10 Best TV Antenna Amplifiers in 2023

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Updated January 24, 2023

To find the best TV antenna amplifiers, you’ll need to examine a list of criteria to determine what is most important. We recommend the best TV antenna amplifier with a minimum dB gain per port of 7.5 and a +15 dB of gain for an entire amplifier, which we feel present a noticeable difference in UHF and VHF band signal reception. It should provide a minimum gain of 10 dB and work with 360° omnidirectional signals for the greatest coverage.

After analyzing hundreds of reviews, we’ve determined that the DrillTop TV Antenna Amplifier is the best TV antenna amplifier you can buy. When you have finished reading about this product and our other picks, take a moment to check out our guide to the best TV antenna.

Top 10 Best TV Antenna Amplifiers

 #1  Channel Master Ultra Mini 2 TV Antenna Amplifier


WHY WE LIKE IT: This TV antenna amplifier comes in a small compact size and uses a 2-way digital distribution amplifier, an excellent choice for space savers who would prefer not to mount amplifiers to walls and windows.

  • Cast aluminum housing for durability
  • Can support up to two televisions without signal loss
  • Excellent support for streaming devices (e.g. Amazon Firestick)
  • No notable improvement in signal quality in highly obstructed areas
  • Connection labels are hard to read

This 2-port HDTV signal distribution amplifier does an exceptional job of improving analog and digital broadcast signals. It can also support up to two televisions. Better yet, it supports up to two televisions without the need for a splitter, which is known to degrade signals.

On the installation side, this TV antenna amplifier is pretty straightforward. Two opposite side mounting holes allow it to be mounted on a vertical or horizontal surface, working well in tight areas with very little wall space. Cast aluminum housing and a powder-coated finish offer rust and abrasion resistance. Paired with the best omnidirectional TV antenna and you’ll have a powerful viewing experience.

 #2  Antronix Four Output TV Antenna Amplifier


WHY WE LIKE IT: This TV antenna amplifier helps optimize signal strength by nickel-plated housing with a gain increase of +7.5 DB per port, a great choice as a well-rounded amplifier that offers exceptional value for features.

  • -40°F to +140°F operating range
  • 6 kV surge protection for outages
  • Nickel-plated housing for durability
  • Not compatible with units running pre-amplifier
  • Limited boost in Wi-Fi signal

This TV antenna amplifier boosts the signal with a 3dB noise figure, which really helps strengthen weaker signals. When packed with units auto-seizing F-port which allows for an improved center conductor and cam contact, improved signal quality is really noticeable. It also comes with a respectable 8dB of forwarding gain levels, not so much as to overload your TV’s input and create a distorted picture.

Kudos for a super durable construction, using powder-coated aluminum alloy housing and a short circuit protected power adaptor to protect against surges. We would feel really comfortable using it indoors or outdoors. Use in conjunction with the best outdoor TV antenna for maximum functionality.

 #3  Antennas Direct TV Antenna Amplifier


WHY WE LIKE IT: This long range TV antenna booster features 7.5dB amplification per port and tough casing, a great choice for households or businesses with up to four TV sets that need the extra power.

  • Can be used inside/outside
  • Excellent frequency ranges (54-1000 MHz)
  • Strong weatherproofing for protection
  • Does not include 75 Ohm F-termination caps
  • Included coax cable (3 feet) could be longer

This digital TV antenna amplifier does an excellent job of improving reception for each TV it is paired with, featuring 7.5dB amplification per port. 7.5dB amplification produces a noticeable difference in improved TV signal quality. It also intercepts cellular and wireless transmission to limit interference.

Kudos for this indoor antenna booster’s 4-way distribution amp’s weatherproofing, making it great for use indoors or outdoors, as long as it is paired with a watertight F-connector and weather boots. All in all, consider this a well-rounded choice for larger households looking to amplify the best indoor TV antenna.

 #4  Reliable Cable Product TV Antenna Amplifier


WHY WE LIKE IT: This TV signal amplifier comes with one input, four outputs, and a limit of +7.5dB gain @ 1000MHz, a preferred choice for anyone living in large households with up to four televisions.

  • Excellent operating temperature (-40ºF to +140ºF)
  • UL Listed for surge protection
  • LED power indicator to tell if it is on or off
  • Cannot be used alongside pre-amplifier
  • Not much of a difference-maker in high obstruction areas

This best indoor TV antenna amplifier really helps improve TV reception, starting with an integrated equalizer that produces variable amplifier gain based on signal strength, starting with a minimum +0dB @ 54MHz gain. We also love the fact this unit is very durable, UL-listed for short circuit protection with weathertight sealing to brave it out in extreme hold and cold temperatures.

