a carrying bag. We absolutely love how it folds in half for easier transportation. Just release the two metal latches at the bottom of the instrument, fold the xylophone in half, and stow it into one of the carrying cases. When you’re ready to play again, simply swing the instrument out and turn the latches back up.

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The free carrying bag that comes with the instrument isn’t made of top-quality fabric, and its mallets are made of light wood, so a professional musician might want to change these wooden mallets after some time. However, the instrument itself is sturdy enough to last you a long while. Why not stream your music with the best microphone for streaming?

 #2  Cara & Co Professional Wooden Soprano Full-Size Glockenspiel Xylophone


WHY WE LIKE IT: Cara & Co’s Professional Wooden Soprano Xylophone strikes a good balance between price and quality. It only has 27 keys, but we think that it’s a great option for students who are just starting out. The xylophone’s soprano range and painted keys enabled us to easily learn and play plenty of basic pieces.

  • Painted metal keys for easy learning
  • Sturdy wooden frame
  • Standard 27-key xylophone
  • Relatively small keys
  • Non-foldable and non-mountable

Mounted in a natural wooden frame and in perfect traditional colors, the Cara & Co Professional Wooden Soprano Glockenspiel Xylophone has 27 metal keys that extend from G2 to A5. It’s perfect for children who are just starting their musical education, as the size is just right for their age.

While the product claims to be a full-sized wooden xylophone, you might find that it’s actually a bit smaller than standard professional xylophones—its keys are tinier than usual and the whole instrument is shorter than professional instruments. But despite its size, it’s still a good pick for an average-priced xylophone.” Capture your music forever with the best wireless microphone.

 #3  Silverstar Professional Glockenspiel 25-Note Xylophone


WHY WE LIKE IT: Silverstar’s Professional Glockenspiel is a 25-note xylophone that your child can bring around and have fun with. It includes an excellent and durable carrying case and comes with teaching stickers that can be removed once your kid gets the hang of it.

  • Built-in carrying case
  • Perfect size for kids
  • Comes with note stickers
  • Plastic mallet isn’t the best quality
  • Steel keys don’t have the most perfect tuning

Silverstar’s Professional Glockenspiel 25-note xylophone is a perfect beginner instrument for your child. Already securely set inside a sturdy blue plastic carry case, the small xylophone’s keys are made of steel. It comes with plastic mallets and a set of sticker notes that are especially helpful for children who are just beginning to learn the instrument. And once they get the hang of it, they can start practicing without the stickers. It’s the best way to teach and introduce the basics of music to children at a young age.

Note: This xylophone’s case comes in two colors, blue and yellow. However, the yellow case products have a much smaller 8-note range and its bars have rainbow colors. You might also like the best singing bowl set and the best quintos.

How We Decided

All the xylophones included in our list met our standards for build and sound quality. We looked for percussion instruments that have sturdy wooden frames–these types of xylophones tend to be lighter but are still durable. We also took note of how the musical instruments resonated. Our recommendations consist of products that have metal keys and that produce bright tones and clear sounds. Additionally, we gave the products on our list extra points for value-adding features like foldability and learning guides.

We also considered which xylophones are best for certain types of musicians. Each item on our list stand as the top pick for one of the three primary kinds of xylophone players–there’s a recommendation for intermediate players, another for beginners who are just getting into the groove of playing, and lastly, a great first instrument for young kids.

If you’re buying a xylophone soon, check out our Top Picks and other popular options, and compare the prices, build material, mallet types, and colors of these products on Amazon.com.

Best Xylophones Buyer’s Guide

The Most Important Features to Consider

  1. Size and Setting
    When it comes to xylophone sizes, your xylophone choice would be affected mostly by who will be using it and where it will be used. If you’re getting a xylophone for your child to take to school or music class, you’ll likely benefit from a more compact and portable xylophone for kids; however, if you’re building a lesson room and will be using it as part of a musical set-up, you might want to look for models that can be mounted on stands.
  2. Range and Scale
    A xylophone often has between 25-30 keys and comes in various instrument range types, such as bass, alto, and soprano. This might not be too important if you’re getting a xylophone just for fun, but it would matter if you’ll be playing with an orchestra or a band. Some feature plenty of range, with as many as 37 keys. Apart from that, some xylophones also only come with major scales, while some are tuned to the chromatic scale. Xylophones with a chromatic scale have a more comprehensive range of keys.
  3. Key Materials
    Xylophone keys may be made of either wood or metal, and each material creates significant differences in sound. Xylophones with wooden keys produce deeper, rounder, and warmer tones. Xylophones with metal keys—also known as Glockenspiels—have a higher pitch. Some of these xylophones would have aluminum bars, while others come in stainless steel. The key material will also impact the quality and prices of different instruments.
  4. Mallet Type
    You might not consider this factor at all, since some xylophones already come with a free pair of mallets by default. However, depending on use, you might also have to consider the kind of mallet you want. Generally, metal bars would require hard-tipped mallets, but if you’re playing the xylophone as part of an orchestra, you’ll probably need a softer material, especially if you’re playing harmony. So take that into consideration while picking out a pair of xylophone mallets of your choice.
  5. Removable Bars
    Some xylophones have bars that can be removed by unscrewing the pegs that secure the keys in place. This applies more to professional xylophones, as this makes it possible to change the key and range of the xylophone. This feature would give the instrument flexibility that’s particularly useful in an orchestra or band setup. It will also allow you to tune your xylophone by yourself.

Xylophones FAQs

What’s the difference between a xylophone and a Glockenspiel?

Xylophones, traditionally, are percussive instruments with wooden bars that produce sound when hit. Newer xylophones with metal bars are called glockenspiels. Eventually, people started using the two terms interchangeably, and both types of instrument are now just called “xylophone”.

How many notes are there on a xylophone?

A xylophone would normally have 12 notes and a limited number of octaves. A traditional xylophone will have somewhere between 25-30 keys, which covers multiple octaves. This is also why there are xylophones for specific ranges such as bass, alto, and soprano.

Can you tune a xylophone?

Xylophones come in a specific range of keys, and can’t be tuned in the regular sense to change its range the way a piano or guitar can be tuned. However, there are some professional services that offer tuning for xylophones that may be slightly out of tune.

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