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Updated: Nov 14, 2023 9:47 PM
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To find the best HDMI cable on the market, we researched the factors that matter, including each cable’s HDMI standard, overall length, included warranty, and durability. You won’t find any fluff about overpriced cables in this guide; we make sure that each cable we select does its job without breaking the bank. Depending on how you want to use your HDMI cable, you may need an extra-long cable that can stretch the distance between your wall hanging tv and set-top box. No matter the situation, 4K or 8K, we have an HDMI cable for your needs. For more great audio products,  you need to visit our best home theater systems guide.

Our top pick for the best HDMI cable goes to Capshi and its 4K HDMI Cable; this durable, braided cable sports HDMI 2.0 for transporting up to 18Gbps of data — perfect for 4K Ultra HD and 3D content. Capshi offers the cable in a variety of lengths from 1.5-feet all the way up to 50-feet, so you can select the best length for your home theatre setup. To back everything up, Capshi includes a 12-month 100% money back guarantee and fast responding customer service. To learn more about this excellent HDMI cable, and others, keep reading.

Top 5 Best HDMI Cables

 #1  Capshi 4K HDMI Cable


WHY WE LIKE IT: This fantastic cable from Capshi ranks first in our guide thanks to its durable braided cable construction, and ability to output 4K Ultra HD video; it is also available in a variety of different sizes from 1.5 – 50-feet.

  • Best 4K Ultra HD support
  • Durable braided cable
  • Variety of lengths to choose
  • Doesn’t support 8K video

The 4K HDMI Cable from Capshi is as close to a perfect HDMI cable as most people will need to get. Connect your TV or receiving, and home theatre equipment with this cable that features a durable braided design to present fraying and splitting. Supporting up to 4K Ultra HD, this cable from Capshi works excellently with your favorite devices, including Apple TV 4K, Xbox One S, and PlayStation 4 Pro. This Capshi 4K HDMI option is the best HDMI cable for 4K gaming and the best HDMI cable for Apple TV 4K. If you want to really upgrade your gaming experience, take a look at the best headphones for TV too.

Capshi also provides a variety of different cable lengths, so that you can choose the option that best fits your home theatre setup from 1.5-feet up to 50-feet. Best of all, the signal remains reliable the entire way. Capshi does include a 1-year warranty, which we are happy to see. We do wish the cable supported 8K video for future-proofing, but it is hard to complain. You may also want the best subwoofers for your home theater.

 #2  AmazonBasics High-Speed 4K HDMI Cable

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WHY WE LIKE IT: Amazon returns with amazing essentials, and provides an HDMI cable that is not only affordable, but impressive; this HDMI cable offers 4K Ultra HD video support and is backed by Amazon’s lifetime warranty.

  • Best budget
  • Shielding prevents wear
  • Includes lifetime warranty
  • Lacks braided cable

AmazonBasics has become a brand that people associate with affordability and reliability, and we see why with this High-Speed 4K HDMI Cable. Priced well below the competition, and making for an excellent budget option, Amazon doesn’t pull back on features. The construction is solid and features an aluminum foil and Mylar shielding layer to help prevent wear and reduce interference from other devices.

Supporting HDMI 2.0 with 4K Ultra HD, this cable will last you a while thanks to Amazon’s included lifetime warranty. The only thing we would have loved to see is a more durable braided cable, but at this price, everything still feels like an unbelievable bargain. Available from 3-feet to 100-feet, making it the best cable for long runs. You should also invest in the best aux cable.

 #3  HUANUO High-Speed HDMI Cables (3 Pack)


WHY WE LIKE IT: If you need to hook up a few different devices, this multi-pack of HDMI cables from HUANUO will keep you covered. Each cable stretches to six-feet, allowing you to deliver crips 1080p video to your TV or receiver.

  • Color coded for different devices
  • Cable ties included in box
  • Includes right-angle adapter
  • Does not support 4K Ultra HD
  • Only available in six-feet

If you have multiple full-HD devices that need to be connected within your setup, then the HUANUO High-Speed HDMI Cables (3 Pack) is the perfect option. Not only is the three-pack an excellent deal, but the company includes cable ties in the box to help you keep everything organized. Each cable also sports a different color connector, so you can easily trace cables and know what device is connected.

A right-angle adapter is also included for TVs that are flat against the wall, or to help squeeze a cable into tight spaces. On the downside, these cables don’t support 4K Ultra HD, so they are only suitable for setups that include 1080p devices. Additionally, the cables are only available in six feet, so you should measure your setup before ordering. The best cable ties help keep everything neat too.

