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Updated June 1, 2023

To help you find the best mini Bluetooth speaker, we researched dozens of models, researching for compact and powerful products, with advanced drivers and booming woofers, in addition to supporting a variety of input options, beyond Bluetooth. We also looked for models that boasted lengthy playtimes on a single charge and those that came with long-lasting warranties. This list’s comparison of many portable speakers will soon guide you to your new best portable speaker. You desire to get one of the best Bluetooth speakers, right? Read on.

The best speaker we researched was easily the Ultimate Ears Wonderboom 3, which boasts 14 hours of playtime on a single charge plus a Bluetooth range of over 131 feet. Plus, it has a variety of input options, including an aux port and support for MicroSD cards. It projects a 360-degree sound to fill the area with fuller sound.

Top 8 Best Mini Bluetooth Speakers Compared

#1  Ultimate Ears Wonderboom 3 Mini Bluetooth Speaker


WHY WE LIKE IT: The Ultimate Ears Wonderboom 3 is a small and durable waterproof Bluetooth speaker that provides 360-degree sound and a long battery life, making it an excellent option for outdoor use.

  • 360-degree sound
  • Floats on water
  • Great 14 hour battery life
  • Smaller size has its limits in power

The Ultimate Ears Wonderboom 3 is a small, waterproof Bluetooth speaker that’s well-suited for the outdoors. It has a cylindrical shape and an IP67 rating, making it waterproof and dust-proof. The Wonderboom 3 provides 360-degree sound, with two 40 mm drivers and two 46.1 mm x 65.2 mm passive radiators, delivering powerful, balanced audio with deep bass. It also has a long battery life, lasting up to 14 hours on a single charge.

One of the main advantages of the Ultimate Ears Wonderboom 3 is its portability and durability, making it an excellent choice for outdoor use. It is also compatible with Ultimate Ears’ PartyUp app and has a range of 131 ft. Additionally, the Wonderboom 3 features a one-touch music control system and a new Outdoor Boost mode that enhances its sound in outdoor environments. However, some users may find the Wonderboom 3’s 360-degree sound to be less directional than other speakers, and its small size may limit its overall volume and bass output.

 #2  Anker Soundcore Mini


WHY WE LIKE IT: Features a fantastic rechargeable battery that gets 15 hours of playtime, the longest on this list, on a single charge, Bluetooth 4.0 functionality that allows for a wireless distance of more than 60 feet, and an 18-month warranty. This is just a perfect mini Bluetooth speaker.

  • Best Battery
  • Bluetooth range of 66 feet
  • Great price to features ratio
  • Some features not available while charging
  • FM tuning can be wonky
  • MicroSD cards limited to 32 GB

The Anker Soundcore Mini boasts a stellar rechargeable lithium battery, which allows for 15 hours of continuous playtime on a single charge, and Bluetooth 4.0 integration that can transmit audio more than 60 feet. This will quickly become your best portable speaker. Plus, 15 hours of battery life means that this will always be ready when you need it. The advanced drivers and passive subwoofer make audio sound great, despite its slim form factor and lightweight. The warranty is great, at 18 months, the unit features additional inputs and the price is on the lower end. If you need this speaker to be alive for at least 12 hours, this is the best pick for you.

Though this speaker does include a built-in FM transmitter, we found controlling it to be somewhat wonky, thanks to a limited number of analog inputs. Additionally, the MicroSD reader only supports cards up to 32 GB. Check out the finest bass Bluetooth speakers that would work as great boat speakers, quality shower speakers, or even as a pair of desktop speakers.

 #3  Bose SoundLink Micro


WHY WE LIKE IT: Housed in a waterproof case, with an IPX7 rating, making this ideal for outdoor use, near a pool for instance, with integrated functionality with Siri and Google Assistant and a built-in strap that allows for connections to bicycles and backpacks. This is a great product for those looking for audio during their next backyard BBQ.

  • Best outdoor
  • Integrates with Siri and Google Assistant
  • Built-in strap allows connections to backpacks etc.
  • 6 hours of playtime on single charge (top pick gets 15)
  • 1 year limited warranty (top pick gets 18 months)
  • On expensive side

The Bose SoundLink Micro is an extremely durable product, with a waterproof case that’s got an IPX7 rating and a dent-resistant exterior. While this isn’t at the level of an IP67 waterproof rating, it will remain durable. The subwoofer helps to produce a fantastic bass response, despite the product’s small size, and it comes in three snazzy colors. It also integrates nicely with Siri and Google Assistant, allowing you to use the speaker to make phone calls and complete other voice-related tasks. The built-in strap is also neat, allowing you to strap it to a backpack during walks or to a bicycle. Compare this with the Ultimate Ears Boom to determine which speaker is best for your household or your best tabletop radio.

All of these rugged design choices do add up to make this a higher-priced item than some others found on this list. Additionally, we found that it only got around six hours of playtime on a single charge, whereas our top pick got 15 hours. The UE Boom has 15 hours of battery life, similar to our top pick. Compare this to the best outdoor Bluetooth speakers.

