Not many games can slap a player’s head in a box, place a gun in hand for the killing of other identically impaired gun-toters, and still feel fresh. Titanfall does and does it well! We’ve seen first person shooters come and go. Some have stamina and adhere like an all-too-familiar sticky grenade, while some fall off into forgotten obscurity shortly after their first shots are fired. But EA and Respawn — a seasoned gaming development outfit, which includes seminal Call of Duty vets, have accomplished the equivalent to ice-skating up Mt. Everest and metaphorically doing the impossible.

Titanfall owes its allure to a radical yet familiar movement system and an utterly impeccable level design, which helps the movement really shine when you’re traversing across the game’s 15 maps. The game makes use of a heavily modified version of Valve’s now legendary and highly versatile Source engine (Half-Life 2, Couter-Strike: Global Offense, Left 4 Dead 2, Team Fortress 2). Still, many have experienced all sorts of issues on the PC. Here is a compiled list of all the known fixes for the most widely experienced technical problems. Looking to enable SLI? Need stable frame rates, mouse too slippery or unstable? Here are the 6 best optimization tips to enhance your Titanfall experience.

1. Enable V-Sync


The ability to sync every frame is a bit wonky now on Titanfall. A fix is reportedly inbound. Currently, to enable V-Sync you must disable it in game and enable it in your Nvidia Control Panel settings or AMD Radeon Catalyst settings. Strange, I know, but it works.

2. Enable SLI


Titanfall doesn’t do too well with multiple cards right now. Word on the wind is an official SLI profile is in the works. Until then Nvidia GeForce card owners can use this fan made profile. To enable it you have to download and import the profile to Nvidia’s Inspector tool. Create a profile. Attach a game .exe (titanfall.exe) to it and then import SLI profile. Apply and you’re golden.

3. CPU Needs More Power


Valve’s fabled Source engine relies more heavily on CPU muscle than some other games. ParkControl is a tool you can download that will park or unpark CPU cores. Parking is essentially putting unused CPU cores in a sleep or rest state until needed. Unmolested, Windows will govern parking and unparking, albeit not in a way that favors high end gaming. But you can take matters in your hands. The ParkControl tool lets you edit parking settings for your CPU. Unparking some or all cores can significantly increase game performance, as well as general OS operations.

4. Mouse Issue


Many source engine game experiences have been enhanced by a few simple mouse tweaks. I’m hearing reports that this frenetic shooter with the creamy parkour center is no different. If you’re experiencing mouse pointer stuttering or less-than smooth cursor movement, pulling the plug on Mouse Acceleration is advisable. Also many “gaming” mice come with proprietary utilities for mouse acceleration and custom DPI settings. Make changes there accordingly if necessary.

5. Framerate

Titanfall fps

Scaling back your in-game video settings is a tried and true way to increase performance and framerates. But specifically to Titanfall these in-game setting tweaks are the best for increasing FPS.

Antialiasing – Turning this off completely or using the friendlier MSAA is suggested.

Textures Resolution – The “Insane” settings embraces its namesake. Those with lower end cards should try “Very High” or even “High”.

Shadows – These can be pretty demanding. We recommend these are set to Off.

Anisotropic Filtering – Try 8x if the max 16x is too taxing.

6. Fine Tuning

Titanfall-Tweaks_6There a few key tweaks that can done to further enhance your Titanfall fun. On PC you can set Launch Parameters. It’s easy stuff. Within Origin, click on My Games. Then right-click Titanfall and select Game Properties. With the opened field, type one or all of the following with a space in between each entry.

Show in-game Counter: +cl_showfps 1 or 2 ( 1 means the counter appears on the top right corner. 2 places the counter top left corner).

Windowed View: -windowed

Disable Intro Videos: -novid (get in the game much faster)
Borderless Window View: -noborder (great for alt-tabbing ease and manually apply custom monitor color profiles)

CPU Load Priority: -high

Finally remember to use the latest hardware drivers such as the current set from Nvidia Geforce and AMD Catalyst. NOTE: Some Intel CPUs using their integrated graphics solution (mainly Iris) are showing better Titanfall performance when using beta versions of their graphic drivers like these here.


Shawn Sanders

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