As a side effect, this indoor TV antenna amplifier is also capable of slightly boosting internet speeds. All in all, consider this TV signal amplifier an excellent choice if your area is not in a strategic direction facing or close to broadcast towers. You might also like the best long range TV antenna for even better reception.

 #5  PingBingDing PBD HDTV TV Antenna Amplifier


WHY WE LIKE IT: This TV antenna amplifier produces a clearer signal with a 4G LTE filter and a two-port system, an excellent choice for people living in dense, urban areas.

  • Excellent gain ratings (VHF 16 dB;UHF:25dB)
  • LTE filter blocks cell interference
  • Includes a 5 foot RG6 coax cable
  • Not compatible with active antennas

This TV antenna amplifier delivers a better signal and helps increase the number of available channels with a built-in signal booster and PureAMp technology for effective noise reduction. Gain numbers are solid, clocking in at 16dB for VHF frequencies and 25dB for UHF frequencies.

Arguably this TV amplifier antenna’s biggest strength is its LTE filter, which can create unwanted interference, especially in dense urban areas with tons of cell phone usage. It also comes with a 17-foot long coaxial cable, which is more than enough reach for building windows in close proximity to televisions.

 #6  Winegard TV Antenna Amplifier


WHY WE LIKE IT: This TV antenna amplifier features TwinAmp Technology for VHF/UHF signal optimization and a dedicated smartphone app for finding nearby HDTV towers, a great choice for people who need a little extra help positioning their antenna.

  • Sleek and modern black casing
  • Separate VHF and UHF signals for optimal coverage
  • Intuitive, dedicated smartphone app to find nearby towers
  • Can experience fluctuating signal strength

This TV antenna amplifier provides a significant boost to non-amplified digital HDTV antennas using TwinAmp Technology, which uses separate processes of optimizing UHF and VHF frequencies for a clearer picture and minimal distortion. Maximum gain is solid (18dB)

By far, this TV antenna amplifier’s nearest feature is its dedicated Winegard smartphone app, which allows users to find available HDTV towers using augmented reality. It is very intuitive, only requiring users to point the phone towards the horizon to discover optimal positioning angles based on tower location. It is good on both iOS and Android.

 #7  Channel Master CM-7778HD TV Antenna Amplifier


WHY WE LIKE IT: This TV antenna amplifier comes with dual antenna inputs for VHF & UHF, along with a built-In LTE filter to minimize cellular interference, an excellent choice for dorm rooms.

  • Durable die-cast metal construction
  • Amplify+ allows for choosing gain setting
  • LTE signal filtering to prevent unwanted interference
  • No dedicated smartphone app for HDTV tower discovery

This Channel Master TV antenna amplifier does an excellent job of improving signal strength with some impressive specs. Adjustable amplification settings allow users to customize gain on a Low or High setting along with a separate FM trap to help minimize interference from FM TV antennas that could act through UHF and VHF signals.

We are very impressed with this Channel Master TV antenna amplifier’s heavy-duty construction as well. Die-cast metal housing and port weatherproofing work well to protect the device from the elements. All in all, this TV antenna amplifier offers an impressive combination of gain performance and weatherproofing, good for use indoors or outdoors. Use it in conjunction with the best rabbit ear antenna for better reception.

 #8  GE Indoor TV Antenna Amplifier


WHY WE LIKE IT: This TV antenna amplifier helps boost your non-amplified passive TV antenna’s signal with PureAmp technology for improved reception, an excellent choice for value-conscious consumers not looking to break the bank.

  • Slim and lightweight profile
  • Full 1080p HD compatible for vivid picture
  • Very easy to install
  • May experience odd fit with coaxial cable

This TV antenna amplifier helps optimize VHF and UHF reception with PureAmp technology, which really does an excellent job of filtering out interference with a favorable signal-to-noise ratio and improving the overall signal level.

On the installation side, this unit is a breeze, only needing a direct connection to your HDTV and antenna before connecting its AC power supply and performing a channel scan to discover content from nearby broadcast towers.

 #9  Skywalker Signature Series TV Antenna Amplifier


WHY WE LIKE IT: This TV antenna amplifier comes with two mounting holes on opposite sides and variable gain control of up to 25dB, an excellent choice for people who want to tweak their reception settings.