 #4  Bose SoundLink Color Bluetooth Speaker


WHY WE LIKE IT: Operates via a fantastically designed proprietary app, which allows seamless integration between eight separate streaming devices, simplifying use, with the speaker delivering good bass response and compatibility with Siri and Google Assistant. This is a great product if you find yourself constantly switching between streaming devices.

  • Fantastic app
  • Integrates with Siri and Google Assistant
  • Extremely easy setup
  • Most expensive product on list
  • 8 hours of play on single charge is decent, but top pick has 15
  • On heavy side, at 1.2 pounds

The Bose SoundLink Color Bluetooth Speaker operates via a smartly designed app, which allows you to seamlessly switch between up to eight separate streaming devices, so you won’t have to fiddle with settings. The bass response is great, thanks to a built-in subwoofer, and the speaker is housed in an IPX4 water-resistant casing. It also boasts an extremely easy setup process, which can be done exclusively using voice commands, thanks to nice integration with Siri and Google Assistant.

The laundry list of high-end features does come at a cost, however, with this being the most expensive product on the list. Additionally, the speaker is on the heavy side, weighing over a pound, so it could become cumbersome during long hikes. You can also read about the best wireless speakers.

 #5  Etekcity Roverbeats T3


WHY WE LIKE IT: Boasts great features to price ratio, with a built-in microphone for hands-free calls, a speaker that delivers warm and punchy audio, despite its small size, and a handy carrying case, which is perfect for travel. This is just a good speaker at a good price.

  • Built-in mic
  • Great features to price ratio
  • Comes with handy carrying case
  • 8 hours of use on single charge (top pick gets 15)
  • 30 feet wireless range (top pick gets twice that)
  • Speaker cuts out when battery is low

The Etekcity Roverbeats T3 Bluetooth speaker is a great value, with a variety of high-end functionalities at a relatively low price point. It features a built-in microphone, which is perfect for hands-free calls, and comes with a handy carrying case. The model is small enough to fit in the palm of your hand, yet still delivers fantastic audio, thanks to a high damping diaphragm speaker, and it connects via Bluetooth 4.0.

The wireless range is decent, at around 30 feet, but is half as much as found in our top pick, though it does include an audio jack for the connection of devices that are not Bluetooth enabled. We also ran into a slight issue with the speaker cutting out from time to time when it was low on battery. You might also like the finest wireless speakers.

 #6  LENRUE A2 Portable Bluetooth Speaker


WHY WE LIKE IT: Comes in at an extremely low price point, while still offering serious functionality, including a built-in mic for hands-free calling, a variety of color options, and an extremely light form factor, weighing around four ounces. This is a great product for the budget-conscious.

  • Lightest on list
  • Variety of color options
  • Built-in mic for hands-free calling
  • Only 5 hours on single charge
  • Warranty only 6 months
  • 30 feet wireless distance (top pick gets twice that)

The LENRUE A2 Portable Bluetooth Speaker comes in at a very attractive price point, the lowest on this list, while still offering a suite of high-end functionalities, including a built-in microphone for hands-free calling, an extremely light form factor, at around four ounces, and a variety of cool color options. It supports Bluetooth 4.1, which makes for seamless connections, and great audio, thanks to a suite of high-quality drivers.

The warranty is the lowest on this list, however, coming in at just six months. Additionally, we found we only got around five hours on a single charge, whereas our top pick got 15 hours of use on a single charge. You can compare this to 10 of the best portable Bluetooth speakers under $100.

 #7  EWA Travel Case Bluetooth Speaker


WHY WE LIKE IT: Boasts a combination of features that make this a great product for hiking, including a light form factor, weighing just six ounces, impressive volume, bass, for cutting through outside noise, and a metal hook that easily affixes to backpacks. If you hike a lot, this is the speaker for you.

  • Great for hiking
  • Impressive volume and bass, given the size
  • Extremely simple to use, with just one button
  • No aux port or SD reader
  • Cannot be paired
  • LED light is bright, may not be suitable for bedroom use

The EWA Travel Case Bluetooth Speaker boasts a variety of features that add up to making this a great supplement for hikers, including a tiny form factor, weighing just six ounces, the ability to project massive amounts, and a metal hook that easily affixes to backpacks or even large keychains. It is also extremely simple to use, with just one button and an LED light that provides a variety of notifications.

Though the product is compact and simple to use, sacrifices were made in the design, like the elimination of an SD card slot or an AUX port. Additionally, these speakers cannot be paired to increase volume and create a stereo image. Or, you could invest in surround sound speakers for the stereo sound that you’re looking for. But there are plenty of speakers that can.

 #8  Kunodi Wireless Portable Bluetooth Speaker


WHY WE LIKE IT: Boasts a water-resistant exterior casing and an attached suction cup, making it great for placing in the shower, a built-in mic for hands-free calling, and an extremely small form factor, easily fitting in the palm of the hand. This is just a great speaker for listening to music while showering.

