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How to Connect an iPad to Bluetooth Speakers

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Even the best speakers are useless if you don’t know how to pair them with your favorite audio output devices. If you’re wondering how to connect an iPad to Bluetooth speakers, you’re in the right place. We’ll help you figure out how to connect those high-quality Bluetooth speakers to your iPad in no time.


  • Connecting your iPad to Bluetooth speakers lets you enjoy better sound quality than you can get through the tablet’s speakers alone.
  • Enable Bluetooth on your iPad, then put your speaker in pairing mode.
  • Once the name of the speaker pops up in your available Bluetooth connections, tap it to connect.
  • Your speaker should now be ready to use.

Connecting iPads and Bluetooth Speakers

The process is similar to how to connect to a Bluetooth speaker on a Mac, but there are some critical differences since the user interface isn’t the same. While looking into the topic, try reading up on the comparison between AirPlay and Bluetooth.

Insider Tip

iPads connect to speakers the same way that Apple mobile devices do.

STEP 1 Get Your Speaker and iPad Ready

First, turn on your iPad and navigate over to the Settings app. From there, open up Bluetooth settings and ensure Bluetooth is turned on. Then, turn your speaker on. You could also learn how to connect Google Home to Bluetooth speakers if you have a smart home.

STEP 2 Put the External Speaker in Pairing Mode

Next, you’re going to put your speaker in pairing mode. You’ll hold down the power button for most speakers until it begins to flash. It should then be in discovery mode. However, other speakers might have a specific pairing button that you’ll have to use.


iPads do not have a headphone jack for a physical connection.

STEP 3 Enjoy Your New External Speakers

Once they connect, you should now be able to use your external speaker as an audio source. Just tap on the name of the speaker as soon as it pops up, and it’ll be paired with your iPad. As an extra challenge, learning how to connect a record player to Bluetooth speakers can be fun.

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How to Connect an iPad to Bluetooth Speakers FAQs

How do I connect a Bluetooth speaker to a Mac?

First, navigate to the control center of your Mac. This control center is called “System Preferences.” From there, open up Bluetooth and pair the speaker like you would with an iPad.

Why shouldn’t I use my mobile device’s internal speakers?

The internal speakers of your mobile device are generally pretty weak. They can’t provide high-quality sound the way that an external speaker will.

What should I do if my iPad won’t connect to the speaker?

In this case, the best action is to reach out to Apple Support. You can even bring both devices into an Apple store to get real-time help.

When should I purchase additional speakers?

Investing in multiple speakers is generally a good idea if you’re looking for a surround-sound experience. Another great reason is that you’re throwing a party and need more audio coverage.

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