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If you are still loving your PS3, we have a great place for you loyal Sony fans to come check the latest PS3 reviews and important updates to your favorite video system. The experts at Gadget Review comb the Internet and find all the important information that impacts the way you play your PS3, from important game comparisons to new features and deals. The console is only around $220 these days, and is still one of the best plays to play NHL Legacy Edition, The Last of Us, and more upcoming or famous video games.

Latest PS3 Reviews

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At Gadget Review, the game writers take time to watch the latest trailers, read about the new announcements from game studios, and see what's going on in the PlayStation 3 world. How long will services be supported? Is the latest FPS or RPG worth playing on the PS3, or is it finally time to switch over to the PlayStation 4 or another new alternative for the graphics upgrade? Gadget Review offers information and advice that you can consider when making those all-important gamer decisions. Finding the latest and most interesting video game coverage has never been easier.