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Products Updated January 27, 2023
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The Razor MX650 is a powerful, super fun and durable making it the best electric motorcycle for kids. It features a powerful motor that gives you high top speeds and a long-lasting battery for extended riding sessions. Read on to discover the best motorcycles for your kids.

Top 5 Best Electric Motorcycle for Kids Compared

 #1  Razor MX650 – Best Electric Motorcycle for Kids

WHY WE LIKE IT:  The Razor MX650 is built to mimic a real dirt rocket as much as possible. It features a super powerful motor that allows your kids to reach higher speeds than all of the other motorcycles on this list and dual suspensions for a smooth ride. This ride on dirt bike is perfect for older kids who want to eventually transition to real motocross bikes.

  • Extra powerful motor
  • Long-lasting battery
  • Durable, off-road design
  • Made specifically for teenagers
  • Short 90-day warranty
  • Long charge time

Motor Power 10/10
​​​​The Razor MX650 features a large-capacity motor, measuring in at a total of 650 Watts. With such a powerful motor, this electric motorcycle will last longer, run faster and stay strong, even during rough riding sessions. It’s also chain driven for a more authentic operation.

Battery Life 9/10
​​​The battery on this off-road dirt bike is another huge selling point, especially amongst other electric motorcycles. During normal riding sessions, the battery typically lasts a little over an hour. You may experience a smaller battery life during particularly rough riding sessions that involve hills and jumps.

Unfortunately, you’ll need to charge the battery for up to 12 hours before you achieve a full charge. This translates to longer wait times before riding sessions.

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Top Speed 10/10
​​The MX650 can reach top speeds of up to 17 miles per hour, which is much faster than any of the bikes on this list. However, with such fast speeds, the MX650 is really only good for older kids.

Weight Limit 10/10
The Razor MX650 can carry kids up to 220 pounds total. Again, this is much higher than any of the other products on this list. However, remember that this bike is made for older children and just because it features a high weight limit, it doesn’t mean your small kids can use it properly.

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 #2  Monster Moto MM-E250-PR – Best Kids Electric Dirt Bike

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WHY WE LIKE IT:  The Monster Moto MM-E250-PR is super durable and fast, making this a perfect choice for smaller kids who want something bigger and faster. For parents’ ease of mind, this electronic motorcycle features a speed limiter and easy-to-use brakes.

  • Includes safety speed limiter
  • Durable steel frame
  • Minimal assembly
  • The bike itself is heavy
  • Smaller frame not great for big kids
  • Can be hard to learn

Motor Power 9.5/10
​​​​​The Monster Moto MM-E250-PR features a powerful, 250-Watt motor. With this kind of power, this motorcycle can easily handle both roads and rough terrains. This is enough power for smaller kids to get used to higher speeds as they transition into more powerful motorcycles. The motor is encased in a durable steel frame as well, helping making this electric vehicle heavy duty and longlasting.

Battery Life 9/10
​On a single charge, your kids will typically get around 45 minutes of ride time with the Monster Moto MM-E250-PR. This battery life can fluctuate depending on how fast your child is running the motorcycle and the type of terrain you’re using it on.

Top Speed 10/10
​​At its maximum power, the Moto MM-E250-PR can get up to a total of 11 miles per hour. However, this electric motorcycle for kids features a handy speed limiter for more concerned parents, which limits the top speed to 7 miles per hour. This speed limiter is incredibly helpful for smaller children who aren’t quite used to higher speeds but who will grow into them later.

Weight Limit 10/10
This motorcycle can handle up to 130 pounds total, which is great overall. In part, this is also aided by pneumatic tires. However, the bike does feature a smaller frame, so tall kids who are still under the weight limit may find riding it more difficult. If your little one prefers 4 wheels, read about the best 4 wheelers for kids.

 #3  Razor MX350 – Best Electric Motorcycle for Teenagers

WHY WE LIKE IT:  Like its more powerful sibling, the MX650, the Razor MX350 is designed to mimic a dirt bike as much as possible. However, this bike is a little scaled down to work better for smaller children. It still features comfortable riding features, a powerful motor and higher speeds, making this a great transition electronic motorcycle for kids.

  • Designed for off-road use
  • Powerful motor
  • High speeds
  • Smaller battery life
  • No returns; short warranty
  • Long charge times

Motor Power 10/10
​Featuring a powerful 350 Watt motor, this Razor dirt bike is designed for handling off-road terrains with ease and the help of its knobby tires. The chain driven motor itself is also super quiet with a twist grip throttle for easier operation. This powerful, but not over-powered, motor is perfect for kids 13 years and up. Razor is also a reputable brand for providing reliable safety features, like disc brakes on their electric vehicles.

