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Gadget Review has expert 3D glasses reviews so you know what models and brands to purchase. Find out what the best 3D glasses are before you go to the store. See comparisons of top-rated 3D glasses to make informed decisions. Most 3D TVs require the use of 3D glasses that utilize either active shutter 3D systems or polarized 3D technology. (Although some manufacturers, mainly Toshiba, have developed autostereoscopic 3D TV technology that doesn’t require 3D glasses).

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3D glasses are produced by 3D TV manufacturers such as Sony, Panasonic, Sharp, and Samsung, as well as many other companies that make compatible 3D glasses. Here’s where you can learn about 3D glasses from major brands, as well as lesser-known companies that make great 3D glasses. Gadget review brings you the latest news, reviews, prices and comparisons of 3D glasses for 3D TVs. Our product experts will help you decide what brand of 3D glasses are best for you.