How to Connect a Bluetooth Speaker to a Phone

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Updated March 16, 2023
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If you are new to the world of personal audio devices, you may wonder how to connect a Bluetooth speaker to a phone. Many of the best speakers, after all, are Bluetooth speakers, and they can play audio from a wide variety of sources, including smartphones. So why use the best Bluetooth speakers to stream from a phone, and what are the various ways to get this done? Keep reading to find out.


  • Connecting your Bluetooth speaker to a phone or source device is an easy way to gain access to just about any song or podcast imaginable.
  • This process differs slightly depending on your phone and your speaker or connected device but typically starts with a pairing button on that speaker.
  • Turn on Bluetooth via your mobile device’s settings and look for your wireless speaker on the list of available devices.

Why Connect a Phone to Bluetooth?

Once you learn how to charge a speaker, connecting to a phone is the next logical step. This is because your phone has access to all of your files if you are wondering how to connect Bluetooth speakers to a PC. Additionally, they can access every music streaming site, which is helpful after learning how Bluetooth speakers work.

Insider Tip

Your phone should keep the details of your speaker on its settings page to make subsequent pairings easier.

Beyond that, it is just convenient and fun to use a phone with a Bluetooth speaker, though you will have to learn how to secure a Bluetooth speaker from would-be hackers. Finally, phones offer uncompressed audio files in some scenarios for the best listening experience; just be sure to purchase the greatest bass Bluetooth speaker as an accompaniment.

How to Connect Bluetooth From Phone to Speaker

This pairing procedure may differ slightly depending on the design of your speaker and the design of your phone. We have broken it down into simple steps to get started.

STEP 1 Make the Speaker Available for Pairing

  1. The pairing process is simple, there should be a pairing button somewhere on the exterior of your speaker. This button typically features the tell-tale Bluetooth logo.
  2. If your wireless speaker lacks a dedicated pairing button, then the power button likely serves this function.
  3. Hold down the button for a number of seconds until the light blinks or you hear a beeping noise to indicate it is available.

STEP 2 Turn on Your Phone’s Bluetooth

  1. Head into your phone’s settings menu and look for Bluetooth settings.
  2. Turn Bluetooth on by swiping.

STEP 3 Pair the Two Devices

  1. Once you turn your phone’s Bluetooth on, you should see a list of available compatible devices to be paired with.
  2. Look for your wireless speaker in this list of devices. As a note, the name might not be instantly recognizable, as each wireless speaker does things in their own way.
  3. Once you find the right device, simply tap it to connect. That is all there is to it. Any additional speakers or wireless headphones will be connected this way as well.

Depending on the functionality of the Bluetooth device and mobile device, you may be able to use voice commands to control music playback or the built-in microphone to make phone calls. Some audio speaker models allow for a connection of a pair of speakers, so you can use stereo sound for better audio output.

STAT: You can use Bluetooth to connect some devices to your phone without a cord. After you pair a Bluetooth device for the first time, your devices can pair automatically. (source)

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