RCA Antenna Review

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Updated January 21, 2023
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The RCA antenna supports an impressive 150-mile range combined with a durable design that will allow it to remain outdoors in pulsating rain, brooding heat, or unseeing snowstorms and still be able to work the best day. If you’re looking for the best TV antenna you should give the RCA Yagi series some serious consideration. Take a look at our D88e Ultra Long Range outdoor DTV antenna review for another option. A good antenna needs to fit into your best TV accessories list. Read the review and determine if this antenna is a contender.

Why We Like It – RCA Antenna

Gone are the days of the family sitting around the television while Dad fiddles with the rabbit ears trying to get the best reception. The RCA antenna eliminates most of the hassle you find with traditional TV antennas and just gets you watching your favorite channels from the moment installation is complete. If you’d like another way to get your favorite channels, compare them with our Mohu Leaf Indoor HDTV antenna review.

  • Can be Used Indoor and Outdoor
  • Durable and Weatherproof Design
  • Dedicated Smartphone App
  • Not Amplified
  • Installation Can Be a bit of a Pain
  • Unidirectional with no Wireless Remote


Although the TV antenna is marketed as an outdoor antenna, people have gotten good functionality using it as an indoor antenna mainly by setting it up in their attic. It offers an incredible 150-mile range and emits digital TV signals using two different frequency ranges. This makes it an ideal HDTV antenna for remote areas in the United States, far from broadcasting towers. Unfortunately, the antenna is not amplified. Should you require an amplified indoor antenna, we suggest the Winegard FL5500A .

Alternatively, if you’re asking yourself, “Why my TV keeps buffering,” you’ll need to determine the best steps to take to optimize your streaming experience, avoiding choppy video, long pauses, and poor audio quality.


The design and installation of the RCA antenna is easy enough with a fold-out design and snap locks to ensure it stays in place. Unfortunately, installation may not be so easy for some users and so professional installation may be required adding to the cost. The 1Byone Digital Amplified Indoor HDTV Antenna is much easier to set-up, especially inside, because of its slim design and long coaxial cable. The RCA indoor antenna is made from aluminum and stainless steel parts that are weatherproof and durable.


It comes with a dedicated smartphone app which is a unique and handy feature when it comes to an indoor HDTV antenna. The app gives you instructions on the best place to mount your indoor HDTV antenna for best reception. Keep in mind, though, that the RCA antenna is unidirectional. This means you will have to orient it yourself towards strong signal locations. The app should be able to help you with that. The Vansky Outdoor 150 Mile Motorized 360 Degree Rotation OVA Amplified HDTV Antenna comes with a wireless remote if you ever need to change the direction of your antenna while the RCA does not. Planning to get a Philips antenna? Check out the Philips BDP7501 review.

RCA Antenna Wrap Up

The RCA antenna is built for one purpose and that’s to get you watching TV as quickly as possible after set-up. This is fantastic, but we wish it just had those little extra goodies that would make your lives a little bit easier. Things like a wireless remote to move it around or an easier installation process would push the Yagi series to the top of the HDTV antenna world. If you want an ultimate cinematic experience, try out the antenna in our Samsung UBD K8500 review.

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