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Best Trunk Organizer

Updated: Feb 14, 2024 1:15 PM
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To determine the best trunk organizer, we considered the following features — durability, weight, and material. . To maximize space and reduce clutter, you should look for options that are collapsible or give you the freedom to customize the compartments to create a layout that works best for your needs. Features such as non-slip bases and tie straps can help to keep your trunk organizer in place while you’re driving. And additional features like waterproofing or even an insulated cooler can turn your storage solution into a multipurpose tool that’s ideal for road trips and outdoor excursions. Learn more about some of our best car accessories with our in-depth guides.

After considering all of the above, we nominated the Drive Auto Products Car Cargo Trunk Organizer as our Top Pick. This trunk organizer is designed from waterproof material while also featuring a collapsible design that can easily be adjusted to fit the width of your trunk. Plus security tie straps help to keep it in place while you drive. Keep reading to learn more about the rest of our Top Picks.

Top 6 Best Trunk Organizer

 #1  Drive Auto Products Car Cargo Trunk Organizer

Award: Top Pick

WHY WE LIKE IT: A sturdy collapsible trunk organizer that’s convertible to accommodate your trunk space, with three roomy compartments that hold up to 17 dry gallons makes this a must have for people who practically live in their car.

  • Most versatile for all car types
  • Waterproof
  • Security straps to prevent shifting
  • Stability inserts absorb odors

For many people, their car is almost like an extension of their home. They spend so much time there, and it shows. We’ve nominated the Drive Auto Products Car Cargo Trunk Organizer as our Top Pick because it offers a wide range of functionality while also serving as a practical solution for corralling all the junk in your car. Maintain your tires easily with our best tire pressure gauge.

Specifically, we like that this is a waterproof solution that, while it is collapsible, can also be customized to fit within the footprint of your trunk. At full capacity, this trunk organizer can hold up to 17 dry gallons and offers three roomy compartments. But at half mode, you can hold up to nine dry gallons. And when fully collapsed, you can accommodate one dry gallon. We also like that there are two main exterior pockets — one with a flap for added security. And the security ties help you anchor it in place so it won’t shift while you’re driving. In half mode, you can secure this around your front passenger seat for a handy driving caddy.

 #2  FORTEM Car Trunk Organizer

Award: Honorable Mention

WHY WE LIKE IT: A serious waterproof trunk organizer with a full-width lid to keep items secure and protected, making it a solution that can pull double duty for the beach or park.

  • Best heavy duty design with lid
  • Lid for 360-degree protection
  • Storage straps
  • May arrive with a chemical smell

Most trunk organizers are open. And that means that contents can not just shift, but possibly fall out — especially if your organizer doubles as a caddy when you head off for outdoor excursions. The FORTEM Car Trunk Organizer can serve as the answer to your problem since it’s a heavy-duty trunk organizer thanks to the foldable lid that is held securely in place with velcro. But if you don’t need the lid, you can also remove it to make life easier. And you’ll like that this option has handles that are stitched securely into place.

This velcro trunk organizer features two main compartments with a removable panel in one to turn those two compartments into three. The waterproof construction also makes it great for outdoor use, while the non-slip bottom and security straps help to keep your organizer in place when it’s in the trunk. And you’ll like that this folds down to save space when not in use. Plus four exterior mesh pockets give you additional storage. Also, check out the YFMMM Car Trunk Organizer, which is made of 1680D Oxford Polyester fabric, making the organizer durable and waterproof. It’s also foldable for easy storage and has a non-slip bottom.

 #3  Tuff Viking Convertible Large Trunk Organizer

Award: Best Quality

WHY WE LIKE IT: A convertible four-in-one trunk organizer with a built-in insulated leak proof cooler that’s perfect for any occasion whether simply hauling groceries or outdoor activities like tailgates, beach days, or picnics.