Battery Life 8.5/10
​The overall battery life on this Razor electric bike is one of its biggest downfalls. It’s rated for continuous use up to 30 minutes total. This is the lowest time of all the electronic motorcycles on our list, and it can be a big source of disappointment for kids who want to ride all day long. This is especially true when you consider the extra-long charge time of around 12 hours.

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Top Speed 10/10
​You can achieve a maximum speed of up to 14 miles per hour with the Razor MX350 Dirt Rocket Electric Motocross Bike, due to its powerful engine and high-torque body design. This can definitely be a bit too fast for younger children, but it’s perfect for pre-teens and young teenagers who are a bit more daring. Of course, for safety and control, there’s a hand-operated rear brake.

Weight Limit 10/10
This electric dirt bike can handle weights up to 140 pounds and its frame is big enough to handle taller kids, too. With a higher weight capacity, this bike is perfect for older kids. For a different spin on 2 wheels, check out the fastest hoverboard. Be sure to also check out the Razor Dirt Rocket SX500 McGrath Electric Motocross Bike, which can be ridden by kids with different body masses without hindering the performance due to high torque. Its max speed is 15 MPH if used continuously for 40 minutes, and the bike features a dual suspension system for a smoother ride. An extra note is that the MX350 comes in two primary colors of red and blue alongside a black color.

 #4  Moderno Kids Street Racer – Best Electric Motorcycle for 8 Year Olds

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WHY WE LIKE IT:  The Moderno Kids Street Racer looks just like a real Ducati motorcycle, with functioning LED lights and an integrated MP3 player to play music. It features an electronic braking system and is easily assembled in under 30 minutes. This battery powered motorcycle is a wonderful choice for younger kids.

  • Sleek, cool style with training wheels
  • Easy assembly
  • LED lights and MP3 player
  • Motor not as powerful
  • Low weight limit
  • Lower speed

Motor Power 8.5/10
​This electronic motorcycle features a 20 Watt motor, which isn’t as powerful the top choices on our list. However, it still outputs plenty of power for younger children.

Battery Life 10/10
​The Street Racer features the longest battery life of all the electronic motorcycles on our list. With up to 1.5 hours of battery life, your kids can get the most out of this bike. Keep in mind, though, that the more you use the music playing features, the less battery life you’ll get.

Top Speed 9/10
​The Moderno can reach speeds up to 4 miles per hour, which can be a little faster for really young kids. As such, just make sure your kids are more comfortable with the higher speeds. Fortunately, the bike comes with useful electronic brakes system which is better for stopping than other options on the list.

Warranty 9.5/10
Kids up to 66 pounds can ride this bike with ease, but it’s built in a way that kids smaller than that can also ride it. The bike itself features training wheels for the younger kids whose weight can’t balance the bike as well as others. The best hoverboards for kids are also a fun ride.

 #5  12V Police Motorcycle – Best Kids Electric Police Bike

WHY WE LIKE IT:  The 12V Police Motorcycle stays true to its name with an incredibly detailed style that looks just like a real police chopper. It features fun sound effects and lights with an included storage compartment on the back of the bike. This electronic motorcycle is the perfect choice for little kids who want to be just like their local police officers.

  • Realistic look with lights and sirens
  • Storage included
  • Two speed settings
  • Assembly required
  • Charging is difficult
  • Not as stable as other bikes

Motor Power 8.5/10
​The 12V Police Motorcycle features a 25 Watt motor. While this isn’t as powerful as the top choices on our list, it provides the perfect amount of juice for younger kids just starting to ride.

Battery Life 9.5/10
​​This electric motorcycle for kids made by National Products features a lot of flashing lights and sound effects, which are really great, but can affect the potential battery life. Fortunately, kids can still ride this police bike for up to an hour on a single charge. On the plus side, the flashing lights and sound system does enhance the fun in the experience for your kids, so weigh the pros and cons of the product alongside what you want for your kids.

Top Speed 9/10
​​​This kid’s motorcycle can reach top speeds of up to 5 miles per hour. It features two different speed settings. One reaches 5 MPH while the other goes a maximum of 2 MPH.

Weight Limit 10/10
Kids up to 110 pounds can ride this motorcycle without problem. Larger kids may be able to use it, as well, but you’ll likely experience decreased performance and battery life. Unfortunately, this bike has a tendency to tip over with larger kids, even in spite of the two rear wheels. You may also like the best scooter for kids.

