How to Lock Bluetooth Speakers

Updated: Feb 15, 2024 4:29 AM
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If you are new to the world of wireless audio, you may wonder how to secure Bluetooth speakers. Some of the best speakers, after all, connect via Bluetooth, but this type of wireless connection makes them slightly harder to lock down and keep private. Why spend time to secure the Bluetooth speakers, and what are the various methods to do so? Keep reading to find out.

Key Takeaways_

  • Securing or locking down speakers is the best way to prevent anyone from gaining unauthorized access to your system.
  • One of the easiest ways to lockdown speakers is to simply turn them off when they are not being used with compatible devices.
  • Other options include creating a security code, limiting device visibility, going with a wired connection, and choosing advanced speakers that use Bluetooth low energy for the initial pairing.

Why Secure Bluetooth Speakers?

Just because you have learned how to connect to a Bluetooth speaker on a Mac does not mean that the speaker is locked down. In other words, random people can still connect, even if you have learned how to connect a Bluetooth speaker to a phone. And your iPhone sound may not work if you don’t have the speaker correctly connected. Sometimes having other people use the speaker is a feature, such as when learning how to play music on two Bluetooth speakers, but other times it is a bug.

insider tip

Once you have a passcode in place, do not give it out except to close friends and family.

Once you learn how Bluetooth speakers work, it can be helpful in understanding the importance of keeping the connection locked down. Aside from that, it just gives you peace of mind, so you can conduct that all-important Sonos Roam review.

How to Prevent Unauthorized Access to Bluetooth Speakers

There are many ways to secure your Bluetooth speaker and prevent others from using it without your permission.

Use a Passcode

Many modern speakers allow you to password-protect the device, drastically reducing the chances of anyone else using them. Just head into the settings via any associated software to set a passcode, and be sure to either remember this code or jot it down somewhere safe.

STAT: Bluetooth speakers only need to be set up on a device once, and they stay connected afterward. (source)

You will have to enter the code every time you use the speakers, which can be frustrating for some, though you might have a chance to engage with device-specific allowances so your favored devices can connect without entering the code. In fact, Wifi versus Bluetooth speakers is an important consideration here, too.

Turn Off Speakers When Not Using Them

Keep your speakers powered down when you are not using them to prevent anyone else from accessing the system. This method also counts for TV-connected Bluetooth speakers or Bluetooth soundbars connected to a TV.

Turn Off Device Visibility

In addition to powering the speakers down when not in use, make them invisible to anyone checking around for available Bluetooth devices to hitch a ride on. You should be able to do this on your smartphone settings page or by heading into any dedicated software affiliated with the speakers.

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