  • Best cooler design
  • Convertible 4-in-1 leak proof design
  • Tie-down security straps
  • May arrive with a smoky odor

No one wants to invest in multiple trunk organizers if you don’t need to. We’re nominating the Tuff Viking Convertible Large Trunk Organizer as our Best Quality recommendation because it’s a trunk organizer with a cooler that is insulated and can be converted into four configurations. At full capacity, you can enjoy four compartments and the cooler.

But the included side clips give you the freedom to collapse any of the compartments for a more streamlined option. You’ll also like the waterproof base that helps to prevent leaks. And the non-slip skids also keep it securely in place. Although you can also use the tie down straps for added security. You’ll like that this is also a collapsible option to help save space when not in use. There’s also the Feezen Car Trunk Organizer, which has convenient pockets and smaller compartments to keep items separated and organized. Its sidewalls are sturdy and the bottom base plates give the product a rugged, rigid shape. It also won’t slide around your trunk due to having multiple strips on the bottom with hooks to keep it in place.

 #4  Honey-Can-Do Folding Car Trunk Organizer

Award: Best Budget

WHY WE LIKE IT: A budget-friendly collapsible trunk organizer with two main compartments, three exterior mesh pockets, and velcro to keep it secure in your trunk.

  • Velcro on base to hold in place
  • Stitched in handles
  • Additional exterior mesh pockets
  • Not waterproof
  • Lacks security ties

While most trunk organizers are fairly affordable, you might not feel that you need one of the more heavy duty trunk organizers that we’ve featured in our roundup. In that case, the Honey-Can-Do Folding Car Trunk Organizer is a great modest solution for simpler needs.

You’ll like that this option is a collapsible design with two large interior compartments and three exterior mesh pockets. This makes it perfect for people who only occasionally need additional storage such as transporting groceries. You also get velcro tabs on the base to help keep it in place, and sturdy handles so you can easily position it. And when not in use, it folds down to save space. It stays secure, just like the best truck floor mats, which is a big bonus. If you’re looking for another long lasting product, check out the Homeve Foldable Trunk Storage Organizer, which has a durable design and reinforced handles for easy carrying of cargo like groceries, toys, etc. in and out of your trunk.

 #5  MIU COLOR Foldable Car Trunk Organizer

Award: Most Customizable

WHY WE LIKE IT: A straightforward and modestly priced trunk organizer that folds down when not in use, with removable panels to customize your storage needs without breaking the bank.

  • Velcro on base to hold in place
  • Stitched in handles
  • Non-slip bottom
  • Not waterproof
  • Lacks security ties

You shouldn’t have to feel like you need to settle just because you’re spending less money. While the MIU COLOR Foldable Car Trunk Organizer is only slightly more expensive than our Best Budget recommendation, you’ll like that it offers enhanced functionality. Specifically, this collapsible design comes with two removable dividers. And the dividers are held in place with sturdy velcro.

With a full capacity of 70 liters you’ll like that you can customize the length to fit your trunk. Plus as is common with this product category, you can fold it down completely when it’s not in use to save space. Other features we liked were the non-slip bottom that features velcro and the sturdy handle.

 #6  Knodel Sturdy Car Trunk Organizer with Premium Insulation Cooler

Award: Best Safety Design

WHY WE LIKE IT: A convertible three-in-one trunk organizer that features a built-in insulated leak proof cooler and can be transitioned into multiple configurations to fit your needs and can be secured in the trunk or in a passenger seat.

  • Reflective safety strip
  • Waterproof
  • Customizable with removable divider
  • May arrive with an odor

If you liked our Best Quality recommendation but felt it wasn’t affordable, then the Knodel Sturdy Car Trunk Organizer with Premium Insulation Cooler is a great alternative. While it doesn’t allow for quite as many convertible options as the Best Quality, it’s still a strong contender. We like that this three in one option can be shifted from three compartments to just one.

We also like that the included side clips let you easily collapse or expand the compartments. The waterproof base also helps prevent leaks. Rather than non-slip skids, this model features a velcro bottom to keep it in place. But the included tie down straps give you additional security. One feature this option has that isn’t present in the Best Quality recommendation is an included removable divider to create additional compartments and a reflective safety stripe on the exterior.