How Much Power Do You Really Need?

The electric motorcycles for kids that we’ve reviewed here offer a variety of features, including a wide range of motor power and top speeds. You might be asking yourself how much power you really need in the bike you purchase.

The simplest way to answer this question is to consider your child and what they want or feel comfortable with. If your child isn’t as comfortable at top speeds, you’ll want to consider something that isn’t as powerful, and vice versa. Note that though we’re part of the Amazon Associates Program, we are dedicated to delivering honest product reviews to our readers.

How We Reviewed the Electric Motorcycles

A deeper dive into the specifics, just for you.

  • Motor Power – More Wattage is Better for Big Kids
    As with any vehicle purchase, you should be considering how powerful the motor or engine is in the product you buy. More power is typically better overall, since it will give you higher speeds and more versatility. However, when it comes to electric motorcycles for kids, you’ll likely need to be more conscious of how much power you buy.When you think about engines and motors, you’re probably also wondering how many horsepower you’ll get out of the motorcycle you buy. HP is typically related specifically to gas-powered engines, while we use wattage for measuring electrical motors. 1 horsepower equals around 745 watts.The power of electric motors is measured in watts. More wattage is better for bigger kids, as they can handle higher top speeds. Less wattage is better for smaller kids who are just getting introduced to electric motorcycles.Consider your child’s level of daring and make your purchase accordingly. In our reviews, we weighted higher wattage better, since they tend to last longer overall and are of better quality.Electric motors produce instantaneous torque, unlike combustion engines. And the motor power can directly affect how much torque is produced. The more torque the motor produces, the faster acceleration and speed you’ll get. If you’re after speed, especially consider the torque motor details while researching products. The list price may increase for more powerful products or products created by reputable brands, but you’ll know you’ll be paying for quality and reliability.
  • Battery Life – Longer Battery Life Means More Playtime
    Each product on our list has a different kind of rechargeable battery with different charge times and battery life. Better batteries last longer, even under continuous use. This goes for all kids toys, whether it is the best robot toys for kids or a motorcycle.

Try to find an electric motorcycle that offers at least an hour of continuous run time so your kids can get the maximum amount of fun possible on a single charge. You should also consider how long it takes for the bike to charge. Some take up to 12 hours, which just means you’ll be waiting longer to play.

Another factor to consider is how long your battery will last in the long term. Will it die after a certain number of charges? Unfortunately, the batteries in some of the motorcycles on the market aren’t reliable and will die after only a few charges. Pay close attention to user reviews to see if the model you’re considering doesn’t last very long. We eliminated obvious duds from our research.

You can also take care to prevent battery failures by storing your motorcycle indoors during inclement weather. Some models feature weatherproof housing, but these are rare in products made for younger children. Related to a rechargeable battery, take into account the battery charger details as well in case there are specific instructions that will lengthen the service life of both your electric vehicle and your battery charger.

  • Top Speed – The Best Speed Depends on Age
    The top speed of the motorcycle depends largely on the size and power of its motor, which we’ve discussed above. The products on our list vary widely in the speeds they can achieve. For older kids, higher top speeds are better, while younger kids will do much better with lower speeds.

For younger kids, consider purchasing an electric motorcycle that offers speed limiters or variable speeds. Many of the products for younger ages offer different modes for speed, one lower and one higher, to give them more of a choice.

  • Weight Limit – Higher Limits Grow with Kids
    What’s considered a good weight limit really depends on the size of your kids. However, as a general rule, higher weight limits can grow with your children. Motorcycles with lower weight limits may only last a year or two if your kids is near the higher end of the limit when you make your purchase.

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Top 10 Electric Motorcycles for Kids Compared

Take a look at the main specs for the top 10 electric motorcycles for kids.

Motorcycle Name – Power/Speed

  1. Razor MX650 – 650 W/17 MPH
  2. Monster Moto MM-E250-PR – 250 W/11 MPH
  3. Razor MX350 – 350 W/14 MPH
  4. Moderno Kids Street Racer – 20 W/4 MPH
  5. 12V Police Motorcycle – 25 W/5 MPH
  6. Unejoy Kids Electric Motorcycle – 18 W/3.2 MPH
  7. Lil’ Rider 3 Wheel Chopper – 18 W/3 MPH
  8. Qaba Aosom 6V Ride on Motocross – 15 W/2.5 MPH
  9. Best Choice Products Kids Ride On Motorcycle – 15 W/2 MPH
  10. Migotoys Trike Motorcycle – 15 W/2 MPH

Frequently Asked Questions

As a parent, you know just how hard it can be to buy the right toy for your kids, especially if you’ve never purchased something similar in the past. Let’s take a look at some of the frequently asked questions about electric motorcycles for kids.