 #4  UGREEN HDMI Cable Right Angle


WHY WE LIKE IT: This cable from UGREEN sports a 90-degree right angle connector that allows it to fit easier behind wall-mounted television and in other tight spaces. To top it off, the cable supports the latest HDMI 2.0 4K Ultra HD standard.

  • 90-Degree connector built-in
  • Designed for wall-mounted TVs
  • Solid copper construction
  • Longest version is only 15-feet

UGREEN produces an excellent cable that is great for tight spaces. Explicitly designed for wall-mounted televisions, this right angle cable can fit into your TV’s HDMI port without being bent at a sharp angle, helping to prevent cable fraying. One end is a standard HDMI connector to fit into your favorite devices, while the other sports the 90-degree design. Now you can watch full 4K Ultra HD content, knowing that your plugs are secure.

We were also happy to see that UGREEN opted to use high-transmission copper for a clean signal, as well as a gold plated connector to help prevent corrosion. The only tied-bit to keep aware of is that the cable is only available from 3-feet to 15-feet, so anyone needing a long cable solution will need to look elsewhere. The best led tv needs the best cables. As does the best 4k tv.

 #5  Zeskit 8K Ultra HD High Speed HDMI Cable


WHY WE LIKE IT: Zeskit is ready for the future with this HDMI cable. Able to transmit up to 48Gbps of data, the cable can handle upcoming 8K Ultra HD video signals as well as dynamic HDR imaging for vivid colors and quality.

  • 90-Degree connector built-in
  • Designed for wall-mounted TVs
  • Back by a two-year warranty
  • More expensive than other cables

Are you staring at your 4K Ultra HD television, wondering what’s coming next? 8K Ultra HD video is the next standard, doubling the resolution from the previous standard. If you want to stay future-proofed for the foreseeable future, this fantastic cable from Zeskit should be on the top of your list. Not only does it support 8K video footage, but it supports high-frame-rate 4K signals at 120fps, another great future-proofing option. With the best HDMI cable on lock, all you’re missing is one of the best HDMI adapters.

With the ability to support 8K Ultra HD footage (making it the best ultra high speedHDMI cable), as well as Dolby Vision, Dolby Atmos, and DTS:X, this cable is designed for even the most extreme setups. To wrap it up, this HDMI cable is backed by a 2-year warranty, so even if the durable, braided exterior fails, you know that Zeskit has your back. The company even offers a variation for in-wall installations, making it the best HDMI cable for in-wall installations on our list. The best 70 inch tv needs a quality HDMI cable. And the best tv for gaming is nothing without one as well.

How We Decided

When selecting the best HDMI cables on the market, we began by researching and establishing the most critical factors, including each cable’s HDMI standard support, overall length, durability, and included warranty. With your cable needs covered, you may want to look into one of the best TV mounts too.

Next, we created strict criteria, removing any entries that didn’t meet our standards, such as poorly constructed options. No matter which cord you select from our list, we know you’ll have a great entertainment experience.

When it came to HDMI standards, we opted for cables that, at minimum, supported 1080p Full-HD video; however, for most of our entries, we still selected HDMI 2.0 options, granting access to Ultra 4K HDR video support.

The overall length of each cable was also carefully considered as we chose options that offer varying lengths. For any single length options, we targeted a standard 6-foot size, great for most home theatre setups.

When it comes to durability, we ensured that each cable sported interior shielding to help reduce wear and interference. Additionally, all of our selections feature gold plated connectors to help prevent corrosion. Many of our choices included braided cables for an extra bit of security.

Lastly, each option has at least a 1-year warranty, with a few options offering limited lifetime warranties — enjoy your movies, don’t stress about the cables.

Best HDMI Cable Buyer’s Guide


  1. HDMI Standard: You might see different HDMI versions numbers and feel confused — don’t be. If you are looking to purchase a cable for Full-HD content, ensure it supports HDMI standard 1.4 or greater for maximum compatibility with the latest features. For 4K Ultra HD content, select an HDMI cable that supports at least HDMI 2.0.
  2. Cable Length: Pick a cable that is the perfect length for your setup. Use a ruler and a piece of string to measure the distance from your TV to set-top box or another entertainment device. A short cable might not reach, while a cable that is too long will leave you with a mess of cables behind your setup.
  3. Durability: For durability sake, purchase an HDMI cable that sports shielding to help prevent both premature cable wear and interference from other electronic devices. For the best in durability, buy braided cables; this will help increase their overall strength.
  4. Warranty: For HDMI cables, we recommend seeking out a manufacturer that offers at least a 1-year warranty. However, if you keep your eyes peeled, you can find some manufacturers that offer lifetime warranties for never-ending support.
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