How We Decided

Trunk organizers are a great solution for people who are always on the go and who need to to keep essential items organized in their cars. But depending on your needs, you might need to streamline your search. To create our recommendations, we prioritized the following features — material, durability, and weight. As a side note, every trunk organizer in our recommendations can be collapsed. This is ideal for space saving as it means you don’t need to remove your trunk organizer if you need to load additional items into your trunk. Simply fold it and place it out of the way. This also means you won’t misplace it.

In terms of design, you’ll note that our recommendations range between the following categories: simple budget-friendly, sturdier waterproof, and models with coolers. If you’re not the type to rely heavily on trunk storage, our Best Budget and #5 recommendations are ideal because they’re not very expensive and provide the most basic needs — compartments to contain the mess in your trunk — without the bells, whistles, or markup.

But if you rely on trunk storage more frequently, our Top Pick and Honorable Mention are good because they feature a more rugged design. This includes features like waterproofing, adjustable compartments, and straps to keep the trunk organizer securely in place. And finally, if you are looking for a trunk organizer that can also pull double duty as a caddy for outdoor excursions, then our Best Quality and #6 recommendations should be at the top of your list. While they feature the same options as the Top Pick and Honorable Mention, both the Best Quality and #6 picks include a built-in insulated cooler for food storage.

For security, we looked at which models featured non slip bottoms and tie straps. While all of the models offer non slip bottoms, only the Best Budget and #5 recommendations lack tie straps.

Trunk Organizer Buying Guide

The Most Important Factors to Consider

  1. Compatibility
    You should always confirm that the trunk organizer you’re thinking of buying will fit in the trunk of your car, SUV, or truck. If you have a compact or subcompact car, some organizers may not fit in the trunk. Likewise, picking a trunk organizer for a small car might not be sufficient for a larger car, SUV or truck.
  2. Design
    Some trunk organizers offer a wide range of compartments to help you separate essentials. But if you’re only using an organizer to hold goods after a grocery run, this might not be important to you. Keep your long term goals in mind when shopping for a trunk organizer. Likewise, some organizers are designed to be folded when not in use, which is ideal if you need to save space. Also, look for options with handles if you want to use your organizer as a tote.
  3. Material
    Depending on what you plan on storing in your trunk organizer, you’ll need to be mindful of the materials being used. If you’re storing heavy objects, you’ll want an organizer that’s made of sturdy material and is less likely to rip. But if you’re using a trunk organizer in an open truck bed, you’ll also want to consider waterproof material.
  4. Stowage
    There’s nothing worse than putting a bag in your trunk, having it tip over and then needing to retrieve all the items that fell out of it. Look for trunk organizers with tie straps to help keep it secure so that it won’t shift while your vehicle is in motion.
  5. Accessories
    Some trunk organizers come with additional features that make them ideal for uses beyond simply hauling items in your car. In addition to compartments and exterior or interior pockets, some options can include trunk organizers with coolers or even removable panels so that you can customize the storage for your needs.


  • What is the best trunk organizer?
    The best trunk organizer is one that fits comfortably within your trunk while also meeting your needs. You’ll need to determine whether you want an organizer with one large compartment, one with multiple compartments, or one that features adjustable panels. Likewise, you’ll need to decide whether you want a collapsible model or one that is meant to stay open, even when not in use.
  • How do I organize the back of my SUV?
    With an SUV, your trunk is really just the back of your car behind the last row of seats. While many SUVs feature storage under the seat, you can also invest in a sturdy trunk organizer with tie straps to hold it secure when not in use. Look for models that are compatible with the space you have in the back of your SUV. And, if you install top garage lighting, you can easily organize your trunk faster.
  • Why would I want a waterproof trunk organizer?
    Even if you don’t own a pickup truck, there are plenty of reasons why a waterproof trunk organizer would be a good option. If you routinely cart liquids in your trunk, a waterproof trunk organizer can prevent any spills from leaking into your trunk and causing stains.

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