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Xbox One

Xbox Update Includes New Voice Messaging and More

The latest update for the Xbox One has come to Xbone consoles everywhere, and this one includes several new features that users have been wanting for some time now.

Let’s break the Xbox update down. First, players have the ability to exchange voice messages. This is a pretty huge add-on that many believed should have been included from the very beginning. Now friends and party members can send quick snaps of voice messages to each other by double-tapping the home button and creating a recording. It is infinitely easier than trying to type out a written message in what feels analogous to Morse Code on the Xbox controller – and it also works with Xbox 360.

But this is not the only social feature that the Xbox update includes. Players will also benefit from the new dedicated chat relay servers that Microsoft is rolling out. In a nutshell, throughout May Microsoft will make these dedicated servers available to a greater majority of players. In practical terms, this means more players getting smoother chat experiences and less chance of chats dropping out.


There is also a new SmartGlass feature. SmartGlass is the mobile app tie-in for Xbox One that allows players to access extra content and control a variety of features wirelessly. That list of features just got longer, with the ability to fully power the Xbox One on or off as desired – just one more way to do, including via controller, hand signals, or voice commands. Just maybe don’t let your younger brother play with the iPad when you’re gaming.

Finally, the Xbox update will include the ability to select a new power mode entirely. There’s now the option for an energy-saving mode where you can only turn the Xbox One on via the controller – instead of voice activation or other options. If you don’t really use anything but your controller to start up, this could help you save some bucks on electricity.

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