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Connecting a Record Player to Bluetooth Speakers – How To Do It Right

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Users that invest in premium speakers may wonder how to hook up a record player to Bluetooth speakers. In the age of streaming music, many enthusiasts still enjoy the sound quality of vinyl records on a vintage turntable. Luckily, you can skip the annoying cables and enjoy the sound of vinyl records on a top-tier Bluetooth speaker with the right equipment. Stick around to learn how to connect a record player to a Bluetooth speaker.


  • Manufacturers offer Bluetooth-compatible turntables to work with wireless speakers.
  • You can connect a wireless transmitter to the analog connection of a vintage turntable.
  • Turn on the Bluetooth transmitter for an audio signal, and pair Bluetooth speakers or wireless headphones to listen.

And if you need help with other speaker setups, consider earning how to get sound from a projector to Bluetooth speakers for a convenient movie night audio setup. Aside from annoying wires, a traditional stereo setup usually requires other audio devices and receivers. For those needing to connect Google Home to a Bluetooth speaker, we have a separate guide for that.

Insider Tip

Smart home devices with built-in Bluetooth and wireless technology like Wi-Fi can affect your Bluetooth speaker’s audio quality due to signal interference.

How to Connect an Old Record Player to Bluetooth Speakers

Even if you’re an audiophile record player enthusiast, incorporating wireless speakers into your vinyl music journey offers an affordable option for multi-room audio. While the process isn’t as straightforward as how to connect an iPad to Bluetooth speakers, you can have wireless record player speakers in a few simple steps.

Consider getting a system with USB ports if you want to enjoy wireless music instead of vinyl audio. You can learn how to play a USB drive on a Bluetooth speaker and gain easy access to all of your audio tracks.


Ensure the auxiliary input and output connections are clean to avoid a distorted music signal from dirt and dust.

STEP 1 Connect the Bluetooth Transmitter

Connect the Bluetooth transmitter to the RCA output if your record player has a built-in phono preamp. Then connect it to your external phono preamp if your record player uses one.

STEP 2 Pair the Transmitter to your Speakers

Turn on the Bluetooth transmitter and turn on pairing mode. Activate the pairing mode on your Bluetooth speaker and move it close to the transmitter. When the pairing is complete, you should see a solid blue light on the transmitter and speaker.

STAT: A 2019 Pew Research Center poll showed that 27% of Americans with some college experience used smart speakers at home. (source)

STEP 3 Play Some Wireless Music

Start playing music and check your audio quality. If you notice minor issues or sound distortion, ensure the RCA jack cables are securely connected to the transmitter. If your record player is newer with Bluetooth capabilities, you can also connect it to the Amazon Echo 4th Gen, too.

How to Connect a Record Player to Bluetooth Speakers FAQs

How do I tell if my turntable has a built-in preamp?

The user manual for your record player is the most reliable place to check. If your vintage turntable has a built-in phono preamp, you should see a preamp switch on the back. Luckily, external preamps are an affordable turntable accessory for most systems.

Does Bluetooth make the sound of vinyl records worse?

Bluetooth offers multiple advantages over wired options, but it does have drawbacks. High-end turntables have an impressive sound that may not translate over a wireless device connection. Additionally, you may wrestle with sound distortion due to wireless interference in an internet-connected home.

How do I clean my portable speaker?

Use a damp microfiber cloth outside the unit to remove dirt and dust from the buttons and inputs. Next, use a lint roller to remove dust from the fabric covering the speaker drivers, and do not use a cleaning solution or water.

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