  • Built-in suction cup
  • Built-in mic
  • Aluminum carabiner increases attachment options
  • 1 year warranty seems frustrating
  • 5 hours of use on single charge
  • 30 feet wireless range (top pick gets 60)

The Kunodi Wireless Portable Bluetooth Speaker features a water-resistant design and a built-in suction cup that affixes itself securely to virtually any surface, making it a great choice for shower use. It also boasts a built-in microphone, for hands-free calling, and an aluminum alloy carabiner, which allows it to be fastened just about anywhere. It also has an aux input and support for SD cards, adding to its versatility. Perfect for the best internet radio.

Though this product does, ostensibly, feature a one-year warranty, we found the details to be hazy, with no contact information provided, forcing customers to contact the company via the Amazon listing. Additionally, this only got between four and five hours of play on a single charge, while our top pick got 15 hours. This wireless speaker has great sound, and you won’t regret this purchase. Also, check out the best smart speaker.

How We Decided

To help narrow down the above list, we researched dozens of models, looking for speakers that delivered balanced sound and pristine audio quality, usually accompanied by subwoofers for increased bass response, and easy integration with Bluetooth-enabled devices. We also liked when products boasted a variety of input options, in addition to Bluetooth, such as SD card readers or aux inputs.

We were also extremely focused on durability, as these mini speakers often accompany you on travels, so we looked for products with a portable design that wouldn’t break when dropped just once, made from high-quality materials, with many offering water-resistant exteriors and including carrying cases. We also tended to like ultra-portable speakers, with sizes and weights to match, making the top portable Bluetooth speaker easy to carry during long hikes.

Additional functionalities, such as built-in microphones for hands-free calling, were also nice, as were products that integrated with a voice assistant, like Siri and Google Assistant, allowing for voice-activated controls. Finally, we made sure each product we featured had a warranty, the lowest being six months.

Mini Bluetooth Speaker Buying Guide

The Most Important Features to Consider

  1. Sound Quality
    You aren’t to get ear-curdling volume out of these devices, due to their size and lack of large-coned speakers, but look for products that use advanced audio drivers to pump up the volume, with subwoofers and woofers that create robust, punchy bass responses.
    • In fact, we recommend the small, but mighty speaker in our NudeAudio Super-M review.
    • It should be noted that bass-heavy music may not sound the best with these portable models because of their compact design, aside from some exceptions like the tiny speaker in our Sonos Play 5 review. Additionally, most of the above products can be paired with similar gadgets, upping the volume considerably.
    • And, if you’re learning how to pair a Bluetooth speaker to an Xbox One console, sound quality is a huge factor.
  2. Wireless Distance and Battery Length
    Wireless distance and battery length are two of the most important metrics while shopping for one of these products.
    • You want to be able to place it somewhere in the house or backyard and not have to worry about losing signal, after all, and you want to have it last through an entire gathering of family and friends. In fact, this is possible since Bluetooth speakers have strong wireless connections.
    • As far as wireless length goes, the average is around 30 feet, a metric all of the above products meet, though our top pick will transmit up to 60 feet.
    • You can determine which one is best by comparing Bluetooth against WiFi speakers.
    • And, make sure you’re charging a Bluetooth speaker properly, so it’ll last a long while before the next recharge.
    • As far as battery length goes, the average is somewhere in the five to eight-hour range though, again, our top pick leaps past that and can get around 15 hours of use on a single charge.
    • While not designed for high-end audio, connecting a Mac to a Bluetooth speaker like this is a great way to increase the volume level if you need a little more.
  3. Additional Features
    On the additional features front, look for products with a wide variety of inputs, in addition to flawless Bluetooth integration. Most of the above products boast auxiliary inputs, for audio sources without Bluetooth, and SD card readers. Some have built-in microphones, for making calls, and others integrate nicely with smart assistants, like Google Assistant and Siri, allowing for voice-activated controls. With these speakers having a compact size, water resistance is another nice extra feature. Waterproof speakers with an IP67 dust- and water-resistance rating are a solid pick and fairly common at an affordable price. Overall, the models on this list are some of the best Bluetooth speakers under 300, so you’re in luck if you’re on a budget. Alternatively, if you can’t find exactly what you are wanting, you can learn to build your own Bluetooth speakers if you like DIY projects.

Mini Bluetooth Speaker FAQs

How do you sync a Bluetooth speaker?

While results may vary, depending on what kind of gadget you are using, typically you just head into settings and look for the Bluetooth option. After turning Bluetooth on, your chosen speaker should show up in a list. Once you click on it, it should be synced.

Will leaving Bluetooth on drain my phone’s battery?

Not so much anymore. In the early days of Bluetooth, leaving it on would drain your battery, as it would constantly be looking for an enabled device. Newer gadgets and Bluetooth standards have pared this down, however, so leaving Bluetooth on will drain your battery just as much as leaving WiFi on.
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