  • Helpful power indicator light
  • Variable gain setting for fine-tuning
  • Excellent TV signal coverage (47 to 1000MHz)
  • Bulkier than average amplifier size (5.5 x 3.25 x 1.5 inches)

Arguably this TV antenna amplifier’s biggest strength is its variable gain setting, which operates on VHF / UHF / FM bands to adjust by up to 25dB. Variable gain fine-tuning allows users to adjust the signal-to-noise figure to
Another feature we love with this unit is its sturdy metal housing, working well with an indoor HDTV antenna.

Built-in mounting screw holes allow it to be mounted vertically or horizontally out of sight. Kudos for a power indicator light that is helpful to let users know it is working.

 #10  DrillTop TV Antenna Amplifier

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WHY WE LIKE IT: This TV antenna amplifier packs a wallop with up to 200 miles of range using a paper-thin, circular shape that fits in with the most decor, an excellent choice for people who prefer design as much as function.

  • Paper-thin with mounting flexibility
  • Easy plug and play installation
  • Excellent support for streaming devices (e.g. Amazon Firestick)
  • No dedicated smartphone app for TV stations
  • Construction feels like flimsy cardboard

This TV HDTV antenna amplifier does an exceptional job with discovering local channels, led by a signal-boosting amplifier. that works well in grabbing all of the popular local news and broadcast networks such as NBC, FOX, CBS, and ABC. In addition to local broadcast support, it is easily paired with streaming devices for a wider variety of content.

We especially love its universal attachment options, with a paper-thin profile affixing to any flat surfaces including windows, walls, and sides of buildings. An amplifier connection is a breeze to coordinate, fitting with your TV’s USB charging port or set-top box’s USB port. Even scanning for channels is very easy since it can be done directly through your TV. If you’re scanning TV channels in your RV trailer, this amplifier can be used with the best RV antenna to improve analog and digital signals.

How We Decided

In determining the best TV antenna amplifier to buy to cut the cord for good, we explored performance, ease of installation, and durability.

Look for the best TV antenna amplifiers that produce a minimum dB gain per port of 7.5, and a +15 dB of gain for an entire amplifier. This translates to an improved signal range, especially with 360° omnidirectional antennas. They should also create limited noise (<=1dB). The higher the noise, the lower the sensitivity levels. TV antenna amplifiers should also be capable of amplifying both UHF and VHF equally. Serving TVs simultaneously is a bonus.

Ease of installation is also key. We are big fans of simple setups that consist of push-in coaxial connections, as opposed to screw in, for a faster install. Coaxial cables should also be no less than 10 feet to provide ample coverage when a window is not close to a television.

Lastly, be extra mindful of durable TV antenna amplifiers compatible with an indoor-outdoor antenna. We like weatherproofing with UV and weatherproofing for rust and abrasion resistance.

Best TV Antenna Amplifiers Buyer’s Guide

The Most Important Features to Consider

  1. Amplification (dB)
    Look for the best TV antenna amplifiers with a minimum dB gain per port of 7.5, and a +15 dB of gain for an entire amplifier which is our threshold for when improvements in signal quality really become noticeable. e Limited noise (<=1dB) also translates to higher sensitivity levels, which is critical in achieving the best signal.
  2. Ease of Installation
    Unlike TV antennas, TV antenna amplifiers are a lot easier to install. We are big fans of push-in coaxial connections, as opposed to screw in types, which could damage the pin with excess force.
  3. Durability
    A thick and durable amplifier and coaxial cable construction should provide solid performance against scuffs, cuts, and other damage. Moisture providing also prevents cables to attenuate and reduce their effectiveness over a long period of time. Copper ended coaxial cables are a plus, known for their ability to withstand voltage burn-out.

TV Antenna Amplifiers FAQs

Do antenna amplifiers really work?

Yes, TV antenna amplifiers do an excellent job of extending range by reversing the effects of splitting signals and cable resistance. We really notice a difference with a TV antenna amplifier that carries a minimum dB gain per port of 7.5 and a +total 15 dB gain.

Where should I put an antenna amplifier?

Place your antenna amplifier as close to your antenna as possible for the best results. It makes no difference whether the antenna is grounded, elevated, indoors, or outdoors.

Do TV antenna amplifiers go bad?

Antenna amplifiers by themselves usually do not fail. Failure is most likely the culprit of a faulty cable connection, corroded cable, or similar issues.

What is the best height for a TV antenna?

Our recommendation is to place antennas at least 30 feet up for the best range. This establishes a clear line of sight between the antenna and nearby local broadcast towers, even more so if the antenna is multi-directional or omnidirectional where pointing is not needed.
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