  1. How often do electric motorcycles need to be charged?
    The answer to this question really depends on how often your child uses the motorcycle. If they’re out riding every day, it’s likely you’ll need to charge the bike more often. Remember that you should always charge the battery regularly—at least once a month—even if your kids aren’t using it. This is to keep the battery from degrading to the point of not being useable anymore.
  2. Are the batteries in these products safe?
    For the most part, all batteries are safe unless they are made of poor quality materials. Some product listings include specific details about raw materials used in these electric vehicles, like materials used in the frame, battery, etc. The products we’ve reviewed all have great customer reviews when it comes to battery quality. It’s always prudent to check the battery every so often to make sure it’s maintaining its quality. If you notice any degradation, it’s important to replace the battery for optimal safety.
  3. How old should my child be to ride an electric motorcycle?
    Any child who can sit up and walk by themselves is old enough to ride an electric motorcycle. However, it’s important you purchase one that is age appropriate specifically for your child.
  4. What’s the difference between electric and gas powered motorcycles?
    The main difference between electric bikes and gas motorcycles is in the motor and power. Gas motorcycles tend to be much more powerful and faster overall. Electric scooters and motorcycles are better for younger kids. When your children start to grow and get more daring, a switch to gas motorcycles might be better.

How We Reviewed The Motorcycles

Learn more about the considerations you should take into account when purchasing a new electric motorcycle for your kids.

  • Safety
    Since you’re purchasing a new toy for your kids, safety is always a main point of concern, as you well know. You should always purchase safety gear to use with your electric motorcycle, but also consider the built-in safety features the product you buy includes. Things like brakes, headlights and speed limiters can add to the overall safety of the motorcycle. For example, disc brakes significantly improve braking and a kill switch is an emergency stop feature that you may never know when it could come in handy. You may also want to consider purchasing products with reflective stickers if you’re planning or riding the bike in near darkness.

By nature of being less powerful than combustion engines, electric motorcycles are inherently safer to a certain degree. These motorcycles typically can’t generate huge bursts of speed and acceleration, making them ideal for younger children. However, this doesn’t mean that you can ignore safety altogether, especially for younger children.

Many of the motorcycles on our list include speed limiters or different levels of speed. You can choose to set the max speed for kids so they don’t get over zealous. Many of them also include added stability with training wheels or extra-wide tires. All of these little features add up to a safer experience overall. We rated motorcycles with these features higher than others because we know how much you care about your children’s safety.

  • Durability
    The construction of the motorcycle you purchase is also incredibly important, especially since the kids are going to be using it the most. As you know, young kids can bump into things more often than not, so you’ll want to purchase a bike that can take a hit or two. You’ll also want one of the best electric bike helmets to protect your child’s head.

The best electric motorcycles for kids are built of metal frames, but most feature plastic coverings and handles. While many of these are durable enough to take a hit or two, some aren’t. Read customer reviews to learn more about durability straight from the mouths of people who have actually used the bikes.

  • Charging Time
    The amount of time it takes to charge your motorcycle can have a huge impact on your child’s enjoyability (and patience). If it takes a full day to charge the motorcycle, then it takes that much longer for your child to play.

The best electric motorcycles for kids charge in a few short hours, but there are plenty of products on this list that can take up to 12 hours to charge. If you purchase one that features a longer charge time, consider charging it overnight instead of during the day.

  • Extra Features
    Kids love flashing lights and awesome sound effects, but not all electric motorcycles for kids feature these extra features. If this is something important to your kid, you’ll definitely want to consider buying a “themed” motorcycle. Though themed vehicles are fun with all the flashing lights and sounds, these features may drain the battery faster. Another extra feature you can purchase separately is a shoulder strap so you can transport your electric vehicle with ease.

Some of the products on our list mimic police motorcycles, bullet bikes or classic choppers. Some of them include headlights, music players and storage compartments. Make a list of things you’d like to see in your motorcycle and make your purchase based on that list.

  • Price/Value
    Buying a new toy for your kids can sometimes be a risk. They may or may not like it. They may grow out of it in two months. This is why it’s important to purchase an electric motorcycle that’s a good price for your specific budget. Consider your budget and your must-have feature, and then make a list of features you’d be okay with skipping in order to hit your budget.

Battery life and motor power are two of the features that affect price the most. More powerful bikes tend to be more expensive, so if you’re looking to buy for your teenagers, expect to pay a little bit more overall.

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